Septic tanks "Evrobion": reviews, installation and operation features

professional approach to the organization of autonomous sewerage guarantee its finest performance.To do this, you must solve a number of problems - the correct location of pipelines and collection points of waste water in the house, installation of the external line and the choice of a septic tank.

The latter is important, as it will depend on the quality of waste treatment.Among the many manufacturers positively highlighted station "Evrobion", reviews of which will help to create an objective picture.

design engineers have "YUBAS" decided to depart from the standard scheme.Instead of increasing the number of cameras to improve the quality of cleaning, they have developed a unique system for the circulation of fluid in the septic tank.

station consists of two connected tanks, which are located in one housing.It is made from foam sheets of polypropylene.Due to the cylindrical design of the load is evenly distributed over the entire surface.Unlike similar devices cubic form, septic "Evrobion" ca

n be installed without additional external protection in the mounting hole.

Construction reception (1st) camera includes an inlet, aeration element "POLIATR" and the compressor hose.At least a certain level of water by means of overflow waste water flows into the second vessel.In it there are basic anaerobic processes.

It is a key element in the process of final cleaning.Secondary settling tank is divided into the following areas of waste treatment:

  • filtration area - secondary and tertiary.
  • circulation system of activated sludge.
  • dispenser outlet fluid regulating its speed.

device station "Evrobion" consumer reviews and its specifications are subject to much to say about the performance features.In practice it observed that this system has a minimum set of individual parts.This fact directly influences the reliability and maintenance.But the most important parameter is the work of a septic tank - the process of wastewater treatment.

Functional diagram

The basis of the treatment plant on the principle of exposure to organic matter anaerobic bacteria.During their metabolic decomposition of waste into simpler components.It is noteworthy that as a result, formed an important element - activated sludge.He is the natural habitat for anaerobic bacteria.

Getting into the first chamber, the waste are exposed to several types of impacts.With the help of "Aerotank" they are separated into smaller fractions.At the same time the water is saturated with oxygen, which is a prerequisite for the normal functioning of anaerobic bacteria.

Then, drain through the bottom hole masses move in the secondary clarifier.There is a further expansion of the waste and the partial transfer of the primary for re-purification.Thus, increased levels of beneficial bacteria, and there is the best possible disinfection.When the level of waste in the second chamber reaches a certain point, the fine cleaning process is started.

Based on this principle works, a septic tank "Evrobion" ensures the best possible lighting of water up to 98%.The output is a clear, odorless liquid and contaminants.In the future it can be used as a technical.


Wide range of products also is an advantage of the company.Autonomous sewerage "Evrobion" - a few dozen models of sewage treatment plants.Depending on the desired performance, you can select the optimal setting.The title of the figure indicates the maximum number of users.


Productivity, l / s

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114 x 53 x 248




100 x 100 x 233




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135 x 135 x 239

Almost every station "Evrobion" reviews and features which can tell a lot about its universality, takes the average price niche.Enough thought-out marketing policy of the company makes it possible to install a septic tank to serve 2 or more houses.This significantly reduces the costs of organizing an autonomous sanitation.


installation is recommended to professionals profiled company.The specifics of the installation is properly connected outdoor sewer pipe, respecting the rules of arrangement of the pit and the primary setup parameters.

The whole process is divided into the following stages:

  1. Prepare well for mounting.Its size should be slightly larger size septic tank - at 10-15 cm.
  2. bottom is covered with a layer of sand (20-25 cm), which is compacted.On top of a concrete slab or a set filled with cement.This is to prevent the ascent design with a high level of groundwater.
  3. mounted enclosure Next, connect the external sewer.
  4. Thereafter, the side clearances backfilled with fine sand.Simultaneously, water is filled into containers.It is necessary for compliance with the level of installation.

Upon completion of the last phase of the installation is connected to the power cable.When self-installing the probability of making mistakes.That is why the need of professionals, thoroughly knowledgeable septic "Evrobion."Reviews of incorrect operation of the device is almost always associated with installation errors.

advantages and disadvantages

For each element of an autonomous sewer system characterized by its positive and negative sides.In this regard, "Evrobion" is no exception.Among its advantages are the following:

  • The high rate of treatment - up to 98%.Not every septic tank can handle the job.
  • impressive amount volley dump.In most cases this is the determining factor when choosing "Evrobion."Reviews of its operation indicate normal operation even when the short-term increase of this indicator.
  • normal operation of the device even after a long period of inactivity.

Disadvantages typical of all septic tanks deep biological treatment:

  • low percentage of disinfection at the first start.To normalize the operation of the system requires a minimum of 4 days.

But the real picture of the performance characteristics may give the impression of owners.


Here note that consumers who installed a septic tank in the country, "Evrobion-5."Reviews initially may not be very good - there is a peculiar smell.But after a few days, all normal, and the station operates in the future as it is necessary.

For a large country house is recommended to do an autonomous sewer.If the family is large, but if more and often the presence of visitors is expected, it is better to put "Evrobion-8."It is worth to also install an additional drain pump.If the terrain is uneven, the gravity water from a septic tank, most likely, will not follow.And the presence of an additional pump provides reliable trouble-free operation.

Septic company "YUBAS" always been good workmanship and reliability in operation.But do not forget about proper installation - Failure to observe the installation regulations operation of the device may be in jeopardy.Therefore, the design of autonomous sewerage care should be taken for each stage.