Kitchen apron made of MDF: price, installation, reviews.

space above the kitchen countertop should be effectively faced with in order to complement the design of the room.In this article we will talk about kitchen apron made of MDF and learn about the qualities of this material.

Choosing the apron, we study the advantages and disadvantages of various materials, start from their characteristics and features, appreciate the visual data, in addition, to combine them with the style of the room.This list may be plastic panels, ceramic tiles, artificial stone, glass, but now it goes only about the MDF.

Product Description

Before starting the discussion of features and advantages that kitchen apron from MDF panels, it is useful to understand more with this material.

for its production basis is shredded wood chips.This starting material is subjected to pressing at high temperature and high pressure.

Why MDF called natural material?Use of dry wood dust do not guarantee more naturalness obtained plate.This is explained by the fact that its production does not

use glue or synthetic resins and lignin - a natural substance, which is a natural compound polymer, one can say with wood glue.

In general, MDF - is familiar to all of us chipboard, created using the latest technology and has acquired environmental cleanliness.

This material advantage is quite significant.Among them:

  • constant geometry (it is hard to break, due to high bond strength of fibers);
  • excellent resistance to water and moisture (according to its material lignin, wood resin);
  • the variety of formats ready plates, allowing to create a kitchen apron and MDF (thickness plates - 4-22 mm, and this makes it possible to use them in a wide range of construction).

With its operational stability and durability of the plate well to treatment.Consequently, there are excellent opportunities for fantasy, if you want to make of it something more complicated than a simple rectangular MDF kitchen apron.Dimensions of the plate can be adjusted to suit your individual needs.

Properties apron MDF

There is no perfect materials, what we see every time plotting newly renovated room, especially if it will happen in the kitchen.At this point, you need to pay attention to the huge number of specific requirements, and they will help arrange the necessary accents.


not to say that kitchen apron made of MDF, whose price starts from 1500 rubles per square meter, is the most popular, although it is one of the leading contenders for places finishes working kitchen surfaces.Thus, the advantages that this material:

  • need to understand, going to install kitchen apron made of MDF - assembling it from you does not require professional tools and special skills;
  • MDF - it is available at a cost of material;
  • Covers made to any, including not initially prepared surface;
  • under the apron is always possible to lay communication, in addition to sew up the wall insulation and soundproofing;
  • kitchen apron made of MDF can be corrected very quickly, dismantle and replace it with some parts of the presence of defects or damage.


MDF Comparing with other finishing materials intended for food, unfortunately, you can find some disadvantages:

  • MDF kitchen apron could quickly be spoiled by the influence of the environment of the kitchen space.Splashes of fat and water, flavors and moist evaporating very quickly eats into the material, leaving a trace;
  • toxic material during combustion and fire hazard;
  • such panels insufficiently strong therefore may deviate from a wall or bend even without physical effort only on time, humidity and temperature.

Kitchen apron made of MDF: installation

Despite the fact that the shape of the skirt is generally rectangular, either manually or with a simple jigsaw, you can make it, and complex configuration.But after his cuts will be necessary to fix it properly, but how to do it?Here is a simple guide:

  1. Mark out and cut a kitchen apron, or MDF panels from a single sheet.It will be superfluous to sketch the surface to reduce the number of scraps to a minimum limit (it can often be cut at the workshop or at the store).
  2. Buy the mounting bracket and fastening material for MDF.It should be borne in mind that the strap must be twice the length of the entire working space.This fixture comes or complete, or purchased at the rate of a couple of pieces of one meter panel.Again helps sketch, which will depicts a wooden frame, designed for mounting plate MDF.Here we buy special kitchen plinth and rail for decoration.
  3. Installation begins with preliminary training wall at its problems: sticking nails or rods, lumps wallpaper and other things that can become a breeding ground for microorganisms and moisture.It will be important antiseptic mounting rails and walls.
  4. marking rail positioning and padding frame from hanging lockers and working surface back down to 15 cm, the distance between the frame rails of up to 45 centimeters.Horizontal marking is checked by level.
  5. Reiki cut the required length and attach to the wall plugs so that has passed through the anchor rail, moreover, he entered into a wall full-thickness rails, preferably 5 centimeters.Then he screws with special decorating plates (they are chosen in a contrasting color or the color of the panel) fasten itself apron.In addition, it is possible to kleymery fasteners or "liquid nails".
  6. Fixing whole apron will require an assistant, and even better than two, but if it is made up of panels, the basically they cut the grooves for mounting.Then you can do yourself, starting from any one region.In this case, a groove inserted in a groove of a tile tile Keyhole method then attached the chosen method.

Interesting fact

The choice, purchase of material, as well as the layout goes a day, with installation - just two hours, even if you have no such experience.

Decorative finishing

After the apron will be installed, the work will seem incomplete.Actually, this is indeed the case, as the panels are installed on the wall, but their edges and end parts still look unattractive.In addition, there were cracks in the joints of panels and furniture, and it is not particularly pretty.But you can spend a little more time and cause MDF kitchen apron with his hands to the normal view.

For this you need to take the rail MDF for their extreme wear of the material, after brushing their "liquid nails" or glue.The cracks between the working surfaces, lockers and apron should be repaired skirting - it can be easily attached to the "liquid nails".So the work is done, you can now enjoy the result.

kitchen apron MDF is easy to choose and install on their own, so if you made this decision, you can safely proceed to the process.

Secrets designers

kitchen design also can be supplemented by focusing directly on the apron or other elements:

  • the focus is desirable on something specific, with all the other parts have to maintain the style of the interior.If the focus is on furniture, it is desirable to make an apron neutral, understated, and vice versa;
  • apply the bright, saturated colors, but many are not poisonous and not to make the design "parrot."It is necessary to emphasize the mood and look, but not diverse and do not overload;
  • contrasting style perfectly emphasize the beauty of each element of the kitchen.It is not necessary to pay attention to absolutely everything one apron, especially if you are doing a kitchen design style "ethnic", "Provence" or "classic".

Kitchen apron made of MDF: reviews

Since apron made of MDF in recent years has become very popular to install at home, you can find a lot of opinions about it.People leave positive feedback on the low cost of the material, its ecological, hypoallergenic, capable of self-sufficient and rapid installation.Among the negative characteristics - poor resistance to moisture, the possibility of MDF absorb odors and fire hazards of the material.