Kitchen "Trio" - comfortable furniture

We decided to transform your kitchen?Do you want to buy quality and original furniture?But because of the large range of components you can not determine the final choice?Do not be discouraged, but to vote stunning performance cuisine "Trio", which will contribute not only convenience in cooking, but also transform the desired space in a warm family home.

history of the company «Trio»

Kitchen "Trio", reviews of which will surprise even the most demanding customers, made by the same company in Ulyanovsk.The organization works for the benefit of customers since 2000.During this time, employees of the company had to prove that their products are high quality, interesting design and reliability.Numerous awards received by the company, once again confirm the excellent quality of the furniture.

The product range of the company includes more than 1,500 kitchen designs with different style basics.For example, a set of "Amelia" is in the combination of colors of vanilla and apple.Kitchen "Bianca", on th

e contrary, has bright colors that accentuate the orderly space.Furniture "Siren", in contrast to the previous set has a bright purple hue, which gives the design of the severity of style.

course cuisine "Trio" (Ulyanovsk) include other original models.They simply do not count.But they are similar in the fact that this product has an interesting design, high quality and cost of products available to a wide range of consumers.

pricing policy of the company

Kitchen "Trio" are an affordable cost.Their price depends on the following nuances.This is - the kind of material products, the size of the construction, furniture, non-standard products.If desired, the product can be updated appliances.Also, highly skilled organization proposes to work on the assembly and installation of designs free of charge.From what options the buyer chooses, and depends on the final cost of the kit.Mostly this factory sets prices vary from 15 000 rubles.and higher.

Kitchen "Trio": the advantages of products

  1. A wide range of headsets.Each model has a different style, color and texture.That is why the problems with the choice of design should arise.
  2. All furniture - kitchen "Trio" - made with high quality materials, modern equipment and innovative technologies.What does the large number of diplomas have been received in such famous shows like "Furniture Club", "EEM" and many others.
  3. High wear designs.Set this manufacturer is able to please the owner of more than 50 years.
  4. Affordable furniture.Of course, the company does not operate at a loss.This minimum price policy was generated by the fact that the firm has regular suppliers.Also employees of the factory do not charge extra for the products, unlike many other manufacturers.

Where to buy furniture companies?

We decided to give preference to these products?You are on the right track, because this furniture is not just an ordinary suite, each with its owner will be able to create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen area, where there is convenience, comfort.Buy

named products - kitchen "Trio", reviews of which testify to the high quality of the furniture, it is possible in Ulyanovsk at the 20th Engineering passage, 5. Also, you can order by phone to dictate 07/24/24.Or do it with the help of the official website of the manufacturer.No matter which option you choose, experts of the organization, if necessary, measure the free space in the future will set set.In addition, all customers in 2015 when buying the company's products for a pleasant surprise.