How to wash a refrigerator that was not the smell?

Many people face the problem of odors in the refrigerator.This can happen due to spoiled food, or simply from the strong flavors.And right at the housewives the question arises: "How to wash a refrigerator that was not the smell?" We have the answers to this question.

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Sooner or later, in the refrigerator, it appears.This may occur if the products are not stored in sealed containers.But it also happens that even just bought a refrigerator there is a smell.To clean it, you need to rinse it inside detergent or soda solution.It is also widely known method of washing with water or vodka with sal ammoniac.After this procedure, it is necessary to open wide the doors and ventilate.As for refrigerators, which were already in use, we are also your advice.

Method one: use vinegar

use of household chemicals or sink is the simplest solution to the question of what to wash the refrigerator to avoid the smell.You just wipe it with a cloth soaked in a solution of water and vinegar (

1: 1).Then put into a jar with cotton wool soaked in that the vinegar for a few hours.

Method two: baking soda

Use soda also removes fine odor in the refrigerator.Mandatory condition - namely the use of baking soda.The camera should be placed with her usual container or a glass of soda solution.As such, the "cleaner" can be up to three months after the expiry of this period it must be replaced.

Method three: cleaning coal

To remove the smell in the refrigerator, well suited charcoal or activated.A handful of coal must be crushed, put in a bowl and send the cooling chamber for six hours to seven.It is very well absorb odors and does not lose its properties over time, so that we can proceed as in the second method - to leave the coal inside.

fourth method: the products from our table

Surprisingly, some products also address the question: "How to wash a refrigerator that was not the smell?" Only they even wash is not necessary.Let's get acquainted with some of them.

Lemon - a great assistant.All that is needed - just cut it slices and put in a cooling chamber for 2-3 days.

Black bread - cut into slices and put inside.

Garlic and onion - teeth grate wall of the refrigerator and leave for 12 hours.

turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, celery - to sort through.

also well absorbed odor properties are thyme, tarragon, basil, salt, sugar, cheese.If they are spread out in small quantities inside, they are perfectly help.

The wash refrigerator to avoid odor

Another good remedy is a combination of chemical and conventional products.For example, cut a lemon, choose the flesh, put into ash and put in the fridge for a week.

also have ionizers-fresheners that you can buy in any supermarket.They run on batteries and are very easy to use.The alternative they are odor absorbers, which also hang in the cold stores.

Terms care refrigerator

Each separate type of unit requires different care.Modern technology is designed so that a defrost is performed rarely, or not at all required.The system of "Know Frost", for example, prevents the formation of frost on the walls of the freezer.Older devices require the same care and defrost once in two months.

Care refrigerator is very simple.Outside, you can wipe it with a damp cloth with detergent to remove dirt, grease stains and handprints.Means for care must be liquid, so as not to damage or scratch the surface.Alkaline or acidic agents are not suitable.They can "eat" or enamel coating.Cellulose sponge or cloth - the best assistants in this matter.They are easy to wash, does not leave streaks and well cleaned the remains of household chemicals.If you do not know what to wash the refrigerator inside, it does not matter.You can use the same means that care outside.


summer should be more often prodelyvat such a procedure, as in the production of the cold heat is much higher.To find out whether you need defrosting your camera, look for her wall.If there is an ice layer, it is needed.

first step is to turn off the machine and pull out all the products.It is not necessary to defrost forced hairdryers or improvised means, everything has to happen naturally.If the process is too long, a good way would be to put a pot of boiling water inside.Steam accelerates the thaw, but be prepared for the heating of water, as it cools down very quickly.

water from the freezer usually drains into the sump to be drained periodically.Shelves should be cleaned with a cloth.If there is a stench, you need to take care and how to wash the smell of the refrigerator.In this case, you can use the tips that we cited earlier, but only after the defrost.

Conclusion As you can see, or replace the unit will help you avoid many problems and breakage.It is not necessary to bring products to the damage, they should be stored in sealed or closed containers.Keep vegetables separate from other food in special containers.In no case can not leave meat or fish, and other foods with a strong odor unpacked.Defrost and take care of your refrigerator regularly.If you want to stand on it flowers or other plants, it is best to buy plastic pots, so as not to scratch the surface.

We hope our care tips for you to become valuable, and we have helped to deal with some domestic problems in your life.