New technologies: eSpring - water purification system

problem of clean drinking water is acute in lagging regions of the world, and developed cities.Without it can not be a normal human activity.But not any purified water suitable for drinking.Distilled liquid without impurities minerals will only worsen the condition of the body.Therefore, the problems of proper filtration is given special attention in many scientific studies.The result of this work was the water purification system Amway eSpring.

innovative approach

more than 120 patents registered in the development of American scientists.Through their research failed to reach the maximum of useful filtration systems.

At first glance it may seem that the eSpring (water purification system) - just an expensive gadget that performs the functions of a normal kitchen filter.In fact, it used 4 purity that allows the output to get healthy and tasty water from any water supply system.

Management automated filtration.The user does not need to monitor the condition of the filter elements or record deadli

nes replacement.The system is integrated sensor, which will signal that it is time to change the cartridge wear.

Use filtered water

After thorough research eSpring (water purification system) responses received by professionals only positive.And all because of that it managed to achieve the most useful drink for the body.

As is known, in pure form in the nature of water practically does not exist.All living organisms consume its solutions.This supports the optimal balance of micro- and macronutrients.Most household filters are aimed at complete filtration of water from all impurities.As a result, a person uses purified and useful substance promoting infringement of mineral balance.

Water Filter eSpring reserves a certain percentage of nutrients such as zinc and magnesium, which makes the treated water suitable for human consumption.

second side of household cleaning systems - bacteria and other microorganisms.Most of them, even after filtering thrive in drinking water.In the filter from Amway, and the problem is solved.It removes up to 99.99% of the bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi which may be in the tap water.

The bottled water is worse

Some skeptics say that buying unprofitable filters: cheaper to take water in bottles.This argument is questionable if we are talking about eSpring.Water purification system of this brand gives annually about 5,000 liters of water.This is sufficient for the needs of a family of 6.

second negative aspect of bottled water can be called antibiotics.The fact that the plastic container is exposed to it blooms and reproduction of pathogenic organisms.To avoid such trouble, the producers generously flavored his product antibiotics, which subsequently fall into our body.Needless to say that bottled water can easily become the cause of dysbiosis and problems with the digestive system?

4 stage water purification

from ordinary consumers eSpring water purification system has a very positive reviews.And all thanks to the unique multi-level filtration and disinfection that make drinking any water.

The system works as follows.Initially, the water is filtered through a prefilter of two nonwoven materials.It cleans it from small particles of sand, mud, algae, rust.

third stage performs cleaning through the filter element from the activated carbon.The filter is made by special technology from coconut shells.This purification step allows you to remove all toxic and harmful impurities.This solution remains essential trace elements and individual taste.

the last stage of the water lends itself to irradiation with ultraviolet lamp.This is a strong disinfection, which kills almost all bacteria that can cause harm to humans.

Ease of use purification systems

Despite the apparent complexity, even inexperienced users to easily connect to your faucet eSpring.Water purification system, the instruction to which always comes, can be connected in two ways: to the main faucet or further.

additional valve allows the use of water for drinking and cooking, while the filtration system connection to the main crane will require a greater saving of resources in the kitchen.

It can choose the connection method that provides the eSpring (water purification system), impresses users.Depending on the purpose of the filter and the volume of its future operation in the family can pick the most convenient and economical option.

Caring for the environment

Ecological state of the world is poor.Of course, to see dramatic changes in a positive way, you need to change the whole system of human life.But even the use of a single instrument is able to positively affect the environment.This device - eSpring.Water purification system from Amway, is approved by the majority of organizations for the protection of nature in the world.

The mere refusal of bottled water means that PET containers will be less.And this is a serious factor polluting the planet.Their production uses oil - a finite resource in the world.

Therefore, even a family can affect the improvement of the ecological state of the planet.