Wooden breadbaskets.

Since ancient times, the bread in our country has a special place on the table.How many sayings about him folded, much work invested in it?That is why special attention was paid to the storage of this product.

Breadbasket - then and now

used to great demand the so-called wooden Korobeiko.The people said that if she skillfully made, then it bread for seven days maintains its properties, is fragrant and soft.The tree has a light, porous structure.Due to this, the humidity inside Korobeiko perfectly regulated.Our ancestors made out her beautiful, decorated carvings, painted bright, ornate patterns.Today, we call such Korobeiko - Wooden breadbaskets.

Today there are masters who made their own wooden boxes for storage of bread.Of course, now adepts developed a more convenient structure than existed in the old days.Modern wooden bread bin has a compact form, as calculated on an ordinary family.After all, if before in the family, there were 10-15 people, but today it is mostly 3-4.

There are, of course, of this product and a significant drawback - it is quite difficult to clean.The tree is very easy to absorb moisture and a long drying.Therefore they are related to the issue carefully.When cleaning wooden bread box, do not use too wet sponges and rags and leave to dry in a warm place with the lid open.Otherwise, you risk instead of a nice box to store to get bread just bloated piece of wood.

Can you make it yourself?

produce her own at home can anyone who knows how to use a little carpenter's tool.Below we describe several ways of how it can be done.The general scheme remains the same, changing only the details.However, before choosing one of them, you need to consider - how much you plan to store grain.

Wooden breadbaskets, made with his own hands, will bring you many benefits and joy, if you remember the cardinal rule - the bread will remain soft for much longer, if within it will slowly change the percentage of relative humidity.This depends on the content of the wooden box: the greater the product it is, the slower the change of humidity.But it completely and score also not worth it.And the product pomnetsya and the cover will not close.

If the family little people, will suit the usual small breadbox, but if a lot, it is best to make a bread box consisting of two compartments.They can store different types of bread.

general scheme of manufacturing

First of all, you need a wooden board.It is best to choose a birch, oak and ash or lime.But it is not necessary to use pine, it is saturated with the smell of tar and bread easily absorbs odors.Its thickness should be about ten millimeters.Also stock up on racks, which will be made of a flexible cover, handle and mounting hardware.

The board use for the manufacture of the two side walls, top and bottom strips.On the inside of the sidewalls are made semi-circular grooves.We recommend to apply for this router.For example, it can be used Finger mill, which must be installed on the drill.According grooves will move the cover.

Our Wooden breadbaskets require even and cover.It is made of wooden slats small thickness.Reiki or cord fastened or glued onto the base fabric.

options breadbox

As we have said - the general principle of the manufacture of wooden bread box remains unchanged.What are the details?

For example, the same scheme can be made and a bunk product for a large family.Secondly, the form itself can vary.You can create a round, rectangular, square, shaped wooden bread box.The photo above shows you that the form "Korobeiko" can be any.In many ways it is also possible to attach the door.Optionally, it will be a movable roof is made of thin slats.It can be dense, fasteners attached to the side walls and opens up or down.You can even make a very unusual variant - and the lid of your bread box opens sideways, like a microwave oven door.

inner surface of the product is not covered by anything, but from the outside can open a varnish or linseed oil.Then it all depends on your imagination - many decorated with homemade bread bins carving, painting, etc.


Of course, the modern market offers us a lot of options breadbaskets.They are made of plastic, metal, wood and other materials.It would seem, why suffer and do everything yourself, when all this for a long time stamped in the factories and freely sold in stores?But the thing that made his hands, always gives a special warmth and comfort in the room.

As baskets of bread made of other materials, it would be desirable to note that none of them does not have the qualities that characterized wooden breadbox.Consumer reviews indicate that only timber products keep their natural flavor and softness of the bread.And if you decide to do it yourself, you will be able to withstand the desired style will be sure of the quality of the materials used, and just pofantaziruete.