Juicer "Salute": reviews and specifications

We decided to buy a juicer?Want to find a high-performance device at an attractive cost?But because of the large range of products on the market you can not determine the choice of the desired product?Then do not rush to close this post, as described herein juicer "Salute", customer reviews and specifications that are uniquely you like.

Productive juicer "Salute" - quality and inexpensive

Juicer "Salyut-201" produces juice from hard fruits and vegetables.Its high performance, ease of use, compact size and minimal power consumption, as the user feedback, turn the device into an indispensable helper in the kitchen.

juicer for apples "Salute" is able to process a large number of products in the shortest time.To send the device into the cup fruits or vegetables, they have not been previously purified from the skin, cores and cut into pieces.This juicer is not squeezed fruit pulp, and pinch off her, not missing are available seeds.With its simple and user-friendly design, this device handle even a te


Specifications juicer for apples "Salyut-201"

Juicer "Salute", reviews of which regularly leave the grateful customers, has a compact size - 394/344/423 mm and light weight - 13 kg.Due to such a convenient size, it fits seamlessly into the kitchen space.Besides the presence of the instrument nylon mesh ensures the highest purity of the juice, and the brake function helps if necessary, easy and quick stop of the unit.

Engine juicer spins at 1380 rpm, which helps handling a large number of fruit in the shortest time.When the purity of the liquid obtained from the device, is 94%.Juicer "Salute", customer reviews about which state that it is capable of handling more than 60 kg of product per hour worked continuously with periodic stops to clean the drum.The design of the device is so simple that it can be easily disassembled to manually remove the cake.

Benefits juicer "Salute"

  1. High power.
  2. compact size.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. long life.
  5. before squeezing the fruits do not require treatment.
  6. ability to handle a large number of products.
  7. Available in nylon mesh device and the brake function.

Where to buy a juicer "Salyut-201"?

We decided to buy a high-performance device?You made the right choice, because the juicer "Salute", reviews of which will satisfy even the most sophisticated consumer, has excellent technical characteristics and relatively low cost.In addition, this device provides a large number of high-quality juice in a minimum time.

Buy a juicer "Salute" as possible in specialty stores and on the internet site.By purchasing goods on the official website, every potential customer will be able to save considerably, since it regularly offer special promotions and discounts.If desired, the buyer qualified specialists provide free consultations.

When buying a juicer "Salyut-201" consumer warranty of the device for a period of 1 year.That is why, if during this period the unit fails, it is unlikely that the seller of the unit, free of charge repair, if necessary, replace the unit.So neither tighten and get this perfect juicer at an attractive cost.