Blenders "Turmix": price, and reviews.

Company "Turmix" has long been known for their electrical devices and appliances.Under this brand name are produced of high quality kitchen appliances.Not so long ago, "Turmix" became part of the "Keller Group", which is considered one of the largest holding companies in Switzerland.The number of specialists in the company is constantly growing and today it employs more than 25,000 people.

founder of the company "Turmix" assumed Traugot Oertli, who was a great inventor.In 1943, he took up business and laid the foundation for the brand "Turmix".In the early stage of formation of the company, the young entrepreneur engaged in the development of new blenders.Thanks to these efforts, "Turmix" could take its place in the market of kitchen equipment.First of all, Traugott Oertli was aimed at the quality of their products, so in the world they have always been reliable and very comfortable.

first blenders Company "Turmix"

first blender from the company "Turmix", which was invented in 1943 and was named

"TURMIX Original".Subsequently, the blender was designed "TURMIX Combi", which was a huge demand from buyers.However, everything changed when the blender on sale the new generation.Reviews "Smooth makers" got only positive and immediately became a benchmark of quality kitchen appliances.

Why a "Smooth Maker"?

"Smooth Maker" (blender) is capable of much precisely because of its unique design.For example, it can be used to prepare various juices.This can be taken even whole fruits and vegetables and cut them into pieces.In recent years, it is considered a very popular because many people care about their health.With blender "Smooth Maker" you can always be sure of the quality juice because the fruit selected themselves.In this case it is possible to control the further calorie juice.

Good reviews "Smooth Maker" is in Europe, where more and more popularity gaining smoothies.They represent a variety of fruit desserts.Smoothies are great for people who are on a diet, but want to stay healthy.To prepare a delicious appetizing dessert simply select the desired fruit.Desserts such advantage is their versatility, as they can provide even kids.

Blades "Smooth Maker"

feature of this model is revolutionary blender blades.They are produced in a factory entirely of steel, earning good reviews."Smooth Maker" has a strong container that is completely safe.Suffice it to close to close and the blades cope with any vegetables or fruit.Ease blender "Smooth Maker" - is another of its feature.To bring the blade in place, just press a single button.

Preparation of various cocktails in a blender-mixer

"Smooth Maker" (blender-mixer) is perfect for preparation of various cocktails.For the holidays, you can read different recipes and select the appropriate options for alcoholic beverages.Plus, the mixer can just throw ice.Athletes, in turn, can cook egg protein shakes.This vitamin charge allow for quality training.The resulting energy will be enough for the whole day.

Pros mixer-blender "Smooth maker"

mixer-blender "Smooth Maker" has many features that characterize it only on the positive side.First of all, it is a convenient one-button operation.Reviews "Smooth Maker" was good because the blender is easy to clean after use.It can be washed even in cold water.Also, it is quite compact and the kitchen occupy a lot of space will not be.Plus, it has a beautiful design, so you can always keep on the table.Cover the blender is made of silicone, so it is very flexible and will last for many years.The container is extremely durable and securely closed.Additionally installed protection system for the safe incorporation of the blender.The dishes included are different sizes, so you can choose.With suction cups firmly standing mixer or shake during operation.

Blender "Smoothie Maker" ("Smooth Maker"): performance and price

Power supply is provided by a standard network.The total capacity of the blender "Smooth Maker" 175 W at a frequency of 50 Hz voltage.As the base material used for the plastic casing.Feet blender made of silicone.There are red and white colors of the mixer on the market.The height of the "Smooth maker" 27 mm and width 41 mm.Overall weight is 1.7 kg.Standard equipment includes a device directly to a mixer and two containers.Large capacity holds 30 ml.Further there is a cover for the container and the blade.

cost "Smooth Maker" is about 2,000 rubles.In general we can say that this is a small price for such a versatile blender mixer, which is able to make juices, cocktails, a variety of desserts and much more.In any case, the choice is up to the buyers.