Waffle fabric: characteristics, production

very popular today a material called waffle fabric.With a comprehensive spectrum of its successful use in the home and at work in a variety of industries.Each kitchen at any housewife can meet towel waffle fabric.


waffle fabric is a high quality fabric, created from one hundred percent cotton.It is distinguished by a special weave, in which the surface is covered with small rectangles and resembles a waffle.Because of this unusual structure waffle fabric has many advantages that distinguish it from other tissues.

Properties waffle fabric

An important feature of the web is its optimal absorbability.Weave wafer canvas allows you to absorb the liquid faster and several times more than it can do is smooth the fabric of the same volume.

When handling any surfaces waffle fabric leaves no scratches or small villi.The fabric is very soft, non-irritating to the skin and makes it easier to work with.The high degree of strength and tear resistance significantly increases the service life of the mate

rial.Cloth technical waffle perfectly amenable to wash, easy to fold, it can be used repeatedly.Besides its important feature is the absolute environmental friendliness.

wafer manufacturing fabric

There are several kinds of waffle material - hard with a grayish tinge, pure white, dyed and printed.Of primary cotton yarn containing a large amount of various additives, produce a material having a gray, harsh, rough and not very absorbent properties.After bleaching and cleaning additives tissue becomes snow-white color.When painting it becomes a solid color dyed fabric and when the fabric is passed through special rollers coated with these patterns, it turns out waffle fabric padded.In the manufacturing process to obtain uniform design used a special waffle plexus.


Waffle is a versatile material for use in the production and in the domestic sphere.Due to its excellent absorption capacity and lack of pile, it is used mainly for cleaning, for cleaning office equipment, automotive parts and surfaces of vehicles.Very often, waffle fabric used in carrying out various repairs, painting products, since with its help you can always quickly wipe the paint gets on your skin or on any subject.

widely used this fabric Cleaning services (window cleaning, wipe the furniture, etc.), in the manufacture of glass and mirrors, in the medical industry.Also, the wafer material is able to perform a protective function when packing fragile items and furniture manufacturing plays the role of shock absorber.In the textile industry it is often used as the backing material.

in various public institutions (kindergartens, schools, hospitals, restaurants and cafes) is also widely used for cleaning and cleanliness guidance waffle fabric.The density and high wear resistance cause it substantial economic benefits.This is one of the best cleaning materials, which is able to absorb any liquid and dirt.

Among other things, this fabric is quite resistant to high temperatures, which allows its use in metallurgy, oil producing companies and construction companies.Not only in production but also in everyday life waffle fabric used successfully thanks to its unique properties.

Products from waffle fabric

waffle fabric is used for the manufacture of a wide variety of subjects.From fabric having the coarse type, make bath towels, bathrobes and even slippers.All products have attractive appearance, are soft, well absorb moisture and dry quickly.They can be used in the bath, the sauna and at home.

widely used in the kitchen for waffle towels, which are great for drying wet dishes, to protect hands from hot surfaces during operation of the stove.

lung tissue can be cut into napkins, which are indispensable as a wiping material, t. To. The easily absorb any fat and liquid.Such napkins and towels in case of heavy pollution is not a pity to throw away.

Waffle towels are very popular in hospitals, railway transport.They prefer the athletes, because without requiring a lot of space, a very efficient towel absorbs sweat.

Waffle fabric rolls from the manufacturer is often used in enterprises as a consumable wiping material.

widely used in a similar fabric and needlework - from her sewing various potholders, aprons, heating pads for Dummies, sachets, pouches for Christmas gifts, and more.Huge selection of different colors allows wildest fantasies masters.

Creating a stuffed waffle fabric

When using special rollers toweling on a drawing, a very original waffle fabric padded.It is particularly popular in recent years.It looks quite attractive is the canvas, as the painting is the most diverse - colorful plants, animals, beautiful ornaments, etc.Waffle material may have a case, baby, Christmas and any other decoration.

density and size of the wafer web

One of the major characteristics of the wafer material in addition to the hygroscopic properties is its density and width.Directly depends on the density of the absorbent properties of the fabric, and, accordingly, and economic costs.This figure may be different - from 80 to 240 g / sq.m. Thick wafer blade can absorb much more moisture, and accordingly, and used to wipe a large area surfaces.Due to this property, it is particularly widely used in industrial production.Waffle fabric, the density of which is minimal, will quickly become a soak and become useless.The fabric rolled into rolls 50-60 meters, generally having a standard width - 40, 45 or 80 centimeters.

Health Benefits

big advantage waffle fabric is its environmental friendliness.It is absolutely hypoallergenic material.Today, there are cases when low-quality fabrics can irritate the skin or leave traces of paint on the body or clothing.With wafer material such surprises are excluded.For the skin it is just perfect.

Unlike other types of fabric, waffle fabric also can create the effect of light massage.The mesh surface improves blood circulation, performing differential pressure across the surface of the skin, making it more supple and taut.

All items from waffle fabric quite easily tolerate any laundry detergent, and if necessary to boil.However, they retain their original appearance, without pulling or prokrashivayas.

growing demand for wafer sheet due to its high quality and relatively low cost.The optimum combination of properties such as softness, hygroscopicity, excellent durability and long life, make this material indispensable in industry and everyday life.