Rating grinders for reliability and quality

cook delicious homemade food is not always possible if you do not have a meat grinder.This device requires every good hostess.Quality Grinder is able to grind the meat, breadcrumbs, crushed nuts, but with the help of special nozzles can be lard sausages, do figure biscuits, chop vegetables and squeeze the juice.To help the novice mistresses offer ranking of the best grinders significantly facilitate selection.

Properties grinder

Select grinder is not too difficult, it is enough to evaluate its basic characteristics.

Explore the full list of the properties of the device can be on the manufacturer's website.If the brand has an official page in Russian with the list of service centers and detailed description of the product, the manufacturer can safely trust.It remains to choose the function you need.This rating will help grinders that estimate at least 10 parameters:

  1. Rated power.
  2. Performance.
  3. number of high-speed modes.
  4. Configuration.
  5. material cutting part.
  6. form of knives.
  7. Instrument weight.
  8. stability.
  9. Additional functions (avtosmatyvanie cord, a container for tips).
  10. height unit (affects the choice of dishes).

Rated power grinder

more powerful device, the more power consumption.

In the description of a good grinder, this parameter should look like this: 350-1500 watts.The first number - the nominal power, the second - the maximum.The standard operation of the device is ensured by the first parameter, which ranges from 150 to 1150 watts.Rated power - this is what you should pay attention in the first place.The device with a low initial value will slow you down, even if the maximum capacity is high.The optimum number of 800-850 watts.Do not rush to buy the device, tops the list of meat grinders, its cost will be higher.It is possible that you will not need such a powerful instrument.

Maximum power

It defines the usability of a meat grinder, and its purpose.Running at the maximum output is performed only in emergency cases, such as when a jam solid cores or pieces.Working with a meat grinder in this mode continuously is not recommended, as it can lead to burn out the motor.Most of the final output will not remove small veins and cut the meat into small pieces.Thus we save time.In principle, the maximum power is not so important.So how to cook homemade food from the sinewy meat is not all.

less powerful device suitable for baby food.After all, only used in the preparation of the tender varieties of poultry, rabbit and tenderloin.

Unfortunately, the power does not determine the ranking of the reliability of meat grinders.With regard to this parameter, you can say only one thing: to buy meat grinder is a measure of at least 500 watts.Most devices have a certain power range, can work at several speeds, the grinding products of varying hardness.Have the regulator will save you time and electricity.Mechanical gear selector in the kitchen is often preferable to electronic or touch because of its reliability.


This parameter depends on the capacity.The minimum capacity - 0.5 kg / min, the optimum value of - 0.8 to 1 kg / min.Tysyachevattnaya chopper capable scroll to 1.3 kg minced meat per minute.Performance is influenced by several factors, and therefore the less powerful devices it can be quite high.Note that this figure can give similar device when using non-rigid meat.

Nozzles for meat grinders

addition to the standard attachment in which you can change the wheels, setting a different diameter hole grinder can be equipped with:

  • Nozzle-grater.
  • Shredder.
  • nozzle for puree and tomato paste (in the presence of the press turns into a full-fledged juicer).
  • sausage.
  • For kebbe (special sausages - hollow).
  • to cutting cookies.

may be other heads, each of which is represented in several variations.

most useful to have on hand juicer and a few shredders of various sizes, as well as a fine grater.

To prepare the stuffing, only one nozzle and a pair of discs with standard and Bole small aperture size.The kit can also include molds for stuffing.With their help you build the same neat patties that fry evenly, completely.


Housing material effect on the weight of the product, so the plastic grinder is not only cheaper, but also more convenient.

tray load has to last for as long as possible, so it is better if it is made of durable plastic or metal.Plastic colored vegetable juice, if you use a juicer or a shredder.Recently tray loading are increasingly made of stainless steel.But most importantly - a material for knives and discs.Quality stuffing can be made using rubberized knives excluding slippage.Self-sharpening blades save you from having to replace them.

Additional features

Mincer many housewives working in the kitchen almost every day, so it's important to protect it from damage.Working unit ranges from 5 to 30 minutes.Overheating can occur not only because of this, but also in contact with the bone under the knife, when surges.Function overload protection is provided by circuit breaker or a special heating elements.Another useful feature - reverse that makes it easy to remove jammed pieces.At sufficiently powerful models of the need for it is not because they are able to grind even the tough meat.In any case, the presence of reverse improve the performance and safety of your device.

tray tips will come in handy if you always use a meat grinder, and it takes place on the table.In the case of a short application nozzle, are typically stored in a box, and merely increases the size of the tray device.This will be more convenient chopper with special function winder cord.He did not have to pack, you can save time and place.Choosing a meat grinder, consider the height of the dishes under the stuffing.This distance is different models may be in the range of 5-15 centimeters.

best electric grinder.Rating basic parameters

Most often, when a device is selected, we draw attention to its technical parameters.It increases the price depending on the number of additional functions.

tops the ranking power grinders Moulinex HV9 ME740.Its 1000 W easy to cope with any challenge.The maximum capacity of the device - 2300 watts.Includes 3 disc for minced meat and 4 additional attachments.The device is equipped with a metal tray for feeding and reversing system.Cost grinder is in the range 11500-15500 rubles.

price of more than 6,000 rubles for Kenwood MG-516 seems a little excessive.Nozzle kebbe not so necessary.The device has a plastic housing is made of plastic and the tray source.Mincer low, and not all capacity is suitable for her.Despite this, the product has been in the ranking of the best grinders due to its nice design and compactness.

Cheap grinder

Cheaper meat grinder, for example, Zelmer 986.83 Expressive have less power (650-1500 W).The model is equipped with additional wheels for stuffing, Nozzle-grater and press for juice.Thanks to an acceptable value (5000 rubles), this model has taken a worthy place in our list of "Electric meat grinders: Rating 2014".

One of the cheapest meat grinders - Panasonic MK-MG1300W, the price is about 3,500 rubles, suitable only for the preparation of minced meat soft enough.Its power of 250 watts can hardly cope with ham or shank.Supplied with the unit disc for minced meat.Additional tips there.Despite its modest parameters, the model is perfectly scrolls meat and very easy to use.It is ideal for beginners housewives.It is a pity that this model is not quite worthy of a decent grinder rating.Reviews mistresses of her, mostly positive.

Another inexpensive model boasts a solid bundle.This Philips HR2728.The cost of the device - in the area of ​​4,000 rubles.The device is available to any buyer, and along with it, and delicious homemade delicacies.The device can be rightfully head the rating of meat grinders.Complete with it as a disc for minced meat and nozzles.With it you can easily cook stuffed sausages kebbe, cookies, narezhete vegetables and even crush ice.All this at a very good power of 650 watts.

Many believe that the rating is determined by the reliable grinders on their price.This is not quite true.The disadvantage of using the device can lead to a breach of safety and damage to the device regardless of the price.An example of this - a short cord.Even expensive chopper fell from the table, deprived of guarantees.

In case of failure, it must be disposed of or costly repairs.And here is not important top producers grinders.New ideas constantly appear on the market.There are brands.But in the pursuit of novelty can lose sight of the important points.

best chopper: opinion housewives

in the creation of equipment for the home are often involved, and the users themselves.Therefore, "Rostest" conducted a study based on the reviews themselves mistresses.Here grinders rating for quality and convenience.

addition to technical specifications, users interested in:

  1. Noise (powerful instruments louder).
  2. meat residue in the pan after use - this option says about efficiency of the device.
  3. vibration.
  4. speed filling oil cake in the production of juice.
  5. ease of assembly and disassembly.
  6. easy loading of products.
  7. Easy washing.

Based on these parameters, "Rostest" made its own list.It includes not very expensive models with a fairly modest bundle.When choosing a device, this list is not less useful than top producers grinders.According to experts, it is the above-mentioned characteristics determine the satisfaction of the purchase and frequency of use of the device at home.Noisy and often cumbersome chopper years gathering dust in the attic, and the menu is dominated by family semi-finished products.

Electric meat grinders: 2014 rating of "Rostest"

  • Mincer Kenwood 1500W, according to the study "Rostest" earned just one plus, and the length of the cord.Model noisy and unstable.
  • Device Philips 1300W pleased with his mistresses quiet operation, ease and efficiency.
  • device Tefal Le Hachoir 1500 - 16 MR is not lost in the performance leaders.
  • Mincer Moulinex HVS Combi 1400W - a real processor.It is equipped with not only the nozzles for shredding, but the tray for storage.This device can be safely include not only the rating of meat grinders, electric choppers and combines, but also in the list of the most useful devices for the kitchen.
  • Meat Grinder Braun Power Plus G1300, declared as a powerful device performance are not distinguished according to "Rostest."It proved once again that the use of meat grinders rating on quality of work is much more effective than choosing the device specifications.High-profile names are not always justified.

Even if you have studied the rating of meat grinders, electric juicers and other household appliances, carefully inspect items before buying and contact the seller.Talking about usability, you need to consider every detail.You may find new advantages or, conversely, to identify gaps in the process.