Kitchen "CALL": reviews.

time when each apartment was the same furniture, are long gone.Now, every landlord wants to express their individuality, not only in the design of the apartment, but also in the selection of furniture.It does not stand aside and kitchen.This is where most of the whole family, as well as possible should reflect her tastes.Ideal selected kitchen furniture create comfort and tranquility in the family.Because there are so many ideas and many people create a perfect kitchen furniture is unlikely anyone will succeed.But provide choices that involve the basic characteristics of the furniture, of course, possible.This kitchen CALL, Belarus, reviews of which are almost always positive.

Introducing the company

Belarusian company CALL - modern furniture factory with two-thousand personnel, sixteen years of experience in the markets of eastern and western countries.This is a company that produces high-quality, secure and protected from forgery furniture.

people visited the official site of the factory, surp

rised the wide range of products.More than two hundred proposals kitchen sets provide queries of potential buyers.Design projects will help create any dream kitchen, both standard customized.Good reviews CALL cuisine - is not only reviews of the models made of wood.Used MDF, plastics, wood veneer, acrylic range do more.And the wood used for the production of more than a hundred species.A variety of materials and decoration make the kitchen CALL popular "party" TV "Housing Problem."Track the latest trends in the design of modern kitchens, the introduction of new elements, decorative, fine accessories, decor, creating a stylish, up to date, designer kitchen - all factory "CALL".Kitchen reviews are positive dynamic since the factory has a modern, fully automated production lines.There are certain types of facades, which are only made machines, from the beginning to paint.Such mechanical processes there is only a very large and old furniture factories.

Manufacturing Technology

Specialists in manufacturing of Belarusian cuisine "CALL" will give every family a choice of an individual, ergonomic and reliable kitchen units.Kitchens European quality at an affordable price - a Belarusian cuisine "CALL".Reviews of the company said that it has a first position in the ranking of manufacturers of kitchen furniture.Continuous development and improvement leads to improved production technology and the introduction of new materials.Employees of the company periodically improve their skills, learn new technologies.For many years the quality of the product is maintained.The main task of the manufacturer is to create aesthetically pleasing design, practical, modern kitchen furniture, accompanied by a high level of service.Leading Italian and German designers, proven suppliers, the largest manufacturers of components to make quality and popular Belarusian cuisine "CALL".Prices, reviews about them talking about the availability of a kitchen for families with different income levels.The cost of kitchen sets have a wide range.Therefore, this furniture is available as an elite houses and small apartment.

Individual order

consumer reviews cuisine "CALL" characterize positive.Designers create the optimum size of the built-in furniture.Refrigerator, table for cutting food, washing located at an optimum distance and space of the room the kitchen has a clear organization.Set design for the kitchen can be customized, taking into account the conditions of the customer.Design kitchen furniture provides the size and shape of the room.It will be in operation for many years due to the use of quality material.Warranty service time a kitchen - two years.The cost of an individual order depends on the place of purchase.

salons Moscow company "CALL"

Working with the firm's shops in Moscow and other cities makes it possible to lower the value of the order.When ordering food inside the person receives advice of the designer, may be ordered free of charge design project, make your own choice of design and colors.The Moscow branch of the company uses high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials.In the production of material of oak, pine, ash, alder and others, in addition, used veneer and MDF.For facades in production it has a high-quality plastic, PVC.Belarusian cuisine "CALL" are made with enamel, water-based, which increases their safety.The supplied components are made of resistant materials of European quality.The manufacturing process takes place on the modern equipment from Italy and Germany.All Belarusian cuisine "CALL", sold in Moscow, certified, therefore have a long-term warranty card.The kitchen can be used for several decades.Wood-based panels for kitchen - resistant material, the production technology and process increase their resistance to two or three times.

If you have problems during the installation or after the kitchen, the experts quickly eliminate them.Such positive publicity leave the kitchen "CALL" reviews.Moscow, like other cities, has the opportunity to enjoy a cozy family dinner at the Belarusian cuisine.Taking into account the wishes of customers, individually ordered dishes can be modern or classic style.The practice of modern techno, country or modern.Exterior facades have a concave or convex shape.The color resolution of kitchen furniture, the way exterior trim have a wide range of possibilities.This condition satisfies even the most demanding customer.Manufacturing of furniture combined.It combines color scheme facade kitchen countertops and panels.The buyer can always be a designer's own kitchen.

types of cuisine "CALL"

Depending on the room, you can choose a corner or a regular headset.It differs from the usual corner kitchen cabinets lack of joints with panels in places of angular connections.Sami corner kitchen can be rectangular or semicircular.Corner kitchen are made of different materials: wood, plastic, MDF.Wooden kitchen corner always bulky and looks good in large rooms.The model can be selected from the catalog.If it is not suitable for this type of space, you can make the personal sketch.

Wooden kitchen (array)

Wooden furniture has always been an indicator of good taste and the same blagosostoyaniya.Eto expensive kitchen with solid, luxurious and impressive views.Made of high quality tree species such as ash, oak, alder.They have a variety of models from strict classical form to a light model country.Bought once a wooden kitchen set will last for many years without changing the appearance and properties.Wood treated with a special coating that does not let the moisture.It has modern decor, a rich palette of colors.My time, but the kitchen from wood does not lose popularity.Exterior kitchen (array) "CALL", reviews of a solid structure, long-term use, unique texture, a variety of fronts, finishing - all this attracted and attracts buyers.

Kitchen sets

MDF MDF - the material is very popular.It is most commonly used in the making of furniture, including a kitchen.It is an economy option for lovers of solid things, but with a shoestring budget.The material is tested and completely safe.External similarity to the wooden product and the lowest price to attract buyers.This material can simulate not only the tree, but also acrylic.The aesthetic design of these kitchens is very attractive.High moisture resistance, durability and resistance to mechanical damage, fading and UV light.The material is not subject to contamination by parasites and fungi, corrosion.

Kitchen from MDF film

very competitive with natural wood material.Appearance is excellent, and the cost is much lower.Not endanger human health.It has excellent resistance especially when striking.Stronger than wood and plastic.No deformation in contact with steam or water.Contact surface with water or chemical elements not deform it.Stable resistance to UV light, causing the surface of the kitchen does not lose color.Complemented design acrylic facade.This kitchen is not afraid of wiping, mechanical damage, moisture permeation.It has good color choice and the choice of materials of different texture.

Kitchen - MDF framework

material, allowing an incredible combination.This kitchen furniture blends in with acrylic, plastic, wood.The material is selected in accordance with stylistic solutions and models cuisine.Such material can be used as a basis for facades or frame for fragile foundations.The kitchen is not afraid of any mechanical stress or shock and is a market leader.It combines in color and form.Combined as the facades and interior components, such as, for example, the frame - filling.The underlying veneer is an environmentally-friendly material.

Kitchen - colored plastic

became popular for short period of existence.Plastic add-ons to different cuisines quickly escalated into a separate type of kitchen furniture.This material is allowed to create a variety of shapes and colors.The advantage of a wide range of colors, ease of maintenance of furniture, resistance to moisture and a pair of safety and environmental friendliness, color retention, even at the bright sunlight, makes a variety of possible patterns plastic kitchen is very popular.They are covered with a special protective layer to scratch for a long time.You can choose a matte or glossy surface, shape, size, color.Due to the strength of the plastic kitchen resistant to mechanical, water, temperature effects.This indispensable kitchen where the whole day in the bright sun.

Acrylic kitchen

This material - for lovers of the unusual.It provides opportunities for designers.The glossy surface similar to glass, it is ideal for facade decoration cuisine.The advantage of this material - in a wide choice of color and shade, creating a visual, specular lighting dark room.Practicality no effect fading and deformation under the influence of moisture, scratch resistance, harmless to humans - are the main characteristics of this material, and accordingly, and cuisine.Acrylic can make a kitchen island to gather friends or corners of a triangle - for a small room.

Kitchen "CALL" reviews (Belarus and abroad)

Manufacture of kitchen furniture company "CALL" was opened in 1996.But over the past ten years the factory holds the first position among the furniture manufacturers.People of different ages and different cities have become buyers of the kitchen "CALL".Feedback from staff and customers generally agree on the facts, such as the quality and cost.It is noted that the products of the factory, "CALL" is characterized positively by both criteria.Noting the large role the kitchen garbage.Only with the right measurements and according to the wishes customer achieved the desired result.It noted the real price to quality ratio.Reviews of the quality of the goods noted that the acquisition of the plastic dishes give excellence in cleaning and maintenance.They can be washed, even when heavily soiled solvent.Plastic Curved facades only does Factory "CALL".

People choose their own version of the kitchen, "CALL" (Voronezh), reviews the grateful.They note the professionalism of consultants, attention and assistance in the selection.Smart tips to help make the order and purchase precisely the kitchen, which is necessary.Buyers from Moscow and other cities evoke positive reviews cuisine "CALL".They were called "magnificent", noting not only the appearance, but also practical.All the details give the kitchen the kind that is needed.Celebrating functionality and high quality.

secret of popularity

Consumer reviews cuisine "CALL" is characterized as an excellent product.Their popularity in the country and abroad is growing.The secret of popularity - in an excellent combination of quality, style and price, long warranty, abundance of materials for manufacturing, order fulfillment speed for Belarusian cuisine "CALL".Reviews indicate the presence of a large number of standard furniture in catalogs.If you need a particular order, it will be executed in a very short time.On average, for the manufacture of kitchen work is delayed for 15-25 days.Masters work quickly, but the timing depends on the complexity of the kitchen.All products are certified by the purchaser is submitted with the license for furniture work.Custom made kitchen "CALL" - a quick and beautiful solution to the problem of cooking and quality assurance is ideally suited to your apartment furniture.With it you will always be comfortable and easy as to work and relax.