Built-in Dishwasher: reviews.

It just seems to be washing dishes in a few minutes.Wash dirty dishes and devices after a large family four times a day - and that's passed over an hour, or even half.And if you ask for and count the time it takes to wash the dishes for a week, it may well be that the lady of the house, rather than to do anything for her interesting, spent 2-3 hours to clean the pans, pots and plates laundering.And if a couple of decades ago, other variants care household goods was not simple, today the mass producers of household appliances offers customers simply buy and build in the dishwasher, thereby giving a few hours of time for yourself and your hobbies.

Which model is needed

If the decision is made and the potential buyer is willing to go to the store for purchase, first you need to think about several important issues.The best option is when the car will be fitted with a new kitchen unit.In this case the dishwasher embedded (or small-sized 60 cm, 45 cm) of free space will be provided during the development

of the project.

But often happens that initially sold without kitchen unit provided space for dishwasher, and then the user decides that the car is still needed, and it is trying to somehow "attach".It all depends on the size of the room.If there is not enough free space, will have to buy assistant narrow (45 cm), if there is a full-size built-in dishwasher (60 cm) will soon take its rightful place.

More often it happens that the kitchen set is enough "old", and the owner is only now decided to use the benefits of civilization.In any event fatal and desperate situations do not happen - all solved.

manufacturers and their products

range of manufacturers producing household appliances - dishwashers, undoubtedly quite wide.A number of models with a set of the most different features offer consumers the company "Siemens", "Ariston", "Virpl."However, widest range owned by "Bosch".Built-in dishwasher Bosch can be Full and narrow, not only wash the dishes, but also dry.The system "Aquastop", which the manufacturer has supplied its equipment, will block the water in case of leakage.The operating principle of the system is both simple and unique: the appearance of leakage water enters a special sensor and alters the resistance of the contacts.The controller detects water leaks and transmits the change information automatically cranes that cover the water.

system "akvaseyf", which is equipped with a built in dishwasher "Bosh", does not allow the development of pathogenic microflora in the water.The new "Optosensor" following the economical expenditure of detergents, electricity and controls the quality of washing.

«Big family something?»

Besides space, also an important factor is the number of people in the family.The standard width of the machine can be 45 and 60 cm. Regardless of the manufacturer, whether the dishwasher "Bosch 60 cm", embedded, or same-width unit from another manufacturer, it will include the tableware in an amount of 13 sets, while for a narrow machinethis figure does not exceed 9. By the way, it should be borne in mind that, according to European standards, 1 set - 11 pieces is: 3 different size plate, knife, fork, spoon 3, cup and saucer, cup.Therefore, for 2-3 persons in a car width of 45 cm would be sufficient.If more people, it is best to build in the dishwasher width 60 cm.

Klassnost built-in appliances

Sewing machines are divided into classes depending on the amount of electricity consumed, the quality of washing and drying dishes items.Machinery Class A demand for low-power, high quality and well cleaned (without divorce) drying the dishes.But the highest value is in such art.It is safe to purchase units with classiness and C, as they are doing all the functions declared by the manufacturer, but are much cheaper than the dishwasher Class A technique proficiency with D, E, F and G are not economical, so its release in European countries stopped.

should say a few words about the "noise" machines for washing dishes.Machines with a sound level in the range of 35-48 dB are considered low noise (narrow dishwasher "Bosch" (45 cm, built-in, passport - 48 dB). Units with a noise level of 49-55 dB can be called sredneshumnymi. The sound level over 55 is outsidecomfort to the human ear.


Modern machines for washing dishes may be from 4 to 8 operation modes. The standard include the following modes:

1. Daily - assumes a normal wash at temperature of water 50-60˚S.

2. Under the regime of "very dirty" will be produced by an additional wash cycle.

3. Program with soaking will get rid of the old, deeply stubborn dirt.

4. Cost program speaks for itself: for moderately soiled time periodwill be shortened.

addition to the main program, the narrow dishwasher (45 cm, built-in model), as, indeed, and the general may have a number of additional features that enhance the use of a comfortable, but do not affect the principle of the technique.This could include a timer delay, the monitoring function of water hardness, half load (will make it possible to save water and electricity).

Options drying dishes

In modern dishwashers can be used 3 different drying dishes.

1. The method involves condensation drying without air supply from outside.Water condenses on the cold walls of the machine.Uzkogabaritnaya dishwasher "Bosch" (45 cm, built-in model) performs drying in this way.Option energoekonomichen this, but on the dishes might remain divorces.

2. The machine, equipped with a heat exchanger, the hot air enters into the top of the camera, and then settles.We can say that this option is less economical than the above, but the stains on the dishes is not.

3. Forced drying fan made, served hot air.It is the most expensive but also the most high-class drying.

embedding technology

Before you purchase a machine for washing dishes, you should make sure that the chosen model in height and width to fit a niche in which it is embedded.If you first buy equipment, then set the kitchen must be ordered with niches for dishwashers, stiralki and so on. D.

In order to build the dishwasher correctly, it is necessary to solve several important issues - the connection to the water supply, sewerage and electricity.The machine must be level and have small gaps, t. E. Does not abut against the wall of the cabinet.If machinery is equipped with special fasteners, it is necessary to take advantage of them and fix the machine according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

As for the connection to the water supply and sanitation, if the dishwasher is connected where there is already connected or planned stiralka, then you need to get a special and an adjustable double tee.The supply and draining hoses must be tightly connected to the system wiring.For hot or cold water to connect the dishwasher - the choice is the master, but experts recommend to prefer the cold, since the machine last longer.

Almost all modern models of dishwashers implemented the ability to connect to the water with a temperature no higher than 60 S˚.In this case, the opportunity to save on heating of water, as they say, is obvious.However, there is one negative nuance.In this case not be able to maximize carefully wash and dry dishes of thin glass.Moreover, the possibility is excluded dry the dishes via the heat exchanger.

power necessary to allocate a separate outlet with ground and give up adapters and extension cords.


When selecting a model unit, whether the dishwasher 45 cm (embedded) or Full model, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact whether it is possible in the car to change the height of the crockery baskets.This option allows to place the camera in a washing bulky items tableware.The ability to change the angle of the basket, and the availability of reliable retention elements will protect glasses, cups, glass ceiling lamps and chandeliers from (and why not?), Keep them safe.

screw supports allow you to install the machine exactly even with obvious defects and unevenness in the floor.To wash was the most efficient, modern dishwashing machines are supplied with removable nozzles spray water (at least 3).Self-cleaning filter in the machine, which saves water: it is cleaned and reused.

Water hardness: control and regulation

As you know, the softer the water, the longer it will faithfully serve the sophisticated household appliances.The bulk of modern dishwashing machines equipped with an indicator of water hardness and ion exchanger with a special resin, which passes through and thus the water is softened.The properties of the resin should be periodically maintained, adding a touch of refined salt.Super modern units (dishwasher "Bosh" 60 cm, built a model including) are provided with the function of monitoring the residue of salt and a reminder of the need for its replenishment.

washing quality not only depends on the water hardness, but also on the effective rinsing and drying.Rinse uses a special liquid formulation.As a rule, modern dishwasher (recessed, 60 cm or 45) is provided with a built-in indicator that defines and controls the composition of the rinse aid.

Care dishwasher

Potential buyers when choosing a dishwasher should pay attention to the fact whether the technique is adapted for use in specific Russian conditions, t. E. If the unit is equipped with protection against power surges.To the unit operated for a long time, is not enough just to build in the dishwasher, it is necessary to take care of it.Do not attempt to wash articles therein from synthetic materials, wood, tin, brass or copper items.There is also damage to the machine may result in loading her towels, napkins, plastic items.Old tableware, crystal and stainless steel can be damaged in the process of washing.

Before downloading large food residues must be removed with a strong jet of water.It is undesirable to unload the machine immediately after use.Better to wait 10-15 minutes for the dishes to cool slightly.

best to install the unit to provide a specialist who will consider all possible nuances and challenges.

consumer opinion

Undoubtedly, one of the most modern creature comforts - a built in dishwasher.Customer Reviews describe it as an indispensable helper in the kitchen.Unleash enough time to relax, read, talk with the children, do something for yourself important and interesting.Many consumers are very satisfied with the fact that the timer allows you to load and put the car wash at night, so that in the morning to take out a clean and dry the dishes.And in general, can not be 4-5 times a day at the sink, and download at once all contaminated during the day the dishes in the dishwasher and wash it all at once.