Acaricide treatment against ticks: the rules and features

Pliers - arthropods arachnids.This largest group of classes (approximately 48,000 species).Some of them - and quite dangerous parasites.Acaricide treatment to protect housing and land from such "guests".

Types of ticks and their degree of danger to human

pose a risk, not all ticks.However, some still are parasites and carriers of dangerous diseases.

The first group includes microscopic specimens.Many of them are harmless, but when contacted cause skin irritation.Their main mission - to participate in the formation of humus (decomposed organic matter contribute).

The second group includes the small parasites.Some ticks live by eating the crops.These creatures are mostly considered pests of agricultural crops.

The third group - "vampires".They are especially dangerous for us.These mites feed on the blood of the "master".However, the main danger lies in the spread of various kinds of ailments.Ticks can carry a lot of bacteria from sick to healthy organisms.Sometimes a single tick bite, to bring th

e human (or animal) to death.Once you identify a hazard, "Vampire" is impossible: being a breeding ground for disease, the parasite itself is completely healthy and did not differ from the kind of fellow.By the way, members of this family are prone to "omovampirizmu": hungry fed attack for blood sampling.

One of the most effective ways to protect against these creatures is the acaricide treatment against ticks.

What tools are used in this case?

poisons Repellent. They repel ticks.Underlying - diethyl toluamide (valid on all krovesosuschih insects).And can be applied to clothing, and body.A huge plus is that the acts diethyl toluamide to 5 days.The main advantage is the low toxicity.In Examples include preparations "Biban" "Medilis" "Reftamid", "Off-extreme".

acaricide. drugs can destroy parasites in the treated areas (in the place of the spray solution).The most popular "Tornado-anti-mite", "Reftamid", "Gardeks."

insecticidal-repellent agents. have more synergistic.Allow to kill mites, preventing new invasions.The most commonly used drugs include "Edge-rap", "Tick-kaput", "Gardeks Extreme".The main components - alphamethrin and diethyl toluamide

often choose it acaricide treatment.The chemicals penetrate into the body of the parasite, paralyze his nervous system.Ticks die pretty quickly.Acaricide treatment area should be carried out only by specialists, since administered drugs are quite toxic.

processing time

control of mites is best done either in spring or autumn.The first option is preferable, because the parasites are activated and proliferate in a warm (and sometimes in the winter, if the outside temperature is above zero).Spring processing deprive ticks possibilities multiply.Territory it is necessary to prepare, removing dead leaves and old grass.

Where processing is to take place?

in the first place - in places where a lot of people.It:

  • city parks;

  • horticultural society;

  • coastal zones;

  • recreation.

acaricide treatment can be carried out in the yards of private homes, including to neighboring areas.


professionals use the services of professionals is better than treating the territory of their own.Why is that?Experts pick up means the most effective and yet safe.However, you need only apply to those employees whose companies are registered, have experience and positive feedback from customers.

In addition, you should know that acaricide treatment is considered preventive.Calibration is done on a regular basis, at the facilities of different categories.According to the resolution passed by the year 08.11.2007 (Federal Law №258), acaricide treatment of NACE (code 74.70.3) does not require licensing.

On the one hand, this means that it can be performed by non-professionals (treatment of their own sites by the owner).On the other hand, only a specialist will determine how it ticks infected area, and to what extent, and decide which drug would be more effective (individual selection of site-specific poisons).In addition, self-conducted acaricide treatment can be not only useless (and therefore economically disadvantageous), but also dangerous to health.

Price question

And here the question arises: "How much is a professional acaricide treatment?"Price (in this case - the total cost of the work) will be determined based on the size of the area of ​​the area and, of course, used drugs.On average, a standard for processing suburban area of ​​10 acres can request from 6 to 10 thousand. Rubles.

Note ...

  1. If you have decided to hold such events, notify neighbors.

  2. Take him away from the territory of animals.

  3. The plot clean hand tools, kitchenware, children's toys;Cover the table in the gazebo, close the windows and turn off ventilation.

  4. Do not lay in the treated areas berries, vegetables, mushrooms (minimum 10 days).

  5. Do not forget to spend cleaning after treatment: Wash tables, playgrounds (benches, swings, sandbox, and so on. D.) A solution of baking soda.

  6. duration of action of the means depends on their composition.For example, the collapse of cypermethrin (a substance that is used most often in open areas) occurs in a month, maximum - six.At this time, trapped in the treated areas ticks die.Six weeks later, it is desirable to repeat the process.