Scaler "Minute": reviews and photos

In recent years, many have revised their attitude to food.First of all, people began to pay more attention to product quality, try to eat a balanced, varied.That power is the key to a healthy, active lifestyle, attractiveness and longevity.No pill will not help as help food.An important role in keeping the body in proper order given to the fish.

universal dietary product

By nutritious and taste the fish is on a par with the meat, but for ease of assimilation in many ways it is superior to that is an indisputable advantage of this product.The fish contains 13 to 23% protein, more fats, which is particularly high value, since they are easily digested and enriched with vitamins A and D.

most important indicator of nutritional value of fish is the presence of fat and protein substances.Typically, the amount of fat in the fish meat depends on its taste and cooking quality.Sturgeon, salmon, eel, lamprey found the most delicious fish, and they are the most high-calorie.However, a lower fat content did

not detract from the value of the fish.Benign and easy digestion of fish meat make it an indispensable product for the nutritional status of children and people requiring diet.

What fish to choose

fish on the shelves in our shops can be seen in several forms:

  • fresh,
  • cooled,
  • frozen.

Fresh fish - the most preferred product, but do not despair if you live in areas it does not sell.Fresh fish enters the refrigerated stores, usually in ice.Refrigerated product is called, for which protection from damage has been subjected to cold temperatures, and it approaches the pour point, freezing juices but it has not yet occurred.Anglers try to make the cooling of fish immediately after the catch, thus preserving the freshness and usefulness of the product.

Frozen fish - the most common items to us at the store.It is preferable to store in refrigerator or freezer -8 to -18 ° C.Frozen fish solid like ice, t. K. All the liquid therein is frozen.But despite that, this fish is not inferior to the cooled or steam room for taste and nutritional qualities, if we make it right defrosting.

From scraper to electrical apparatus

before the fish gets to our table, its pre-cleaned of scales.For centuries, people used to do with a sharp object, like a squeegee.Initially, this was made scaler with their hands from sharp rocks.Metamorphosis with a scraper in the following order:

  • scraper,
  • knife,
  • a mechanical device for cleaning fish,
  • electric machine for cutting away the scales.

Once people learned to produce iron, knife occupied a leading position not only in hunting, but also in everyday life.

process of purification of fish scales was quite simple: Move the knife between the layer of skin and scales in the direction from tail to head, removing the plate.The main problem was - as best as possible to clean the fish, being careful not to cut the skin.I must say that a knife for cutting away the scales remained in our kitchens for a long time until the special scaler hand.

They represented an object consisting of a handle with one hand and scraping blades - on the other.Around the scraping blades were made wall that collects scales.However, this does not prevent the modernization of scattering it in different directions.

unique device for cleaning fish

To facilitate cleaning fish Russian inventors have invented and released to the market a completely unique, simple but very comfortable thing, which was named "scaler electric" Minute. "It is a minute you will need to removewith fish all the scales. Below is a scaler "Minute". Picture shows that the instrument is made in two colors.

The advantage of this device

scaler electric "Minute" different qualities such as:

  • security,
  • compact,
  • easy maintenance,
  • mobility,
  • reliability.

model is made of impact-resistant plastic. The rubber grip makes the device more convenient to use as topcoat prevents it slipping and falling from the hands.Also, tires are a protective function - protects against damage to the internal mechanism.

battery scaler "Minute" uses lithium batteries - a kind of electric battery, which is widely used in complex technical devices, such as cell phones, smartphones.To maintain the unit in good condition it is integrated battery charge controller.It is this mechanism protects the battery from over-voltage charge, without letting it overheat.

professional scaler includes:

  • nozzles for cleaning,
  • guard,
  • battery,
  • handle with built-in mechanism.

versatility of use scaler

electrical appliances, you can use both at home and on the road.When fully charged, the device can operate for two hours.This is enough to clean the fish for cooking a full dinner for a large and happy family.Even if you run out of battery, you can use to recharge the battery of the car cigarette lighter.In addition, the amateurs of fishing scaler "Minute" is only positive reviews, as enables not particularly clean operation to perform on the nature and bring home a ready-to-cook products.Agree, for the wife of a fisherman - it is a miracle!Brought catch will only be washed and put into the pan.While her husband was unpacking, the wife will have time to apply to the table naisvezhayshaya product.The result is harmony and understanding in the family.

Characteristics scaler

instrument, despite the seemingly large size allows to deal with both a large and a small fish.

Its length - 27 cm, width - 8 only weighs 690 grams electric scaler.User reviews note that the ergonomic handle fits in the palm of nice, it does not cause inconvenience, easily held in the hand.Moreover, the temperature range at which the apparatus can operate is rather wide: from -10 ° C to + 50 ° C.In the Far East and the Far North in the winter on the street with a scaler does not work on, but most of the open spaces of our country should be fine to use an electrical device outdoors all year round.Another advantage of the scaler "Minute" is its ability to operate under water, t. E. There is no fear that the device immediately fails if accidentally gets wet.

Elektrochistka in

see how consistently carry out work with this unit.Scaler professional compact fit in case that allows you to keep the device clean.

For better amortization of a set is laid in a protective layer penoplastny.Before you start, you need to get the device out of the suitcase.Further, since the scaler with the container, don and fasten casing which prevents scattering scales indoors.Insert the device into the wall outlet, if the work is done at home.Push the button and the device are putting the fish.Quiet start to move from tail to head.Scales can be easily removed and fits compactly within the enclosure.If a lot of fish and a casing filled, stop using the appliance, remove the cover, release him from accumulated scale and again set up on the device.When finished, disconnect the power cord, remove the protective container, rinse with water it, the cutter, dry and clean in the case.It is advisable not to leave appliances on the water, it is - a guarantee of long-term trouble-free operation.In no case can not operate the appliance if you are not wearing a hood.Be careful not to let him into the hands of children as an electrical device provided with a sharp cutter, and if the cover is removed, it may happen trouble.

Easy operation

If you are in the hands of an electric scaler, reviews say that you are lucky enough to own a device that turns cleaning the fish from the tedious job a pleasure.

will not need to collect the scales throughout the apartment, the time spent on active work is much less.

Housewives admiringly noted that with the advent of electricity in the house varieties more often began to prepare fish dishes.Even the hand scaler can not boast such ease of use.

Men argue that there is no better gift to friends, fishermen than scaler "Minute".Guest experts also recommend that all follow the simple safety rules:

  • not recommended to turn on / off the device to the mains with wet hands;
  • not be left unattended machine is turned on;
  • forbidden to turn the device exploded in the network;
  • best to avoid falling scaler and hit her heavy objects.

There are a number of reasons, arising from the operation of the device, which the owners are themselves able to identify and eliminate.When a faulty plug or cable can independently carry out their replacement, if you are a connoisseur of such works.Or if you prefer to repair made by experts, take the device to a workshop.The manufacturer has established the warranty period for one year.

Universal Gift

scaler "Minute" Reviewed by causes only positive.

good housewife device will instantly clear from the scales of fish and not to damage the tender meat.When the stay clean table, walls, sink, there is no need to spend additional time in order to bring the kitchen space.In addition, due to its compactness, scaler does not occupy much space may be at hand.There's another positive thing: the unit runs quietly, not annoying at all.This is - a wonderful find for housewives.

fishermen and tourists without such a device does not do.The device is powered by the cigarette lighter in the car 12 it has a long cord that allows you to clean fish in nature and bring home almost finished product.

practice use of the device indicates that the scaler "Minute" reviews from professional cooks working in cafes or restaurants, is approving.Cooks note that the speed of operation and cleanliness are the spectacular means by which to surprise visitors noodles fish dishes.

Bon appetit

In conclusion, this article would like to suggest a kind of recipe dishes from fish scales.With the help of an electric scaler "Minute" will gather scales pike, carp and crucian carp.Putting it in a gauze bag, add the onion, carrot, celery, bell pepper, bay leaf.We drop the bag into the pot.Pour water so that the entire set of product remained in the water and the top was a couple of centimeters.Cook for three hours.Then we switch off and give it brew broth our next three hours.Next, you need to press the bag and remove the scales.In the pre-prepared tins put boiled fish and pour the broth to receive.This soup does not require gelatin jelly fish get the most delicious.