Slicer Electric Bosch: description and reviews

modern appliance manufacturers offer a housewife versatile instruments to facilitate and accelerate the process of cooking.Well, who would refuse to have around in the kitchen compact vegetable cutter, which can be used in an instant chop and cut virtually any product?Today the market represented a huge range of different brands of similar units, and the buyer is difficult to navigate and choose the best company.

rating household appliances, compiled based on the opinions of ordinary people in popularity and pricing suggests that the standard of functionality and reliability are German brands such as Siemens, Miele, Liebherr, Bosch.Slicer Electric Bosch deservedly received praise for its ease of use and affordable price.

device is the minimum time narezhet food circles, strips, cubes and even chips.Can be pulverized root crops, fruits, vegetables and more.Here, truly indispensable items for those who appreciate comfort and does not have time to waste.Consider him better and understand how useful it


What device?

Household vegetable cutter Bosch does not only justifies the title, but also is a professional assistant in the processing of products.The equipment has become immensely popular just in the last few years as a housewife and chef.The device usually consists of a deep bowl, the electric motor and a set of nozzles (disks / blades) with different teeth.

have more expensive models of these discs are made of stainless food steel, they have cheap plastic devices.Professional units of different durability, high performance and versatility.But in everyday life, you can do the usual low-cost technology.

She easily shred a bowl of ingredients for canning and holiday preparations.At the same time all the pieces turn out neat, beautiful and delicious.To use the device will not be difficulty - enough to lay the necessary components into the bunker, close the lid and press the button.Other vegetable cutter electric Bosch itself will do, but you will just have to fill the vegetables or fruit useful dressing.


Some models are able to replace the massive food processor.They are equipped with a variety of knives, which can serve as a blender, grinder and a juicer.The device is completely safe unlike hand-trowel, if necessary, can quickly pyurirovat food, cut her curly slices and cubes.

slicer Electric Bosch (photo illustrates the unit) are small, lightweight, made of high-strength and safe material and is provided with a self-sharpening knife.It has a deep container with removable nozzles (not all models).When buying a client receives a guarantee of quality for six months.Defective goods can be returned within a month (30 days).

main advantages

slicer Electric Bosch - saving equipment for modern housewives.The compact machine fits perfectly into any decor and frees from cutting products.You do not have to shed tears when cutting or rubbing onion, spend a lot of time cooking and most importantly - no more damage to the blade of the knife.

With its carved disc offers a wide scope for the imagination.Nozzles make it easy to grind the meat in the stuffing, make a creamy paste of vegetables, fruits and dairy products.The technique is easy to wash either by hand or in a dishwasher.Manufacturers of this company assures its reliability, safety, minimum power consumption and long-life operation.

Guide describes the available techniques of the device - delivered in Russian, so you do not have to puzzle over translation.If the vegetable cutter will break electric Bosch, parts can be ordered via the Internet.

Tips for Choosing

Though the manufacturer has established itself on the positive side, yet when buying recommend to pay attention to some details.More durable and wear-resistant tools are those that are made of aluminum and stainless steel.These two materials will not be oxidized, to melt and crack, unlike plastic.Such a device little more expensive, but the cost will be repaid with interest.

multifunctional vegetable cutter electric Bosch includes an additional set of nozzles with different teeth.Desirably, the blades are in the disks are removable, as the device itself.Prefer device, which drives the blade in case of breakage could be replaced.Check with the counselor, whether the equipment to process solid foods such as pumpkins and radishes.Carefully read the warranty card and service life technology.It is useful to read the opinions of customers in a network of a specific model.

slicer Electric Bosch: reviews of people

Owners unit of the German company enthusiastically talking about a commodity.It is simple to use, almost weightless and stylish.All blades are easily removed and inserted, perfectly straight cut, shred, grind, and is ground fresh and boiled products.Even with years of blade tips have not tupyatsya, and the body is not erased, and will not crack.

According to most women, this product should be in every kitchen.It is the best assistant in the preparation of food, it facilitates the work and doing the dishes aesthetically appealing.At the same time your hands are always free and clean.There is no need to use gloves.

particularly helps the instrument during the holidays, when you have to prepare many different dishes.Just over a minute in front of the product disappears without unnecessary movements and efforts.And another important fact - the functional unit is able to replace several appliances: a meat grinder, a grater and a blender.This is a profitable investment.

Pricing Policy

cost will directly depend on the power and complete product.Budget vegetable cutter will cost about 1500 rubles.We advise not to save on household appliances.