Advantages and disadvantages of liquid wallpaper (reviews)

Before purchasing liquid wallpaper, you must find out what their strengths and weaknesses.Liquid wallpaper in the market today presents a great variety.They simply restore, if the surface has been damaged during the operation, and after you decide to replace them by finishing will be easy to get rid of.

Features liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper - it is, by and large, the usual decorative plaster.Some consumers wonder about why this material has found its name.All due to the fact that it is based on cellulose fiber, which is completely harmless, because it is natural.As well as other ingredients in the composition of wallpapers attaching a binder which is an adhesive composition - CMC.After solidification of liquid wallpaper does not look like traditional, but they can be represented by different coatings, among which silk, glossy, matte, and so on. D.

positive characteristics of liquid wallpaper

choosing what kind of finish to purchase for wall surfacesIt must take into account the advantag

es and disadvantages of liquid wallpaper.If we look at the pros, then immediately you can compare a variety of liquid wallpaper with traditional materials.In the latter case, the master has to work fairly hard to stick exactly painting on the wall combine drawing, and even to overcome all the bumps and corners of the room.Furthermore, in order to apply the adhesive to the sheet is necessary to have a large free space.In the case of liquid wallpaper should not be afraid of their damage or break them, as they are implemented in powder form, and preparation for the work involves only the dilution of the composition in water.

not need to think about which side of the room light falls, do not leave the stitches after the application of liquid wallpaper, and reviews about them prove it.Apply makeup after cooking can not only the walls, but the ceiling, and the work does not seem so time-consuming compared with the technology that is used in conventional gluing wallpaper.You in the process you do not even need the help of a stranger, with works can be dealt with independently.

Plus there is no need to prepare the surface

Another advantage for which consumers like liquid wallpaper, expressed that will not have too long to prepare the surface, which is not the traditional wallpaper, the base of which after application will give all the irregularitiessurface.On the contrary, if the walls are of minor irregularities can escape through the coating composition.As a result, it is able to get high-quality finish that is completely devoid of drawbacks.

important to know and disadvantages of liquid wallpaper.Reviews will help to understand which of them has coverage.But what exactly does them will not carry, is the ability of this coating to pass air.Some believe that the seamless surface is not breathing, and then under it may appear fungus and mold.But cellulose is perfectly breathable, which is why you should not be afraid that the walls are syret.This saves you from so-called greenhouse effect, which is peculiar to the rooms with vinyl wallpaper.

Before purchasing described coating consumers think about what still has flaws liquid wallpaper.Reviews point to a number of customers is relatively high cost.But this may be true only at first glance.After overspending of the material in this case, can not be, in addition, after the waste will not work, since it is possible to prepare a number of staff that will be used, and to repair the damage after the coating is very simple, which is not an ordinary wallpaper.All these circumstances make the claim that the price obtained is much more profitable.

main advantage - in aesthetics

So what attracts consumers liquid wallpaper?Reviews (disadvantages discussed below) indicate that they are very aesthetically pleasing look on the wall, and it can be called one of their main advantages.Considering this peculiarity, answer to your question about whether you met the neighbors, relatives, friends and acquaintances of the same wallpaper that stuck in one of the rooms of your home.This is, admittedly, quite often.But by means of liquid wallpaper, you can create a unique interior solutions, which in any case will be unique.

achieve even more impressive effect in this respect by applying liquid wallpaper on the wall in several combinations of colors and textures.

negative characteristics

Disadvantages of liquid wallpaper, reviews about which you should definitely read before purchasing staff, expressed in the fact that they can not tolerate moisture.In this regard, they lose moisture-resistant wallpaper type.If the home has small children or animals, the surface of the walls can not be washed after it will be stained.To remedy the situation, it is necessary only to repair separate plot that involves the use of a dry powder.It will prepare a pre-diluted with water.Wall tainted in the area must also be pre-prepared, which involves cutting out the old coating.Then we have to use conventional technology of applying the composition.The catch may consist in the fact that the dry composition for breeding can not stay after the first repair, and choose a color identical to a few years after completion of the work will be quite problematic.And the walls during operation and could burn a little wipe.The application of the new layer to a single site can be very noticeable.

of consumers

Once examined the shortcomings of liquid wallpaper, reviews can help make the right choice when you purchase the material for the walls.Buyers say that working with the application of the liquid mixture is very simple.And it is able to cope with not only an experienced handyman, but a beginner.The only thing you have to pay attention, according to buyers, this is a method of preparing the composition, which involves falling asleep initial mixture into a container or bucket and the subsequent flooding of its liquid.Perform data manipulation in a different sequence is not recommended.After the mixture is thoroughly mixed, highlight those who have already engaged in the application of the composition on the wall, it should be left for half an hour, which will infuse wallpaper and chemical components to interact.

Liquid wallpaper, reviews (disadvantages, advantages and so on.) About which you have been well studied, can be applied in several ways.Skilled craftsmen are advised to do so by means of the gun, which greatly speed up the process.No matter what instrument was used in the process of applying the mixture, it should be left on the surface to rest for a period, which can last up to 70 hours, because it is such a time is necessary in order to wallpaper a fully typed strength and dry.

Guidelines for surface preparation

Liquid wallpaper, reviews, tips, advice on which you were previously studied, will please their owners for a long period.Despite the fact that the special complexities of the walls is not accompanied by the preparation of such work still require compliance with certain rules.Among them are the need to remove from the base of old coatings.After to be put on the wall putty that will get rid of the errors.Furthermore, more than would a flat wall, the lower the overrun material.

Tips Application

Liquid wallpaper, reviews, features, advice on the application of which are familiar to any master, will look very aesthetically pleasing on the wall.And even if something does not get done in accordance with the instructions, the way out is always there.For example, if it was not possible to remove the surface defects, the application of the wallpaper can be made in two layers, the first of which is a primer, and the second - decorative.

Calculation of material consumption

order to implement calculation of material consumption, it is necessary to consider that 1 kg of the mixture will cover 5 m2.Thus, if there is a need to finish the wall area of ​​which is 20 m2, it will prepare a 4 kg of dry composition.

After the advantages and disadvantages of liquid wallpaper have become known to you, you assess your skills and abilities in the repair works of this type, you can proceed to the beautification of the walls.