Achievements Tefal.

Cooking in France is considered high art.French industrial design has a long tradition and is appreciated by professionals and consumers.Together, these factors have led to the appearance of dishes and kitchen equipment of the highest class.

Manufactured under the brand Tefal pan with non-stick coating - a sample of just such a product.

History of the brand Tefal

more than half a century ago, the engineer Marc Gregoire began work on the use of the polymer with a complicated name and unique properties.Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) - durable, chemically inert, heat-resistant plastic.It is said that the emergence of the non-stick coating on the pans cook and homemaker wife owe Gregoire, were asked to find a way to save her from a tedious cleaning pans of burnt food.PTFE non-stick coating has become the basis pans - Teflon, and the first pans with Teflon coating company began to produce Tefal.

company subsequently became part of the larger manufacturers of kitchen appliances, but its name has bee

n preserved, and a pan Tefal has become a symbol of high quality tanks for frying, cooking and extinguishing products.

Teflon: more pluses than minuses

Made in the factories of the company Tefal pan quickly became popular among professional chefs and ordinary housewives.Cooking on her and especially clean it after use is much easier than with traditional steel and iron products.Teflon surface avoids heat processing without a large amount of oil, which improves the quality of dietary food.Therefore, almost every kitchen has a pan Tefal.Responses about it is almost always positive.

problematic for some chefs became mandatory use of wooden or plastic components with stirring blades dishes, such as turning the pancakes.On the protective coating were scratches from steel knives and forks from abrasive sponges and brushes when washing dishes.But the subject just a recommendation Teflon pan does not lose its properties and is not deformed for a long time.

found that when exposed to very high temperatures PTFE can release toxic volatile substances.But it turned out that this is only relevant for the production process, because such temperatures used in the process of applying the non-stick coating.When cooking chemical composition of the polymer is not changed.No traces of harmful substances not already finished coating from Tefal, the pan is safe for the human body.

New technologies, new materials, new design

in laboratories and design offices, work continues on new product samples to facilitate work in the kitchen, to improve the quality of food.Both at home and at restaurants are not only gas and electric stoves, and various combinations thereof.Widely spread hobs and ovens, induction type.Miscellaneous kitchen appliances require the use of pots, pans, wog particular type, design features, from special materials.For example, pan Tefal Talent is designed for plates induction type.

Now on sale you can find products with several types of coatings: Prometal Pro, Titanium, Expert Pro, Intensium et al. Differences in composition and methods of application, they are safe and durable.All this - the result of years of research physicists, chemists, engineers Tefal.Frying may be made of iron, steel, aluminum, ceramics.It may have a two-layer bottom, flat or corrugated surface, removable ergonomic handle, etc.For different types of heat treatment and the type of the finished dish, you can find a frying pan.Pancake - round, with low bumpers and rectangular with longitudinal embossed projections - Grill (baking without butter).For each product, even the most simple in appearance, attached description and instructions for use and care of it.

Red Circle

One of the innovations introduced by experts Tefal, - heating indicator Termo-Spot.

disc with a pattern which has been built into the surface of the pan, changing appearance when heated to the optimum temperature.Usually it's about 180 degrees - perfect conditions for the preparation of a variety of dishes.Meat, fish, vegetables reach preparedness and do not overheat, retaining nutrients.On the optimal temperature regime itself indicates pan Tefal.Reviews of this useful function consistently good, especially the young mistresses.

High technology for comfort in the kitchen

In perestroika times when large domestic producers lost government contracts, mostly military, and had to think of other types of products, has been popular this phrase: "We used to do helicopters, what are we going to- pans to produce? "Of course, the analogy is incorrect, but it speaks volumes.For a long time in our country we practiced disregard for the quality of the goods of daily use.Example Tefal says that in the production of even the most ordinary objects you want to use the most advanced ideas and materials.The only way to earn a high reputation and success.