Apron Kitchen plastic hands.

horizontal portion of the wall, which is mounted between the cabinets and the worktop, experts called an apron.This area in the kitchen is particularly exposed to various contaminants, as is the stove and countertops, which carry cutting and preparation products.Therefore

kitchen apron should be not only beautiful, but also practical, not Mark, it is desirable that it is well washed, and was resistant to temperature and cleaning agents.These characteristics differ kitchen apron made of plastic.

Using panels

As a rule, it is made with PVC panels.This material is well known and popular in our country, as it has a huge number of positive properties.

Before buying an apron for the kitchen or bar of plastic for its manufacture, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of this coating that may occur during operation.

The main advantage of this material is its affordable price.It is for those people who need to make repairs quickly and inexpensively.In addition to durability and hardn

ess, this apron for the kitchen has the same properties as the tile.It is easy to clean, resistant to chemicals, moisture, heat.

Sheet plastic

This wall covering is available in several forms.This panel may be of different sizes or sheets.Apron Kitchen plastic (Buyers confirm this fact) looks no worse than analogues of expensive materials.That it has no seams, better filter sheet material.From it in the process you will be able to cut the desired size of the plate.

And it is necessary not only for aesthetics.Due to the absence of joints you facilitate cleaning, thus saving time.You will need after cooking just wipe with a damp cloth kitchen bar.Aprons made of plastic are considered environmentally friendly.They can afford even people with a tendency to allergies.

Finished products

Apron Kitchen plastic allows them to implement any design ideas.This material is easily applied to any image or pattern.

Today in sale are ready for kitchen aprons - plastic, cut to standard sizes, coated on its surface pattern.Some manufacturers of these products are not limited.They offer also spotlighting that apron kitchen plastic looked spectacular.

Using a transparent wall coverings visually enhances the space, especially if the panel is combined with a point of light.Advantages of plastic apron:

  • environmental friendliness and high strength;
  • mechanical resistance and moisture;
  • a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • ease of care;
  • creating a perfectly smooth surface of the panels, not allowing dust to accumulate;
  • varied layout, allows you to choose an apron for any interior;
  • easy installation;
  • no need for careful preparation of the surface.


To finish this small minus some buyers include scratches that appear on the surface.Just want to comment on that statement - it most likely occurs when using conventional wall panels, not intended for apron.

Some aggressive cleaning agents can cause serious damage to the apron for the kitchen made of plastic and lead to its deformation.

you can be confident in the durability of finish, if its production choose polycarbonate, which does not break, well washed, and its melting point is 120 degrees.

I would like to draw your attention to that, buying a plastic apron, it is necessary to require a certificate, because low-quality material by heating (from the stove or sunlight) will release compounds harmful to human health.Certified, high-quality material does not emit anything harmful, even if you accidentally obolet it with boiling water.

Choice apron

Today on sale there are several types of plastic panels.They differ in the degree of heat resistance and moisture resistance level.So first of all you should make sure that you offer plastic, intended for this use.

Besides quality indicators, differences exist in the design decision.An original and unusual options may be transparent plastic panel with backlight.If the kitchen in classic style, the most appropriate solution will be white patterns without a pattern.

What should be the size of a plastic apron?This question is of interest to many.To define it, you need to start from the plan kitchen and thus to take into account one important feature - the canvas skirt should be slightly greater than the distance from the cabinet to the work surface.Such a margin is needed to protect the wall from grease and dirt, and extra centimeters needed to sign the apron a little over the edge of tables and cabinets.

to a spacious kitchen more suitable material with large and dark pattern.Accordingly, for small spaces should choose light-colored fabric with a light pattern.Do not forget that high-gloss surfaces visually enlarge the space.

Apron Kitchen made of plastic with their hands

To kitchen apron looks impressive, it must be properly installed.

Before you begin, make sure that the surface of the wall, which will be attached panel completely smooth.If your plans do not include the alignment of its use as a basis the material that will create a perfectly flat surface.This may be wooden slats or design of the profiles.

If you think that you can not accomplish this work, you are deeply mistaken, - it is the power of even a beginner.

There are 2 methods of installation of kitchen apron:

  • installation with screws;
  • use special glue.

It should be noted that the use of the latter option is less convenient because in the future you will not be able to dismantle it to apply elsewhere, as the attached adhesive plastic during removal is likely to burst.As you can see, to make an apron for the kitchen made of plastic with your own hands is not difficult.

installation screws on

This method is the best.In this case, no matter what the apron is attached - to the profile, wood, or directly to the wall surface.Technology is not changing.

in the corners and along the edges of the plastic panels have to drill a small hole with a diameter of about 3-5 mm.With their apron and fixed with screws.

Hats fasteners can ruin the overall appearance and prevent this from happening, you need to pre-purchase the plastic caps and plugs.If you want to do something unusual, apply imagination and create an original "camouflage" hats with their hands.

final touch

completing installation work, you must secure the borders.If you do not, then soon in the region of the connection webs appear traces of dirt, and the open areas of the wall can be formed mold.

In addition, border plays an aesthetic role - it creates an interior finish, is the link between the surface of the wall and apron.The required size and color to choose is easy enough, moreover, they often come with ready apron.


Kitchen apron made of plastic, which you can see a photo in the article should be made of quality material designed for this purpose.When selecting or using the wrong wall panels apron will quickly lose appeal and may even be dangerous for the health of your loved ones.Therefore, we strongly recommend you to buy it in stores only and only with a certificate.

plastic many much cheaper finishing materials.That's why you can buy it for a very affordable price.

Despite the relatively low cost, it meets all modern requirements.It is easy to use and practical.Dimensions PVC panels are designed for the most comfortable size kitchen apron.Most often, their height from 85 to 100 cm. For example, the panel size 960 x 485 mm is from 150 to 200 rubles apiece.

Naturally, the price of plastic apron for the kitchen with photo printing a little higher, but it's worth it.For example, an apron measuring 3000 x 600 x 1.5 mm will cost 1500 rubles.

Buy this material can be in all major DIY stores.

Apron Kitchen plastic: reviews

Having studied the reviews of people who already have aprons, plastic, it must be concluded that this is a very good option for a kitchen design.It is durable and easy to care for, while affordable.