Mincer with metal gears: tips on choosing, diversity, particularly

Before you buy this technique, as the chopper, you need to decide for which problem you need it.

If you are going to process different raw meat, you'll like the usual, traditional grinder with metal gears.

To produce minced different density of all kinds of ingredients (meat, fish, poultry, seafood), the best option would be a more complex machine.And a real miner, with many available operations may be chopper, has an additional set of special nozzles.

Such a thing could be analogous to the juicer or the mill, it is possible to process not only meat, and tomatoes, for example.The desire to reduce costs the family budget, and is not unusual, as the lack of space in the kitchen, often the reasons for choosing this option.The effective combined unit with a set of features takes less space than, say, three instruments, working individually.

But still the main criterion for choosing a quality grinder mechanism.

choice between plastic and metal

question of how reliable are the details of the purch

ased meat grinder, how long they will serve, is one of the most important.We need to evaluate everything - from housing and to components, for which there is the workload.In principle, there is nothing wrong if the housing is made of plastic grinder, its strength is not particularly affected.Chopped firewood obviously do not have a meat grinder, and the normal use of plastic body suit, of course, if the instrument is not of Chinese consumer goods.But this grinder will be easier.Plastic trays and make meat grinders, but here it is better just parts of metal.Plastic trays worse washed in dishwashers and susceptible to mechanical damage.

Note necessarily from metal to be met working parts located inside the device.All - a knife, screw, wheel - must be made of stainless steel, and high quality.No wonder the material from which made the kitchen accessories, more than any other effect on consumer choice.Meat grinders with metal gear will last a long time, will not oxidize, rust or even to react, interact with products.We offer you more to pay attention to each component of a meat grinder, it is useful in the selection.

best option - grinder with metal gears

screw is connected to the motor by means of special drive gear, which are located inside the grinder.They are made of metal or plastic.It should be stated here that the plastic more popular because of it most of the manufacturers of these products are manufactured these parts.If there is a large penetration of the bone ("overload"), the blades of the pinion simply destroyed mechanical connection is broken, which eliminates overheating of the motor.However, not every grinder has a complete spare parts are sold separately in specialized shops.

If the gear is metal, it prevents overheating and damage to the special chopper that works automatically.It looks like two metal plates, which opens the circuit in case of overheating.Let's look at some grinders metal gears.It: Kenwood MG-510, Panasonic MK-G-1300-PWTQ, Panasonic-MK-G1800PWTQ (especially powerful).

Some data on power grinders

power electric meat grinder is another factor, which should pay attention when choosing a product.The highest possible power - 1400 watts.The device with such indicators able to grind for two kilograms of meat per minute, and the recycling and veins and cartilage.Data Electromeat often equipped with food establishments.Machinery, power ranging from 800 to 1200 W can be ground in a two-minute period of about half a kilo of meat.Most low-power grinder have a capacity of 450 watts.However, they perform their function well, a minute grinding somewhere kilogram of meat.

best choice - a grinder with iron gears without the "bells and whistles", the usual model.It is best to take the device having the reverse option.If you get stuck in the screw core, and so on. N., It will rescue you.By means of this function is released grinder - the mechanism rotates in the opposite direction, the blockage is pushed.The most comfortable on the perimeter grinder knurled nuts have deep grooves.Prefer models with a wide metal tray for feeding the meat.

How to evaluate grid grinders

In addition, it is better to purchase electric grinder with metal gears, you must also pay attention to the net, which passes through the meat - this is quite an important detail.Typically, the device includes a set of three types of grids with different cell diameters.

Gentle minced uniform consistency can be made using small mesh.Average calculated on the preparation of minced meat cutlet and large need to grind the meat high rigidity.First, it is passed through a large net, and then milled on average, thanks to this high-quality ground beef turns out not very high-quality meat.

draw attention to the knives, meat grinders

So the knives in such a device as a grinder, of course, very important.Their material - this is what we must first pay attention to.Best of all, that there was a grinder with metal gears and knives made of stainless steel.On this basis knives - quality - Electric mechanisms can be divided into two categories: regular and deluxe-class.The second category of models has knives that can be sharpened themselves, it happens when the unit is running.Better to choose appliances with no stamped blades (Vitek VT-1670), and the self-sharpening knives (Panasonic MK-G-38-PR, Moulinex DKA-241).

nozzles, which are additionally provided with grinder

There are a number of nozzles, which is now additionally provided with kits grinders.Each of them has its own function, for example, with the nozzle "kebbe" prepared meat rolls.Through experiments with stuffing sausages obtained, you will be able to cook a variety of dishes.Model Moulinex DRB-41 is equipped with a complete set of nozzles for stuffing, sausages, three grater and press, designed for citrus.

Patriotic grinder with metal gear "Rotor" has a nozzle-juicer, which can be used to process a variety of berries.It should be noted that many of the tips are on sale separately.Zelmer Schreder nozzle produces Turk, for example.

noise grinder

Another parameter, which we consider to be the noise level during operation.Let us remember once, even the most upscale grinder can not be silent, they only make noise less.By the way, the magnitude of the noise effect depends on how powerful engine - the power is greater, the louder the noise.If the treatment is very difficult, the chopper may "scream" uneven hum, vibrate.On average, the effects of noise limit is 70 dB grinders, sanitary norm - 80 dB.

Subtleties choice grinder shops

deciding exactly what you want a meat grinder, what nozzles and grilles it should be completed, you can proceed to the selection in retail outlets.There is already a need to pay attention directly on the quality of the grinder, the fact how well the gears.As we have mentioned above, the grinder with metal gears are considered to be the best choice.

Compact grinder - an important factor.Check how well decorated keeping different accessories, whether there is a box / compartment for them, the cord (by the way, it should not be short).Meat grinders are pretty heavy instrument.Check how your chosen product is stable.An important point: the need to ensure easy placement of the outlet height - the higher, the easier will be to use.However, it is not so important feature if all other indicators are you satisfied with the price, and you fit the mincer.

Be sure before you buy, check the device for its performance, it is, of course, should be working.Noise grinder should not frighten you, this is how they are and function.And the very idea of ​​buying such a device because of the noise it is not necessary to give up, because it is usually turned on for a minute or two.

Such devices as grinder with metal gears, having an average functionality, the average cost about $ 100-150.There are a number of popular manufacturers, such as Moulinex, Tefal, Vitek, Braun, Binatone, Delonghi, Bork, Philips, Scarlett, Kenwood, Panasonic and many others.

Electromeat domestic production

is necessary to pay attention to the grinder of domestic production.Their main advantage - a relatively small price, but they are not very diverse in their appearance, and their technical characteristics they are not the highest.Among them are quite well-known model, "Assistant-23" (cost about 1329 rubles.) And "Gamma 7-01-2" (1900 rub.).The first has a nominal power of 220 W, maximum - 400 watts.The second is particularly reliable, gear steel, high-quality knife.It costs 45 rubles in every hardware store, and it has a standard mounting section in this regard, such blades are interchangeable with a knife virtually every mechanical grinder of domestic production.

course, Grinder is a reliable and functional assistant in the kitchen.However, it is the possibility of damage is not insured.So do not dismiss a mechanical product that certainly has been more than a year is one of the cabinets in your kitchen.Mechanical grinder with metal gear - reliable and durable because it more than 150 years old, and she will always be able at the right time to replace the electrical appliance.