Ware "Rondell": reviews.

modern market today offers a huge selection of kitchen utensils.Pots, buckets and pans to suit different tastes, price and quality.The German company "Rondell" is not especially aggressive advertising policy, their product is constantly flashed on television and radio, the company does not conduct joint promotions with other brands.However, the popularity of the brand leaves no doubt, and more increases every year.The secret is simple - elementary work "word of mouth", because almost every woman, bought the dishes of this brand, is happy and the other relies on the good reviews.Ware "Rondell" - is primarily a quality manufacturer adheres to the issue of traditional German principles.Which allows each year is gaining popularity.


Many netizens are now ardent debate on the quality of products the company "Rondell", and from that of the Germans, she has no relationship at all.Some argue that the company is only registered in Germany, the company is actually a Russian, and the goods are produced

in China.They are based on the assumption that in Germany, few residential customers heard about this product.This is partly true, but the answers are disclosed in the company's history.

Brand Röndell appeared in 1988, when a German restaurateur Gustav Schmidt decides to purchase the plant for production of metal utensils in West Germany and registers with the brand name.Since 1989, the plant will start a new life - begins to produce dishes "Rondell".The manufacturer is betting on the release of utensils for professional chefs.Constantly expanding range of products, but always respecting the tradition of excellence, combining them with the latest technology developments.That is why in Germany today, few people know what the company "Rondell".Crockery it was not meant for the average consumer, but only for the professional kitchen.And by the time the transition of the company to the consumer level, she has changed the location of their deployment.

New Market

In 2005, the trademark Röndell with all developments and technologies acquires the Russian company "Golder Electronics" and begins to display the brand on the domestic consumer market.At the same utensils for home produced to the same standards of quality and the latest technologies that have been used only for professional kitchens, which received a burst of popularity in the new market and positive feedback.Ware "Rondell" was sold in the CIS countries, Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.

parallel, the company is opening an office in Hong Kong and brings the release of goods in Asia.This allows you to reduce costs and increase production.But to speak about the poor quality products due to the fact that it is made in China, so we can not categorically today.After all, many global brands have transferred their manufacturing to China is due to cheap labor, but leaving their requirements for high quality goods.China is different!

Who is the cookware "Rondell"?For which he received such popularity and the love of many mistresses?


German dishes "Rondell" offers a range of different models.One of the basic materials - Stainless steel, which, in principle, and began production of the utensils for the professional kitchen.Many chefs prefer to use their kitchens namely steel, their opinion on this issue can be trusted.Also for the production of certain models of material it is thick extruded and anodized aluminum.This is not the cheap, flexible metal, to which we are accustomed to low-quality container.Here the material is processed by the latest technology and is a really good product.Separately, you can select a series of iron from this company.Everyone knows how delicious food can be cooked in the pot, but the disadvantage of such dishes has always been its great weight.Company "Rondell" uses advanced technologies that provide optimum weight ratio of pots and thickness of their walls, and the absence of surface irregularities.All covers are made of heat-resistant and impact-resistant glass.

stick coating

With regard to non-stick coated cookware for a long time are tough disputes.Many argue that it is very harmful and strictly not be taken for cooking.Moreover, you can use a wooden spatula, because metallic scratch the surface very quickly and all the non-stick effect of eroding.One can not disagree with this, but it only applies to poor coverage.

Company "Rondell" uses cover TriTitan Spectrum.This heavy-duty material that has excellent non-stick properties and does not contain harmful substances that are dangerous to humans.Moreover, the problem of understanding the use of metal items in the kitchen (shovels, spoons, knives, etc.), the company's developers have mastered new technologies to be used in the preparation of the metal in the container, which, of course, has caused an explosion of positive emotions in customers (after allNow do not be afraid to spoil the expensive dishes, forgetting the wooden spatula) and positive feedback.Ware "Rondell" is popular for the reason that some models use non-stick coating for both internal and external walls of the pots and pans, which greatly facilitates their washing.

Ceramic coating Ceramic coating

is no longer a novelty on the market, though relatively recent.It is marketed as environmentally friendly and harmless material with the same features as the non-stick coating.Increasingly gaining popularity, the ceramic coating has both its supporters and doubters of its quality.Keeping pace with the times, the company "Rondell" could not pass up this know-how and, of course, created a line of dishes with the coating.

useful products

Today, more people are coming to conclusions about leading healthy lifestyles and nutrition, which is undoubtedly based on the usefulness of cooking.Firm "Rondell" is positioning itself as a company that is set up primarily for the quality of its dishes and ecological food cooked in it.One of the company's patented technology is triple encapsulated bottom, which will allow 30% to reduce the cooking time, which saves time and energy.All dishes companies, regardless of the material of manufacture, allows to prepare food without the use of oil and water, retains all the beneficial vitamins, minerals and natural flavor products.

Casserole Dishes "Rondell" is represented by a very wide range of pots.They vary in material manufacturing and design.Any, even the demanding, the owner will be able to find a set of taste.The bad reviews about pots "Rondell" is almost not be found.They are distinguished by excellent quality and variety for all needs.You can choose a pan made of stainless steel, die-cast aluminum or cast iron.It is very convenient in everyday life is a markup of displacement on the inner walls of pots.


no small boast diverse and pans "Rondell".Testimonials of satisfied customers on the Internet will help you not get lost and make a choice of quality dishes.All of the above positive properties apply equally to them.

should also highlight pancake pans and grill.The first practice makes perfect?It would be almost impossible, if you are using pans "Rondell".Reviews "blinolyubiteley" will confirm this fact.But on the grill you can cook the most useful products and even a summer to remember in the cold season.

positive thing also has the versatility of dishes to heat sources and encapsulated a triple bottom that reduces cooking time.Many series have a non-stick ceramic coating, and the possibility of washing in the dishwasher.

Knives "Rondell": reviews

Every housewife knows how important it is to have a good knife in the kitchen.After all, if the blades are sharpened or rapidly blunts, cooking turns into flour.His knives Company "Rondell" paid special attention to.Made from high quality German stainless steel, they have a two-way sharpening and a unique three-stage hardening ICE HARDENING.Perfect Balance, anatomically shaped handle with anti-slip effect - all about knives, "Rondell".Consumer reviews are positive about them, but do not forget - steel is very sharp!Be careful when using.

A wide variety of species (chef, butcher, versatile, bread, fruit and vegetables, etc.) and have a very beautiful design kitchen knives "Rondell".Reviews of this product as the manufacturer confirms, giving a guarantee for knives up to 25 years, there is little where else.

Forms for baking and cooking accessories

not so simple with forms for baking and cooking accessories.You can meet a lot of negative evaluations, which are reduced to the fact that the forms are short-lived, quickly scratched and silicone handle very hot.Of course, the company produces them only as a by-product, but many fans dishes "Rondell" disappointed this moment.

kitchen accessories presents a fairly wide range.Some of them have no complaints, they are fast, convenient and useful.But there are others that can not withstand long-term use, that is, of course, not happy customers.


Usually, buying high-quality kitchen utensils, the consumer is satisfied with the fact that there is - it is a good utensils, reliable, performs all the necessary functions.But developers design "Rondell" never rest on their laurels, with each season offering such interesting and beautiful new items with a variety of colors and textures that, even with a complete set of kitchenware, I want to run to the store for the next party - this is different dishes, "Rondell".Photos show how the company employs creative designers, deserves the highest marks for the ideas of the ball.They will improve not only the shape of dishes, but also use the trendy colors: terracotta, mocha, chocolate.

Due to mostly positive reviews, tableware "Rondell" strongly taken place in the hearts of housewives and employers throughout the CIS and beyond.And it has every right to it, because the company does not deviate from the principles of quality of its products.Of course, there are shortcomings, but we hope they will pay attention and will do everything possible to eliminate.