Apartment house (MKD): Deciphering the concepts and features

Modern building - one of the most popular fields of activity.The main directions of this area are built in both commercial and industrial facilities and residential apartment buildings (hereinafter - MKD).The latter are particularly popular in large cities with populations over 500 thousand people.Not everyone understands exactly what the apartment building.This article will help you understand the meaning of this concept, what its characteristics and the MCD differs from other construction projects.

MCD: deciphering term

There are several definitions of the concept.Most often, the term "MKD" means a combination of several apartments which have access to the common areas or directly adjacent to the house on the land.In other words, the living room with the elements of the common property of the owners of the premises - this is MKD.Explanation of this concept is simple, the main thing - to understand that the apartment building is not the same owner (or "host"), apartments and non-residential premise

s are usually owned by different entities - legal persons, citizens, or even the state.

MKD and residential building - the same thing?

Many equate the concepts of "house" and "ICM".Explanation of the first term is clearly given in Article 16 GKRF.Codex residential home is considered individually defined building consisting of rooms and commercial premises auxiliary use to meet domestic needs.

main differences from the residential apartment building are determined by several criteria:

- the presence of the owner;

- components of a residential building;

- residential building controls;

- availability of share ownership in the common property.

On the first criterion, a house is different from the apartment is the presence of the owner, that is the object of ownership is considered to be the building itself.In other words, the house can be located in the common property of both one and several owners.

houses differ by type of residential building components: the room in a house, an apartment - in the MCD.Explanation of these concepts is also given in the Civil Code.Bathroom is considered part of the house or apartment in which is intended for immediate living.

In addition, in a building no equity ownership in the ICM - is.As for the residential building management issues, in the first case they are resolved by the owner, and the ICM - assembly.

assignment of house to one category or another - a very serious matter.Recently, the Russian government undertook a series of actions to restore order in the area of ​​urban development, and many MCD were demolished because they were built on plots for individual housing construction.

course, for the most part it concerned residential buildings with a total area of ​​over 1,500 sq.m.and more than three storeys.But in any case, each construction project must comply with the specific requirements for the provision of electricity, water, sewage drainage and so on. D.

Key issues relating to the ICM

Owners MCD often not always aware of issues relating to the common property of the building andthe creation of condominiums.This is understandable, because at the moment there are a number still does not resolve the issue on this issue.

Not everyone knows what is meant by the common property of the owners of the premises.Under this category are suitable:

- MKD common areas (hallways, attics, basements, mines, etc.);

- protecting structural and non-MCD design (foundations, slabs, columns, etc.);

- roof;

- electrical, mechanical and other equipment, which serves MCD;

- land where the house is located.

common property is determined and approved at a general meeting of owners.If tenants condominiums created for the organization of building management, the house itself is in the common property owners.

Major repairs of common property in MKD

In 2014 came into force a completely new approach to the legal regulation of relations.Recently, the owners are required to pay a contribution for the repair of the common property of the house.That is overhaul the MCD will be mandatory exercise.At least, so say the supporters of the proposed reform.According to them, the money paid by the tenants will start in the course of the so-called mechanism of collective investment.This system will allow utilities to develop the market in the right direction, and the repairs will be carried out under more strict control.

What you need to know about the regional system overhaul the MCD?

These programs need to be taken in the regions of Russia for a sufficiently long period - from 20 to 30 years.But do not forget that the issue will be reviewed each year to add new or eliminate old objects.

costs for the repair of the common property in the MCD will be financed by a special fund and other sources.Maybe set up a fund in a separate account or the account of the regional operator.

Speaking of an apartment building, it is important to understand that all issues of concern to the residents, whether major repairs or entry into condominiums, should be negotiated at a general meeting of owners.Only thanks to the unanimous majority can solve any problem relating to the ICM.