Kitchen mixer with bowl: how to choose?

Mixer - appliance is used to prepare a wide variety of products, and more specifically to their whipping, stirring, kneading.This device can be a helper to any kitchen and faithfully serve you for a long time.With him your usual cooking becomes more fun and interesting to do, and your meals - in real culinary masterpieces that will surprise all your guests.

Choice mixer

From time to time many fans to create something delicious and original, and even the professionals of this case there is a dilemma - what to them is more suitable mixer.With regard to criteria such as ease of use, size, complexity of storage, the quality of this product and its price are constant disputes.So what better mixer?Ordinary manual - say some fans to cook;Mixer with bowl - confirms an even greater number of people.

Management household appliance

Yes, hand mixer, possibly more convenient, take up much less space, faster to clean, and with him everything can be prepared in a variety of dishes, which you have and which yo

u are comfortable.But whether it is easier to use and more effective whether you are curious?Should we close our eyes to it a sufficient number of its other advantages?Of course not!This is the largest and the main disadvantage of manual appliances.With the mixer your hands are constantly busy, and you will not be able to do other things, preparing dinner.

Moreover, any housewife knows that for many food ingredients should be mixed in turn, under special circumstances, every couple of minutes, thoroughly and on time.Then again emerges minus of the mixer - you need to turn it off and put somewhere on the addition, in a bowl next product.This will add you to trouble in choosing a certain capacity to carry out this task, in spite of already to what you need to find a suitable bowl in which you and all will be stirred.If you take a cup of low height (and unlikely to succeed "guess" the first time), you will eventually get a mountain of dirty dishes, dirty walls and furniture in the kitchen, even if you have to shake up just a couple of egg whites.

advantageous embodiment

quite another thing - a mixer with a bowl.It is better to prefer it.Let's take a closer look at the types and description of these consumer devices.Mixer with fixed bowl is much more powerful than the manual intended for mixing cream, whipping protein, high - medium density test preparation.

If you need to cook a very stiff dough, whip or proteins in the cream, but more quickly and easily, without polluting the extra utensils and soiling everything around, you will find of great mixer with a bowl - professional assistants of each chef.Such a device must be in every home.If your husband or children like a selection of pastries and other tasty dishes, and you often pamper them with this, this mixer will be indispensable in your kitchen.Convenient and easy to use, despite its versatility and practicality, it is suitable for anyone.

Features mixer with a bowl

These mixers are electromechanical equipment and can vary its volume bowls: one liter and a half, two or more liters.Differences may also be present in the material of manufacture.For example, there are plastic, glass bowls and sometimes even more common and practical mixer with a metal cup.

with the times

The latest word household appliances is a planetary mixer.This is when the beaters turn in one direction, and the entire actuator is moved, unlike them, the opposite.Such a device even more powerful, strong and fast.With it you can cook just about anything your heart desires.The most popular - mixer with bowl, reviews of which only positive.


Cons they, too, unfortunately, there is.Mixer with bowl has a high price and large size, sometimes discourage potential buyers from purchasing this product.But this can and to argue.Disposal of funds for the purchase of such a purchase - it is purely subjective.Someone quite the most simple and ordinary mixer, which would cost much as he enjoys them a few times a month or even a year.But it needs some "Mustang" in the world of home appliances, fast, beautiful, high-quality, expensive and multifunctional.

issue price

Let's look in more detail.The average cost of a conventional hand mixer is a half-two thousand rubles, or two and a half.But higher quality hand mixer "Bosch" with the cup can also be found for the money.With him will be cooking more convenient and varied.

For example, the same firm Bosch mixer with fixed bowl will cost from 2,500 rubles - a reliable, having two or more nozzles, five speeds, including turbo mode, with European assembly, very powerful, with a rotating bowl.

As for planetary appliances of this type, it is to them, the situation is somewhat different.Prices are quite high.But if you really love to create edible masterpieces, and often doing this, do not skimp on this miracle of technology.Will have to spend, but then you forget about the constant overheating, as it happens with his "hand" of colleagues, and some restrictions that must be followed when using a stationary device.An excellent example is the mixer "Kenwood" with the cup.It has many advantages: the original design capacity of 400 to 1000 W, a large metal bowl, whisk and bowl planetary rotation, 12 speeds.An indispensable tool in every kitchen.


Currently, consumer electronics manufacturers a lot, and they produce an ample variety of models.Because of this, often, as they say, "dazzled" when choosing a mixer.We have already said that there is quite simple hand, there are stationary devices, and that most consumers tend to choose the mixer with a bowl - professional or amateur.Another question arises about a particular firm (most likely, you have been exposed to a variety of manufacturers and products have a good idea about them).

We found that the most popular search engines on the Internet are requests from people who want to buy a mixer, but has not yet decided how best to buy.By otzvam consumers mixer "Bosch" with the cup is more popular.

also the leader in the industry is a mixer "Kenwood" with the cup.Popular and such firms as "Kitchenayd", "Philips", "brown", "Moulinex", "Scarlet."

choosing a mixer with bowl, do not rely solely on the brand, also is the most important criterion to consider the price of the goods (the more expensive the better), the right not to forget about their preferences and proceed from their own desires.

your faithful servant - a mixer with a bowl, which reviews most positive.These housewives or even professional chefs say that we should not even hesitate to wrestle with the selection.The only thing worth pondering as to what exactly is the purpose of you need a mixer, and this has to make a choice.And one has only to choose among the mixer with a bowl - an ordinary landline without special large variety of functions, or the latest planetary having a metal stainless bowl, a lot of tools and modes.After all, in fact, the age of handheld, seems to have passed.This mixer is even a little bit can be compared with kitchen whisk whipping protein.And it will agree, it is not very still and comfortable, not to mention the cooking time, which increases at times.New equipment, new technologies have enabled us to prepare a more complex and more delicious and original dishes are very simple, using an electric mixer new generation.

mixer with bowl.Professional approach

If the mixer is planned for use in the restaurant, café, bar, in this case, absolutely can not do without professional assistants.We are talking about the excellent results in a short time.Imagine how much time you have waited for the preparation of desserts, came to the restaurant for lunch or dinner if the chef whipped cream or cream whisk or a very ordinary, with a small capacity mixer!Quite right, a very long time.A newer, professional mixer with bowl of new opportunities, saving time and their own forces.

Any housewife will be able to put the necessary ingredients to create your meal in a bowl, press only one button - and then enjoy watching your favorite series or do other things, because every woman while preparing dinner, washed linen and throughout the apartment are worn children,requiring attention.It is with this mixer everything will be much easier to do.

Raduyte themselves and their families - if you already have such a mixer, cook happy with him.And if you do not already have it, you now know and appreciate its benefits, it is safe to purchase and enjoy using it!