"Parok" - what is it?

During the repair work, many are faced with such a thing as "Parok."What it is?We hasten to reassure you, is nothing extraordinary in this.On the contrary, it is a material familiar to many.Just a few people know what it's called.30% of consumers each year purchase this product, because it has excellent qualities, properties and characteristics.

"Parok" - what is it?

This wool insulation, the use of which is necessary to ensure that the insulating properties of the room has always been at the highest level.Insulation "Parok" selects third of the world's population.

wool "Paroc"

PAROC company's main products is a soft wool, which is used in the frame construction.With its heat insulation is made of carcasses that they will never be altered by external factors.It walls, roofs, floors.

For ordinary people, the word is perceived as parkas diminutive form of the word "steam".But the builders know each transcript of the word, because they have often in the normal course of business to deal with w

ool "Paroc", which is a completely mineral products.

advantages of this wool

Heaters "Parok" - is completely mineral product, so it has several advantages compared to other modern heaters.
What are their advantages?

  • insulation "Paroc" non-flammable.While the coupling elements can ignite at temperatures above 200 degrees, the fibers are more resistant to high temperatures.When exposed to fire they practically are not damaged, that is very important.
  • insulation of the material is very low, so he has good insulating properties. "Parok" (what it is, you already know) perfectly retains all its properties both in summer and in winter.
  • Minplita "Parok" substantially free of chlorine and fluorine.Thanks to this surface plate that has been exposed to heating, will not rust.
  • has amazing sound quality.Due to this, mineral wool "Paroc" can be used as sound-proofing material for many buildings.
  • It is completely resistant to mechanical shocks of various kinds.That is, even with the bumps it will remain completely intact.On the one hand, it is certainly good, but on the other - it is worth considering.Should I use a wool if you do not want to do repairs in the house for a long period of time?Because then it will be difficult to break you built with the same design.

All these advantages, of course, many buyers are already inclined toward wool "Paroc".But that is not all!

Why "Parok"?

Plates "Parok" used for thermal insulation, are not deformed and do not subside during operation.Even after several decades, they will look the same as the first day of installation.They may be long periods of time under pressure of heavy loads, but it does not hurt them.Therefore, manufacturers of these products provide a long warranty on it, knowing that this guarantee will be fully justified.

size Material "Parok" (what it is, has repeatedly repeated) are chosen so that the plates can "go to bed" among structures without additional fasteners.In addition, they perfectly adhere to the wall and frame structures.The result is a very smooth and even surface, without any gaps.This ensures that the "cold bridges" does not appear in any place, and it's very important, because now we're talking about the heat-insulating material.

most often during work on the construction of the roof and insulation used basalt wool "Paroc".