Chopping block - essential device for caterers

in catering, large stores, manufacturing plants-table chopping block is the indispensable equipment.I never heard of this device?Then read the article, then the questions about this article there will be a professional at all.

What is it?

This deck is a special equipment which is designed for Cutting meat.It is used in the production shops, supermarkets, department stores, cafes, restaurants and markets.Its design is quite simple and consists of only a table top and sturdy legs.Chopping block meets all sanitary requirements.So no wonder its popularity in the food industry.

What made deck

As you know, the chopping block consists of a table and legs."And what is it made?"- Asked by many.It's pretty simple.The table top is made of metal, wooden or polypropylene construction.The frame of the device should be extremely durable.Feet products are mostly made of stainless steel.Because of this they are protected from corrosion, easily withstand temperature changes and can easily be cleaned.

most popular tops for these purposes are wooden.They have a very long service life and reliable in use.If you choose to buy products made of wood, it is recommended to choose a product made of oak species.Also a good chopping block obtained from laminated veneer lumber.This design does not deform over time and will not crack, unlike conventional wood.

Product Features

chopping block is the indispensable equipment.That is why, if you decide to buy it, and you want it to be as useful as possible, pay close attention to the following nuances:

  1. design of the device must be extremely robust.Otherwise, when the meat is cut, it will swing from side to side, which is inconvenient and inefficient.
  2. not select too high or, conversely, low product.For comfortable work, purchase the most comfortable height and width of the deck.
  3. The upper part is usually made of wood.That's why choose the most durable coating, so it does not break at each impact and served for a long enough period.

Where to buy chopping block?

We decided to buy for your organization needs?You made the right choice, because it is easy to use and able to expedite the processing of the meat.It can be purchased at specialty stores and even on Internet sites, where an order is very simple to make.No need to go anywhere, you only choose a favorite item on the page, "put" it to your cart, fill out the data on the delivery and pay for the goods.Such stores send out goods in 2 days by courier or from one to two weeks by mail.The cost of this device varies depending on the model of 1500 rubles above.

also chopping block with his hands pretty well.For its production will require materials and table legs.Choosing a basis for a wooden structure, it should be noted the required height and sawn goods laminated board with the utmost precision.Then the resulting structure must be sanded to make it as smooth as possible.Here we have some work to do.Then you need to cook a metal pipe and fix them already prepared foundation.Well, and which option to choose - to buy a product or make it yourself - it's up to you.