Water filters with reverse osmosis: consumer reviews and expert

To date, the main production of reverse osmosis filtration systems established in the United States, Russia and China.The principle of production in all the countries are very similar.The main difference between the manufacturing processes of reverse osmosis filters is in detail.System on the market for their services presented different quality, which affects the value of the goods.

Water filters with reverse osmosis: reviews, principle and basic elements

By type of equipment separately isolated by standard reverse osmosis.The cleaning system consists of five levels.The first is to clean the cartridges.They produce the removal of rust from the water and other impurities impurities.On the second and third stage is completely removed chlorine.Further decomposition of heavy metals.The fourth step is to clean the water track membrane.Externally, it looks like a regular grid, but due to its size it can hold even the smallest elements.All tiny dirt while not remain therein.Through it pass only water and

oxygen, and the mud, passing over the surface, it goes into the sewer system.

Manufacturers produce various kinds of membranes that differ in capacity.On average, these indicators are at a level of from 7 to 15 liters per hour.When buying a filter for the family is quite enough to be 10 liters.For companies need large volumes produced.It should be noted that the membrane plays a key role in the system, and final purification of water depends on it.After completion of all processes is water in the storage tank.The principle of its action is to store water.This creates the optimal pressure within the storage tank.

Finally, the last stage of purification - is the protection of water post-filter, which is responsible for its taste, smell and color.It is made entirely of activated carbon further comprises silver ions.

nice feedback from customers received water filters with reverse osmosis, which are equipped with an additional element - a mineralizer.He is responsible for the balance of trace elements necessary for human health.

filter for productive work in the home just need a good pressure in the plumbing.If it is less than 5 atmospheres, you need to think about the purchase of a pump.Installing the pump greatly increase the pressure in the system and ensure uninterrupted water treatment.Otherwise, it will just go into the drain.

outliner filter

Some filters, reverse osmosis is used outliner.Its operating principle is to form the lattice water.As a result, the human body is able to absorb it faster.The formation of the crystal lattice occurs through infrared radiation and the electromagnetic field.With these two forces, the water molecule is divided into parts and then assembled in the correct order.Scientists around the world have recognized the positive effect of this treatment.As a result of studies in humans we have seen improvements in blood circulation.Metabolism while improving, but the immune system grows stronger.

fight against pathogens

Tap water contains a lot of harmful bacteria and viruses.They are able to greatly undermine a person's immunity.Confront them capable of conventional filters with reverse osmosis.Testimonials on the subject indicate a high level of protection of the human body.With a large number of pathogens capable of handling conventional filters with reverse osmosis.Damage from pathogens can be quite serious.

operating principle of the filters is to use ultraviolet degreasers.Disinfection takes place without the use of chemicals.UV rays can disinfect the water without changing its properties.

Replaceable filter elements

for all elements of the system is a single European standard.This makes it easy to replace parts when they wear filters.However, some manufacturers are engaged in production of replacement parts that are suitable only for certain models.Given this, the buyer when selecting a filter shall ask versatility details.Often, the cost of the filter is significantly understated, while the price of replacement parts on the market high.

Filter Installation Installing

filter reverse osmosis water in the house can be carried out only by specialists.Note that the system has a plurality of compounds.In order to avoid possible leakage need to be confident in the quality of the connection.

Household filters with reverse osmosis

It should be remembered that the system of aqueduct carries a large number of different substances.This primarily chlorine and rust.Through the kitchen faucet, they are in a cup in a human, and then fall into the organism.Household filters with reverse osmosis to date, able to fight with the most harmful substances and bacteria contained in the water.

Food cooked on purified water, always has a pleasant taste.The filters with reverse osmosis largely able to improve the familiar taste of tea or coffee.Purified water is always a positive effect on health, removes toxins from the body and strengthening the immune system.Scientists have noticed improvement in health in the presence of sand in the kidney associated with the use of filtered water.

filters company "Atoll"

company "Atoll" recently won a niche market clearing systems and introduced its water filters with reverse osmosis.Reviews consumers of their products are mixed, but we should not jump to conclusions.Specialized company "Atoll" in the production of filters for water purification.They are perfect for both home and large offices.Purified water can be used for drinking or cooking various foods and beverages.According to experts of the company, reverse osmosis system these days - the most effective.

Filters "Atoll" reverse osmosis produced in the United States and Russia.Mark "E" in the filter model says Russian producers.However, it should be noted that the United States adheres to similar standards and are presented to the system requirements are the same.

new water filters with reverse osmosis: reviews and facts

New filters "Atoll A-560E" able to cope with a variety of harmful substances that are in the water.The peculiarity of the above model is water saturated with oxygen.This fact greatly enhances the palatability of water.The 'Atoll A-560E "has a special membrane, which is involved in the cleanup.It is not used or which elements can change the structure of water.Buyers of this model argue that it is more suitable for a small family, and looks great in the kitchen.

What filters are composed of "Atoll"?

All filters "Atoll" reverse osmosis consist of five main elements.The first is pre-filter.He is responsible for the removal of chlorine from the water and organic matter.The quality of his work depends on the life of the membrane.In order to choose the right model, you need to know the level of water pollution in the water.Based on this data, the filters can be purchased RO water that has a prefilter, or just three.

second component in the system of reverse osmosis - a membrane.The company "Atoll" produces only high quality membranes.It effectively cope with the pollution, which has not managed prefilter.This applies to the smallest elements.The membrane holds everything in its path, in addition to water and oxygen molecules, but this leads to the inevitable damage it.After a long life it is clogged and no longer able to perform its functions.

third element of the "Atoll" - a storage tank.Its volume depends on the model with a reverse osmosis filter.

fourth element of the system - a post-filter.This unit copes with all the odor of water.Often the smell comes from the fact that water has long been in the same capacity and stagnant.In some models, the company "Atoll" further embedded mineralizer.His immediate task is to clean the mineral salts.As a result, the mineralizer promotes more rapid absorption of water by man.

Fifth Element System "Atoll" - a drinking tap.It is installed directly on the sink.Drinking tap is very easy to handle, it does not prevent the use of the old crane with untreated water.

filters company "Aquaphor"

Company "Akfavor" long ago began to produce filters with reverse osmosis.Customer reviews say about the high quality products of this brand.The most interesting model of filters are considered "Aquaphor Morion".It differs from its analogues is fundamentally new tank.The problem with the pressure in the tank is completely absent thanks to the power of water from the tap counter and already cleaned.Case dimensions are small, providing a high level of comfort during use.The entire system is enclosed in a filter housing, which is not distinguished by great versatility, however, it has its advantages.First of all it concerns the simple change of cartridge.The disadvantages include the fact that the filter "Aquaphor" reverse osmosis are of great value, and for them there are no items on the market.

filters company "Geyser"

company "Geyser" recently presented a new water filter with reverse osmosis.Testimonials about this encouraging, because this company today occupies a leading position in the water treatment industry.In Russia the company "Geyser" took one of the first water purification.Since 1986 its scientists have made significant progress in their studies.Among the greatest achievements of the company "Geyser" may be noted the invention of filling the filter, filter cartridges, as well as the unique material "Aragon".

The most popular models are considered to be water filters with reverse osmosis "Geyser Typhoon", "geyser ECO" and "Geyser Aragon".The first of them copes with the cleaning of hot and cold water.Its peculiarity lies in the rapid removal of heavy metals and petroleum products.Cartridge provides clearance over 200,000 liters of water, the filtration rate - more than 20 liters per minute.

Filters "ECO" is also an excellent job with heavy metals, further reducing the hardness of the water.The peculiarity of this model is a useful calcium saturation of water.Filters "Geyser" reverse osmosis series "Aragon" designed with special cartridges, which consist of polymers with the addition of silver.This system is great struggles with salts and other harmful elements.