For some formula calculates the width of the apron in the kitchen

Kitchen - the most visited place in the apartment building.Here we cook and eat, in fact, eat.For this reason, the kitchen gets dirty.One of the finest solutions in terms of fast prompting of cleanliness in the kitchen is the apron.Kitchen apron called wall area, which is laid tile, tile, glass - all that you can quickly clean up pollution.Before you start you need to decide for yourself what you need kitchen apron.What kind of function it will perform in your kitchen?

functionality in the kitchen apron

consider the main functions performed by this important element of the interior.Firstly, this is a decorative function.It is essential that kitchen apron decorated and perfectly poured into the interior of the kitchen, set off and emphasized the beauty of the kitchen units, or, on the contrary, attracted all the attention to itself and its stunning brilliance and beauty of your guests.Secondly, practicality.The apron should protect the wall between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets, as well as a s

ink and a stove from getting fat and water droplets, while he should be easy to wash.Third, the material from which the apron is made, should have resistance to detergents and mechanical influences, i.e. to the friction during harvesting.

Preferably, kitchen apron corresponded to these three requirements.To get the maximum benefit from it for the interior of the kitchen, it is important to position it correctly.Often people wonder about whether you can do without a kitchen apron.Maybe your kitchen is finished with tiles or wall panels installed it, then the apron rests solely decorative function and setting it depends only on your own preferences.

Suppose you were finally convinced of the need for installation of the kitchen apron in your kitchen.Then the only thing to do, you need to select the material of which will be made of your new piece of furniture, as well as find out under what formula is calculated width apron.

all brilliant - just

The simplest and least costly solution - wall panels.Many furniture manufacturers offer buyers a choice of wall panels of the same color as the tabletop.You can buy them together with his kitchen set.These panels are nothing more than sheets of laminated chipboard, and they are only slightly thinner than the worktop.This wall panel can easily install yourself, or it will set your kitchen garbage.It has standard dimensions.In this case, the width of the apron is calculated as "standard."Despite the ease of installation of such apron looks great and unpretentious in use.Its color is usually chosen according to the color of countertops.This kitchen set looks harmonious, perfectly matched, and, of course, does not remain without attention of your guests.To butt countertops and wall panel does not leak moisture, dust and debris, which attracts domestic insects, it closed the special seating area.This area can be absolutely any color.


Today, the most prevalent apron of tile.A wide range of tiles manufacturers, a variety of textures and a huge palette of colors allows you to make your kitchen apron individual and unique.The only problem that arises in the case of tile in the kitchen - this is what you need to put the apron installation of kitchen units.In this case, you should know, for some formula calculates its width.The standard width of the apron in the kitchen is 600 mm.It is better if the edges are adjacent to the boundary of kitchen cabinets, but often it is practically difficult to achieve.Therefore it is necessary to lay tiles with a stock that closed several cases the edge of the tile.

By what formula is calculated width apron

In the case of standard sizes of kitchen units tiles on the wall is laid at a height of 850 mm.In the place where will be located extractor, tiles must climb to the top of hanging cabinets, the height of the apron in this place eventually may reach 120-150 cm in height, depending on the wall cabinets.The width of the skirt in the kitchen at this point depends on the width of the selected drawing, plus 5 cm on each side.Thus, when the width of the hood 50 cm length of the apron is 60 cm, while the width of the hood 60 cm, respectively - 70 cm. When installing the washing machine in the kitchen apron should begin somewhat lower than usual, i.e. approximately at the height of 83 cm fromsex, and its width in this case is 62 cm.

Now that we know, for some formula calculates the width of the apron, you can easily count the number of tiles required for it.Making a choice tiles, it is necessary to take into account that the textured tile more complex care.Tile size also affects her choice.Larger tiles fit faster and easier, laying tiles of 10 x 10 cm will cost more.Choice of color is up to you, just your color preferences will play a role here.You can choose the tiles to match the countertop, and can conversely, to play on the contrast.It all depends on you.

other embodiments, kitchen aprons

interesting solution is laying photo tiles, here as a picture can be any large-format photography or repeated image.In this embodiment, the width of the kitchen apron is fitted with the account picture.
gaining popularity is another kind of tile - SLR, it is true, will require considerable efforts from the hostess to clean.

No less interesting solution may be an apron of glass tiles or mosaics.Moreover, designers propose different embodiments of the apron of glass or laminated glass.

Choice apron made

Once you've looked at a lot of variants of kitchen aprons and learned of a formula calculates the width of the apron, you can safely get to work.The result depends on your desires and abilities.Perhaps with ceramic tiles will be hard to handle, much less equip your kitchen apron of glass photo tiles, mosaics, but there is always the alternative, which is subject to, even you.Ceramics or glass can be replaced by plastic.Installation of kitchen apron of plastic requires less professionalism.At the worst, you can always invite the master, who will perform work on the installation of the apron at the professional level.