Chef's knife: what to choose?

Chef's knife for any chef is not just a tool that serves as an assistant for cutting products and the subject of its own pride and envy of other lovers of culinary creativity.Every cook can choose the manufacturer of the years most comfortable professional tool.

Why a chef's knife?

knife must always be clever and skillful hands of the master, who is professionally engaged in cooking, and loves his job.Chef's knife is able to perform all the tasks assigned to it: it is cutting products, removing the skin and slicing thin strips or cubes.

important feature when choosing a chef's knife - is the presence of massive enough grip.It is worth noting that the standard indicators of the width of the knife for chefs do not exceed four centimeters.The length must necessarily be about 30 centimeters.

main types

Today the market offers a wide variety to select blades.For the manufacture of such tools manufacturers use only the best types of steel.It should be noted that each individual part of the blade is

made from different materials: steel powder, and plasma arc.Steel is constantly susceptible to heat treatment, which increases the service life.You can select the most popular varieties of knives:

  • Sandwich.
  • Chef knife.
  • Knife to clean potatoes.
  • for stakes.
  • Universal.
  • cheese.

main purpose of professional knives

can divide the knives in their purpose:

  • Sandwich knife has a distinctive shape and is indispensable when the kitchen there is a need to smear butter on a sandwich.He easily cope with processed cheese, soft cheese, pates, jams and other products, which can be spread on bread.These blades are short, wide and soft edges.
  • Knives for cleaning potatoes are equipped with concave blade and lowered tip.Thanks to these features these tools are very convenient.This knife will quickly and easily remove the peel, remove the eyes, cracks and many other defects.
  • Chef's knife is a versatile tool for daily use in a professional kitchen.He will come in handy for all occasions.The blade of the knife is much wider and longer, in contrast to the standard tools.
  • for stakes knife has a wavy edge, and holds an edge perfectly.This knife is indispensable in the economy, as the table always served real food, not a dummy.
  • Universal knife is the most convenient.Thanks to him, you can easily and quickly cut into small fruits and vegetables, such as radishes, onions, peppers, apples, and many others.

Features and benefits of using a knife from producer Thomas

very popular and demand is an innovative chef's knife "Thomas".Reviews with positive recommendations about him can be heard from professional chefs.It is worth noting that Thomas is the leading European brand name, which makes equipment for kitchen and tableware.

This company has been in business for over a hundred years and is based in Germany.All products are world-renowned brand "Thomas" meets European standards and has an impeccable reputation.All this is due to high quality and incredibly stylish design.

main advantages of kitchen knives from the manufacturer Thomas

Thomas Cook's knife has a lot of benefits and advantages:

  • alloy blades and reliable handles that make cutting tools for maximum convenience.
  • carefully considered balancing.That it allows a person to use a knife easily.
  • products are made exclusively from high-quality stainless steel, which is able to attach blades incredible strength and maximum sharpness.Resistance to corrosion, acid and alkali - it's all about the chef's knife "Thomas".Reviews of professionals left him mostly positive, rather than negative.
  • On sale is a complete set, which is required for cooking at home.

What can I use professional knives "Thomas"?

saw chef's knife on the market, "Thomas?"For what it is, will help you understand the following information.Purpose knives allow to perform a variety of cooking tasks thanks to an incredibly flexible blade.Classic knives are ideal for fast and efficient cutting vegetables.All this was made possible by a special blade, which will not stick products were cut.

Not all people can enjoy the benefits and advantages of a device such as a chef's knife, "Thomas."Why is it needed?Cutter represents an ideal assistant in the kitchen.Among the large variety and selection can be found classic Japanese knife "Thomas", which cope with any tasks.

What materials are made knives?

Blade is a special part of the tool that performs the main task - it is sharp, shredder, cutting.It is therefore necessary to make sure that it was the most durable and easy to sharpen.

Best Cook knives are made from the following materials:

  • Stainless Steel.It is inexpensive and easy enough to be sharpened.
  • Stainless carbon steel.The structure of such a material include chromium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, as well as a large number of other materials.
  • Damascus steel is manufactured using a lamination of various kinds of steel at each other.These knives are very sharp and strong as possible.A set of cooks knives made of such a material will have a high cost, so not everyone can afford to purchase it.
  • Titan.Blades of this material are light, flexible and sharp.They are able to for a long time to maintain its original sharpening and leave a metallic taste in the product.Over time, they can not be rust.It is believed that they have antibacterial properties, since the composition of such cutters includes silver.

advantages and features of ceramic knives

now in great demand and popular ceramic knives.They have appeared on the market recently, but every year more and more people give them their preference.Cooking Professional ceramic knives have a major advantage - an incredible lightness.Also, they do not absorb a variety of odors, which is especially valuable when working with fish.Many people have noted that the ceramic keeps sharpening his over several years.

the time of purchase of the ceramic blade you need to consider that it is quite fragile, so it can not be used universally.This kitchen weapon best used for cutting meat, fish fillets, fruits and vegetables.

Also, do not forget that these knives are expensive, as the process of manufacture of the product long and laborious.Professionals have to sharpen them manually.Always there is a chance to get on the Chinese counterfeiting that cost customers in a small amount.But there is no guarantee that they will last a long time.

Cooking Professional knives attract a large number of people by their appearance.In this blade, made of ceramics, most often white or black.Handle tools for the kitchen can be bright, unique, original, beautiful patterns and have a convenient form.

What can be done handle?

handles knives today may differ material from which they are made.

  1. Plastic is the most simple and inexpensive option.It is light, it is convenient to wash.During prolonged use, it will not be deformed.Best of all, if such a rubberized grip further.
  2. tree is considered durable and strong material.You can not worry about the absorption of odors, the handle will not change the shape, it is easy to wash.But it must be remembered that these knives are strictly not be left in the sink for a long time, because the tree has the ability to swell.
  3. Metal - durable and incredibly durable.Such a knife would never absorb various odor and change its original shape, and it can be washed after use.When the handle is made entirely of metal, it will be cold to the touch.It may be noted that such a product has a large weight, compared with other materials.Some manufacturers supplement the knife handle special decor - plastic or wood.

knives How to buy separately?

To determine which chef's knife is better, it is necessary to determine the purpose of its further use.Were given above types of kitchen knives, which are used for a variety of tasks.To buy separately taken the knife is necessary to rely on the purpose of use, and optimal cost.Everyone has a certain financial capacity, so must choose an assistant in the kitchen on the basis of them.

Consultants in any store listen to all customer requirements and always offer several options to choose from.The buyer should pay special attention to the quality of the sharpening, the material and the blade.It is best to take a knife in your hand and feel its advantages and disadvantages.It is not recommended to buy guns at a low price, and it is not necessary to make purchases at online stores questionable.

How to choose the right set of knives?

best option - it is Cooking knives.Reviews from professionals they can be heard different, but most often they are positive.Many people do not spare money and buy just such tools for the kitchen.During selection of kitchen knives set must adhere to the same rules as when buying one.If you purchased a chef's knife, "Thomas", reviews of which are good, and the package is the perfect option for the acquisition of a professional.

Each manufacturer can offer its clients a diverse number of items in the set, but their main purpose may differ.In most cases, kits include a different number of knives.The main and most important benefits of buying a set - is the presence of the base.It is in the form of a deck or a magnetic tape.