The design of the kitchen-living room of 20 square meters.

In recent years, many of our compatriots began to combine the living room and kitchen, creating a single space.This redevelopment has many advantages, chief among them - the appearance of additional space.

Living room - kitchen of 20 square meters.m now quite common in the studio apartment in newly built homes.In this case, the owners can only find a suitable design.

This integration can be done in a standard apartment where the living room and kitchen are isolated.This is especially important for small houses ("Khrushchev").Modern studio apartment and "Khrushchev" after the demolition of the wall it is approximately twenty meters of usable area.


the vacant 20 sq.m so you have to plan the space to it comfortable for everyone in the apartment LIVING combined different areas.This is at least - kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom.

may need to allocate more space for the child or for work.The design of the kitchen-living room (20 sq. M) can all together, but it will have to try hard

to get a functional and ergonomic space.

When you create a design project in front of you is the main task - to correctly distinguish between functional areas of the room.


It can be done in several ways.The most common of them - is the use of the bar between the living room and kitchen.It will take a third or half of the passes (depending on your preferences).This technique has its undeniable advantages - the room looks very stylish, it is also different functionality.

not less popular kitchen design living room of 20 square meters.m with false walls of plasterboard.Today, this material is widely used in the decoration.Because it is possible to make partition walls of any shape or size.It can be from the floor to the ceiling or up to the middle of the wall.With their help, we can construct a niche in which to look original lamps, souvenirs, books, figurines, and so on. D.

design of such facilities will be very effective if the plasterboard wall combined with multilevel ceilings.However, this can be done only if allows the height of the room.Often in such partitions set the aquarium.It allows you to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere in the house.


This element of the interior is attractive, first of all, its mobility - if necessary, you get a wall between the living room and kitchen, or create a single space.

We must not forget that the kitchen - a place where food is prepared, but because there is not always in place and shines like an operating room.There may come unwashed dishes, which in a studio apartment rather problematic to hide from the guests who came unexpectedly.Or early in the morning, when someone is ready, but someone else is asleep, it would be desirable to isolate a noisy workspace.In such cases, sliding partitions are essential.

Interior Design

to determine the style that you will create in the room, you need to plan which areas it will be present.

If you do not live in a studio apartment, make emphasis on aesthetic appearance.High-tech, modern design fit perfectly into the kitchen-living room 20 sq.m.for young couples without children who like to greet guests and partying.

If you do this on a fairly modest size of the room it is necessary to accommodate a number of different areas, then it is necessary to resort to more practical styles - classic Scandinavian minimalism.Additionally, you must strive to achieve maximum functionality and use of each centimeter of free space.

task is simplified if your room is 20 square meters.m. Turn your living room into the kitchen via its redevelopment and zoning.In this case, the kitchen you have already selected, and therefore for the organization of the living room is more space.

kitchen design

usually difficulty with the choice of interior feel the owners are very small apartments.If you have a large kitchen, then you will not suffer from the fact that does not fit all the necessary appliances and furniture.But not everyone knows that there are rules to be followed, creating a kitchen design 20 square meters.m. Samples kitchens of this size can often be seen in design magazines.

design this spacious room, you can think through without worrying about details such as the expansion of visual space.You do not have to puzzle over how to put in a tiny space, everything you need.

Kitchen island

creating large kitchen design is always a risk to make it half-empty, and therefore, as it were unfinished.Today, a new method of registration of such premises, called the kitchen - island.The main suite is set along the perimeter of the room walls, in the form of the letter U, or L. An additional element of the headset, complementary design features at the center of the room.This is the "island", which can be used in different ways.

working area

Centered set work surface, stove and sink.

Dining area

table can be used as a butcher and as a serving.In this case, it may turn out excellent dining group for family and guests.

Using bar

It helps to divide your kitchen into zones.If a large kitchen you combine with a living room, do not forget that the design of its interior should be designed in the same style.It will be accentuated by the dignity of the premises classic style, baroque or Provence.

Color Picker

large kitchen, in addition to all other benefits, is also good and what can be done any color ... In this situation, it is not necessary for a long time to select the options of light shades to the kitchen visually seem larger.You have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of color palettes.

In our view, bright accents will be interesting, for example:

  • can make a bright light green upholstery chairs put a vase with green fruit, buy cutlery with handles of the same color.All of these items will look spectacular on the common gray, white or shades of cafe au lait tone.Get
  • kitchen furniture such hue which colored monograms on the wallpaper.
  • By yellow or orange facade kitchen furniture, suit fabric blinds on the windows to match, plus the bright lights of the same color.

Design kitchen-living room (20 sq. M) is not too difficult to create.Browse special editions, see the recommendations of experienced designers, connect his own imagination.We hope that these tips will be useful for you.