Arcuisine (knives): reviews.

Selection of kitchen knives is a very responsible thing for any cook or housewife.Because of how well would serve as the tool is not only the quality of food, but also the time spent for their preparation.In this article you'll learn all about the French brand Arcuisine, which produces high-quality kitchen knives that can last for more than one year.

French quality at an affordable price

brand owners Arcuisine is a renowned manufacturer of Arc International, made famous in the Russian market their Dish Pyrex and Luminarc.The French company produces kitchen utensils of heat-resistant materials, stainless steel and ceramics.Among its competitors Arcuisine brand stands out high quality and the latest technology in the production of utensils for daily use.

plant manufacturer are not only in France but also in Spain, the United Arab Emirates, China and Portugal.This geographical spread makes it possible to provide cost-effective export products abroad, which makes it possible not to create high marg

ins for dishes Arcuisine.Knives, reviews of which are extremely positive, are a good example of the latest technology and reliability.At the same time buy foreign goods brand can afford to anyone.

Kitchen knives Arcuisine

Especially popular among buyers enjoy the knives of the French company.The range of the collection one can find a tool that will appeal and will make the cooking process as comfortable as possible.After all, high-quality set of kitchen knives - is the pride of every chef.

especially French knives are not only a modern ergonomic design and a rich selection of colors, but also a special form of the blade and the application of innovative technologies in their manufacture.In addition, the practicality and reliability of the instruments tested directly in production, before they get to the counter of the store.

types of knives Arcuisine

Among the collection can be seen as many of the usual steel items and newest invention - ceramic knives.Both types of products are strong and sharp blade, which for careful operation are able to serve a long time.Factory sharpening is performed by all the canons and allows you to use knives after purchase to a few months, using a whetstone or device.

special coating does not allow the blade to rust and oxidize.It is known that when cutting fruit and vegetables with high iron content, a chemical reaction, which can spoil the products of, and the instrument itself.The special production technology possible to avoid this by making popular products Arcuisine.

Knives, reviews of which proves their quality, have a perfect balance thanks to the clever design.This makes the product as easy as possible to use.The balance between grip, made of polymer, and does not weigh down the knife blade, whereby it is securely seated in the hand.Ordinary knives with wooden handles, can not boast of such ease of use.After the blade greatly outweighs the stick, making the cutting process uncomfortable.

steel or ceramic?

This question is probably worried about how professional chefs and inexperienced housewives.Steel and ceramic kitchen knives, for which the price is not much different, it does not have quite the same properties.

Fashion for ceramics passes for several years.Indeed, this natural material has unique properties and is able to serve more than one year.With proper factory sharpening ceramic knife does not require special care and can remain sharp, even with daily use.

However, this material has one major drawback.Ceramic knives are very fragile.They can not be cut and carve solids, bone or cartilage.For these purposes it is better to use a proven steel knife.Contact with a glass cutting board can also lead to deformation or breakage of ceramics, so it is better to give preference to a wooden board.

In any case it is better to have in the arsenal of different types of tools.Good kitchen knives when careful operation can render faithful service to his master.The main thing is to remember that the best ceramic knives to cut fruit and vegetables, meat and fish is necessary to use a steel tool.

production technology

In the production of kitchen knives Arcuisine used only modern and proven technology.The ceramic tools, such as manufactured by dry pressing and firing time at a very high temperature.This allows you to output light, but quite durable material, ready for grinding.As a basis for using zirconia ceramics.

steel knives Arcuisine, reviews of which leave even professional chefs undergo a special heat treatment, which allows you to make the most durable products.High-carbon stainless steel has long been included in the production of tableware and accessories as the most reliable and sturdy material.

How to properly care for knives Arcuisine?

Good kitchen knives ways to serve a long time, not only due to high quality production, but also by proper and timely care.

Ceramic knives are not as whimsical as steel.Simply wash them with warm water, wipe dry and store in the carrying case or a plastic stand.Also, do not forget to use only wooden or plastic cutting boards to avoid damaging the shape of the blade tool Arcuisine.Knives, reviews of which prove their practicality, have many advantages over non-professional counterparts.After all, this brand recommended restaurants and even workers experienced chefs.

However, the second type, as well as that of ceramics, there are certain nuances.Knives Arcuisine stainless steel require regular sharpening.This requires the use of special grinding stone with coarse and fine dust or grinding machine.Remember that the sharpness of a knife depends on the correct angle during sharpening.One wrong move - and the blade becomes blunt.If you doubt your ability to make the correct sharpening it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

heat-resistant glassware Arcuisine

addition to high-quality knives French manufacturer produces a line of heat-resistant cookware.Its feature is the use of heat-resistant glass, which is capable of withstanding high temperatures and a sharp drop.According to tests done maker, dishes capable of withstanding a range from -40 to +300 degrees Celsius.

Among the range of products you can find pans, pots for cooking, container for baking and more.Dishes of heat-resistant glass is quite convenient to clean.In addition, it is resistant to mechanical stress, which makes it durable and require minimal maintenance.

Where to buy utensils and knives Arcuisine?

At the beginning of 2015 in supermarkets Russia took action on which it was possible to purchase products at a discount of up to 70%.Such publicity stunt done a very popular and respected brand Arcuisine.Knives in Minsk and other Belarusian cities became known for a similar action, which took place on the territory of mills a year earlier.At the moment, the brand became popular in almost all CIS countries.

Knives Arcuisine, prices are quite democratic, can be purchased in almost any town hypermarket or specialty store kitchen utensils.Furthermore, they are sold in the online store.You can choose free shipping and easy payment method product Arcuisine.

Knives, reviews which are always positive, really durable.That is why there is no doubt that you have made a bargain and made the right choice.

price for products Arcuisine

French manufacturer shows an example of the perfect balance of price and quality.So, buy a universal kitchen knife ceramic brand Arcuisine possible for only 700 rubles.Steel tool will cost a little less - 500 rubles.

cost heat-resistant trays and containers for baking ranges from 700 to 1000 rubles, depending on the size and destination of dishes.In general, as noted by buyers in this price range is fairly budget that allows you to be Arcuisine brand closer to the people.

Customer reviews about kitchen knives Arcuisine

reviews only those who have ever tried to use knives and cookware brand Arcuisine, can prove their quality and effectiveness.Members note that the kitchen accessories and tools of the French manufacturer is really durable.Ceramic blades, for example, do not require regular sharpening and does not oxidize during operation.

only thing that confuses some users - brittle ceramic material to which you need to get used to.But in Western countries ceramic knives are actively applied to the 80s.So, if you've never used this stuff, try to assess its functionality and quality.But do not forget that it can not be used for cutting solids.

buyers also noted strength and durability of steel products.This once again proves that a high-quality set of kitchen knives can significantly facilitate the daily process of cooking.The main thing - to observe all the rules of care and maintenance.Knives Arcuisine, prices are quite democratic, received a special reputation among professionals and amateurs as a reliable and inexpensive tool.