Turk for coffee: how to choose what to choose?

Coffee - a unique drink that is loved for flavor and aroma, and its preparation - is an art.

Coffee Make several ways.Household appliances shops offer a wide range of coffee makers and coffee machines that make a cup of your favorite beverage without much effort, but it will taste different from what you cook himself.Therefore, the traditional way for taste and aroma is still cooking in a special container, which is a thick-walled metal ladle with a long handle, which is known to us all as a Turk for coffee.How to choose it, and what to look for when buying - tell our article.

The name of the vessel coffee heard something Turkish.And it is no coincidence, because in this country it was invented.From ancient times, fragrant oriental drink was distributed among the people of this country.During Ottoman times, even forbidden to drink coffee because it has a stimulating effect but, despite this, people continue to drink fragrant invigorating drink.

Most often it is cooked in Turku, which is brewed g

round coffee beans.Many generations of connoisseurs use this proven way to create the ancestors of coffee and not exchange it for another, even the most technologically advanced and modern.A classic drink is created by dissolving enzymes coffee beans in water.This process has several features.Considering them, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a real taste and aroma.

Form matter

We have found that for the preparation of an invigorating drink need special pots, or as it is also called - Turk for coffee.How to choose the right?It must be a special form - have a wide bottom and narrow neck.

This arrangement is a classic, it appeared for a long time and remains unchanged for a long time.Common rules culinary dictate the use of the Turks is conical in shape.What caused such a choice?During the preparation of foam is formed, which is collected in a narrow space and does not allow to evaporate coffee enzymes, acting as a kind of cork.Thus, there remains a rich taste and aroma of the drink with a delightful bouquet of coffee zerёn.Therefore, the narrower the neck, the better the taste of coffee.

vessel wall can be steep, it looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but if they are gentle, the grounds will sink to the bottom faster and better placed there.Ground coffee beans under the influence of heat and rise upwards, meeting with the inclined inner wall surface, sink to the bottom.Choose a Turk with a broad bottom - large heating area will ensure even cooking drink.

If the neck of the Turks like a funnel (first - wide, then - narrows), you will have a couple of moments to save the "runaway" coffee.It seems to be some differences in relation to the form, and many subtleties and nuances in preparation!

Turk less - the taste richer

Usually Turk has a small size.Any gourmet coffee know that the smaller the size, the delicious drink.The best is to prepare one cup of coffee about 100 grams.Therefore, such a small volume (150 ml) is a classical Turk for coffee.Reviews connoisseurs say that the smaller dishes, the better the taste.

What do the Turks?

Before buying utensils for coffee, determine what material is made Turk for coffee.How to choose the one that will allow you to enjoy for a long time and retain the best flavor of the drink?

Currently, the production of the following materials:

  • copper;
  • ceramics;
  • brass;
  • steel;
  • clay;
  • aluminum.

properties of the materials are different, and each has advantages and disadvantages.Advantages of metal vessels are obvious - they are not broken, if you accidentally drop them, such products easier to clean and wash.But the taste of the coffee brewed in a clay or ceramic Turk, much higher.Therefore, people choose for themselves what is right for him.

Secret traditional coffee: fire, water and ... brass Turk

especially good Copper Turk for coffee.What is its difference from others?Why do so many gourmets acquire supplies because of the metal?In the production of a special conical shape manufacturer chooses copper because of its plastic properties, since it is easy to shape.Copper heats up quickly and well, a Turk from the metal evenly transfers its heat to the drink being prepared in it, while retaining its flavor.Modern manufacturers inner surface coated with a thin layer of tin food to fall into the drink does not chemicals are contained in the copper.

force of nature preserve flavors and oxygenate

Clay - a natural material, oxygen transmissibility.Crafted from her pots allows you to enjoy the unique taste of coffee.Another special feature of clay is that it absorbs and stores smells.Therefore, to prepare better in such a Turk any one type of coffee, but this flavor is completely revealed to you.Clay products are more expensive and they should be treated with special care as they are fragile and can easily break.

ceramics protects the heat and gives great taste

Ceramic Coffee Turk appeared not so long ago, so still not gained as widespread in the consumer environment.Turks have a higher price than products from other materials.This is offset by an excellent flavor and aroma of a beverage prepared therein.

ceramic tableware easy to use, it is perfectly clean, it does not absorb odors, due to the thick walls retain heat for a long time, which means that the drink in it for a long time will be hot.He is in full swing for some time even after removing from heat.Its main drawback - the fragile structure if dropped or bumped, it can break.

Good for gift and yourself

Great gift idea gourmet - Turk for coffee.What better experience - decide.Even if a person is already there, try something new is always interesting.Coffee lover happy to compare portions of the beverage prepared in separate vessels, or with a different technology, so do not hesitate - a gift to delight the coffee lover.Available producers and expensive silver Turks, they perform more decorative role, a souvenir will be a wonderful decoration of the kitchen, and sometimes made him seem much tastier drink.

conveniently and safely

When buying note whether conveniently located in the hand Turk for coffee.How to choose the right pen?Is it convenient to hold her?If it is not heated during cooking?Is it enough to securely fastens it to the body?

The most common option is a long wooden handle - it is almost not heated, and it will protect you from burning.Well, if the handle is horizontal, and its end is directed slightly upwards.With this arrangement, you will not burn your fingers steam.Available in the Turks and with a vertical handle.They are suitable for those cases where the coffee prepared on hot sand, and the heating is on all sides.

On some models, the handle can be removed, it is very convenient for cleaning and storage.If it is not removed, then fastens bolts or by welding.Bolting less reliable, it gradually weaken, and to the same bolt can rust.

Modern technology and ancient traditions

types described above, and the Turks are suitable for gas and electric burners for.If the stove in your kitchen induction, Turk for coffee to be special.

It must be made of materials containing special inclusions, which catch eddies issued plate.

These Turks are not yet very often appear on the market.In order not to make mistakes and not be confused with conventional induction Turk, you need to put it on the stove.It should primagnititsya.

If you buy a Turk is not possible, modern industry offers a simple solution - a special cavity of the metal for induction cookers.They can put any dishes, including traditional ceramic or metal Turk.

We hope that we have considered particularly help to buy a Turk for coffee, which is suitable for you!