Why is a "Smooth Maker" (blender): reviews and description

mash or juice of vegetables, fruits and berries is simple.Moreover, it can be done in several ways.In many devices, the juice is rapidly oxidized or exposed to heat, it deteriorates the quality.The new device in the line of household juicer designed for making useful juice with pulp, called Smooth or smoothies, it is called - "Smooth Maker" blender.Reviews happy owners already reached Runet, they can be used to judge whether the device is useful in the home.

Features "Smooth maker"

For his work, this device has received resounding nickname - "acrobat".He not only prepares fruit puree, and whips him to the other ingredients.Tasty and healthy cocktail get it in a few minutes.Manufacturers are trying to give the device a futuristic design, by which "Smooth Maker" in the kitchen is also the interior decoration.If you are the proud owner of this device, remove it somewhere you do not want to believe me.

Principle of operation The instrument consists of a glass bowl rotating on its axis.Stability p

rovides a firm foundation, wide frame and robust suction cups that "Smooth Maker" is fixed on the table.Glass container fastened directly to the die blades, and that, in turn, rotates 360 degrees around the framework at a high speed, with knives rotating in a horizontal plane by grinding the fruits.Made from high-quality stainless steel blade and instantly crushed any pulp.

To prepare smoothies, wash your fruits and berries, clean solid apples and pears from the skin.The berries can be put entirely.Disconnect the octagonal glass "Smooth maker" and one put it fruit, add ice, sugar, mint and other ingredients.Connect the device to the glass and just flip.The blender will start to work automatically.Fruits and berries are crushed and also whipped with sugar, ice cream.The speed cooking depends on the size of berries and fruit, the presence of ice, and the hardness of the products.When finished, disconnect the container of mashed potatoes.Your healthy and nutritious breakfast is ready.As such, smoothies can bring to the table.

Acquisition devices

device is completed by additional nozzles for the grinding of certain products and to clean the bowl.There may be additional capacity.The volume of large glass - 300 ml, this is quite enough for a snack.All containers are equipped with plastic covers, a cocktail, you can save it or take with you.In the box with the device are required to guide and recipe book.


  1. After work just to wash the glass.To clean the bowl use a special knife.
  2. Eats unit from the mains, disconnect the power cord after use.
  3. place the unit on a level surface.Make it smooth and clean for better fastening.
  4. Leave space for rotation.
  5. Every time connecting the cup, check whether it is firmly entrenched.
  6. not place the bowl in the freezer to prevent it from spoiling.
  7. tank smoothie easily cleaned in the dishwasher that she accidentally broken, try to fix it.
  8. Do not put in a blender products are not intended for grinding.
  9. Carefully read the instructions.

these tips are enough to the unit served you faithfully for a long time.

"Smooth Maker": recipes for beginners

Be creative and invent new dishes bolder!If you are a beginner, a recipe book, is attached to the device to help you get started.Fruit or vegetable cocktail of thick fruit pulp, juice or milk and ice, called smoothies, gained great popularity due to its remarkable properties: freshness, softness and nutrition.Here are some simple recipes for smoothies.

  1. Mango smoothies : half a mango, orange juice 250 ml, one slice of pineapple and watermelon.All combine in a large bowl and start the mixer "Smooth Maker."
  2. vegetable smoothies. The head fresh broccoli scald with boiling water to remove the bitterness from the base cut off the peel, carrot and apple clean, all cut into cubes and add to a large bowl.Pour a mixture of orange juice and whisk together.
  3. Banana cocktail. one banana and half a glass of milk put in a bowl and whisk, you can add a pinch of vanilla sugar.
  4. spiced milk smoothies .You will need the soy milk - 125 ml, 50 grams petiolar celery, fennel 50 grams, a tomato, a pinch of curry, turmeric and cumin.All dip into a small cup and run the blender "smoothie maker".
  5. ice cream smoothie. Take 50 ml cream, a bottle of yogurt, any berries in the amount of 100 grams (can be frozen).Put in a bowl and whisk.Mass Transfer in a special container and place in freezer.1-2 hours - and the ice cream is ready.
  6. cooling smoothie. Take frozen berries, low-fat yogurt, you can add a little water.All put the bowl and whisk.Help us mixer Smoothie Maker, the output is a cool drink for a hot summer day without much effort.

Benefits device "Smooth Maker" (blender): reviews and recommendations

"Smooth makers" are safe, as during the knives are completely closed.Regardless of the size and composition of the cocktail bowl, the device will make the job much faster than traditional juicers.Just 10 seconds later at the output you get a uniform fresh cocktail, is not subject to any treatment.The real miracle of cooking was "Smooth Maker" (blender), reviews of it is very, very enthusiastic.Dishes made from fresh fruits are ideal for diet.You can cook in the "Smooth maker" and vegetable mixes.The device does not take up much space, elegant and easy to clean.

Especially useful it is for mothers.Fruit purees for foods and baby food can be prepared in an instant.The quality and usefulness of fruits and berries are not lost.Children would not give up the bright fruit smoothies, also can make of it an exciting and harmless ice cream.It therefore stands to take the device to the country.

With a large auger juicer compare it is not necessary.Only a performance inferior to her "Smooth Maker" (blender).Reviews seasoned truckers disagree.For blanks, he will not do.Many gardeners are advised to do with such a device sauces with fresh vegetables and herbs.What would you do with a new "Smooth maker", this will definitely be useful and tasty.