Traps for aerating water: the principle of operation, description and reviews

for the normal functioning of the human body needs 1.5-2 liters per day of water.Of course, you can drink ordinary boiled tap water or buy bottled.However, sometimes really want to treat yourself to something tasty and unusual.Here's the come to the aid of a siphon for aerating the water.

Right at home you can prepare sparkling drinks useful to any taste.

advantages of using siphon

In Soviet times, such devices were very popular.They represent a not very nice, but quite comfortable and reliable instruments.Today, the fashion for soda siphons back again.According to research by oncologists, drinking carbonated beverages purchased at the store, could easily lead to the development of pancreatic cancer.Indeed, nobody knows what the producers added to their drinks.One reading of labels of some low-cost Russian pop could plunge into the horror of the abundance of chemical formulas in the title of the ingredients.Perhaps, therefore, and renewed interest in equipment such as a siphon for aerating the water.After having prepared a pop at home, you can be fully confident in its quality.

Another undoubted advantage of siphons is the fact that the drink they can be stored without loss of gas for a long time.Regular soda out of steam, as everyone knows, in a few hours.

The principle of

Use a device such as a siphon for aerating the water is very simple.Pre unscrew a safety valve at the top, then screwed in its place the balloon with carbon dioxide.This procedure should be carried out carefully.The balloon should go strictly by the thread.In this case, the needle is located inside the siphon, pierce it strictly perpendicular to the membrane.Once this happens, the gas starts flowing in, saturating the water.Further, all very simple.In order to pour water into a glass, you simply press the button on top.The liquid itself flows from the spout.What happens is because the top of the gas bottle is pressurized.Exactly the same structure and have a siphon for aerating the water of the USSR.


Operation is necessary to observe some recommendations.After the balloon itself siphon under pressure, and if used improperly, may even explode.The most important thing - you can not fill the container to the top.The siphon must remain free space for gas.In modern models for the safety of the use of a special valve.If you try to pour into the siphon more water than necessary, the excess will flow from a nozzle.Of course, it is best to buy a secure model.

When pouring water during carbonation is not recommended to turn the siphon, or tilt it.Use only specified by the manufacturer petrol cans.During the preparation of the beverage is too low not to lean over the trap.Also, it is not recommended to allow children to use this product.Poured into the siphon water must be cold.Warm can not be used.

housing in modern siphons can be made of plastic or stainless steel.The second type of device is considered to be more secure.Yes, and look like models of several solid.Of course, their cost higher.

Classic siphons

At this point in the store or on the Internet you can buy only two types of siphons.We have considered above principle of the classical variant.The advantage of such models can be considered above all ease of use and low cost.To get such a device can be no more than 2-4 thousand. Rubles.However, a siphon for aerating the water of this design has some drawbacks.The main considered the need for periodic purchases of new cartridges.One is only enough for 1 liter of water.Bottles sold in packs of 10 pieces.and are quite expensive (about 500 rubles).

Thus, the classic siphon suitable only for family or personal use.For a large company a drink in sufficient quantity using it does not cook.

models balloon

main design features of these devices are small size and a built-in gas cylinder.Their main advantage compared to classical models is complete security.The balloon is designed for 60 liters, and hence, if desired, can be used on any party.Another advantage is the possibility of such siphons control the degree of aeration.Usually manufacturers provide three degrees of saturation of water.Home siphon for aerating the water of this design is especially useful in that one spray is usually enough for 1-1.5 years.

The disadvantages of models with a large balloon applies above all, to fill them anything else but water, you can not.That is a sweet drink with syrup in a siphon does not cook.However, if desired you can pour a little syrup into a glass, fill it up to the top and pop mix.Get the usual sweet soda.

Environmental siphons

This type is the most convenient and reliable.However, there are ecological traps quite expensive.Typically, these models are equipped with a variety of optional wide variety of accessories.The main features of the design include the provision of disposable cartridges, made from environmentally friendly materials.They are very expensive, but also soda siphons are prepared in just a few seconds.

Popular brands: Sodastream

siphons on the Russian market today delivers many companies.Sodastream (Israel) - one of the most popular brands at the moment.It is very reliable and easy-to-use model.When you reach the normal level of gassing siphon for aerating the water Sodastream owner delivers a beep.Available in several modifications of the devices of this brand.Each of them is provided with a spray volume of 60 liters, is located inside the housing.Cost models of this brand - about 5,000 rubles.Replacing the bulb will cost about 2,000 rubles.

siphons Isi

devices of this brand are produced in Austria.The issue soda siphons company Isi beginning almost from the moment of their invention.In addition to reliability and high quality of performance, models of this brand have a very beautiful design.

reviews siphon soda

So you've decided to buy a siphon for aerating the water.Feedback from those who constantly uses similar equipment, of course, would be very helpful to you.If you look through the Internet forums with posts about this kind of equipment, it becomes clear that the most popular brands of siphon in our country at the moment is considered to be the two described above.The merits of both these models many.As for the drawbacks, the net production Sodastream considered not particularly comfortable dimensions.Because of the height of the siphon is too large can not, for example, in the refrigerator.

Isi blamed only for having a safety valve they twisted the plastic rather than metal threads.Some housewives it seems dangerous.The rest of the device such as a siphon for aerating the water Isi, is considered to be sufficiently reliable and convenient.

How to "Tarragon"

And finally, give a recipe of one of the most popular carbonated drinks.In order to make "Tarragon", you need to prepare:

  • Fresh tarragon - '40 This herb can be bought in a store or even grow their own at their summer cottage.
  • Lemon - a couple of pieces.
  • Sugar - 80 gr.

Pour into a saucepan one liter of water, put on fire and wait until boiling.Extinguish gas and add the boiling water finely chopped tarragon.Cover the pan with a lid and leave to infuse for 30 minutes.

Lemons cut very thin slices, place in a bowl, pour the sugar and suppress tolkushkoy.After tarragon infusion, Put sour-sweet mass in the pan.All mix well and pour the resulting drink is bottled.Put them in the refrigerator.After cooling, pour the solution into the siphon for aerating the water.The balloon is threaded - and delicious drink is ready.

The quality performance today siphons for carbonated water an old Soviet design are not inferior, and in terms of design surpass them in order.In order to be able to drink a delicious pop without harm to health, to buy one of these handy devices is required.