Reverse osmosis (water treatment).

Today, the most advanced water purification system - it is reverse osmosis.As with all such systems, it has some weaknesses.As fluid filter in such a system?What is reverse osmosis?

water purification system

Osmosis - this property overflow of water from a weak to a concentrated salt solution.A reverse osmosis - a progressive system that works the other way around, with the help of the salt concentration in the liquid is reduced.

So first, this type of filter used for the making of the salt water fresh.

How does water purification system reverse osmosis?

liquid passes through a special membrane, which is called a semi-permeable.Through its structure can pass only water molecules, oxygen molecules or smaller.The membrane does not output from the liquid organic chlorine compounds and herbicides, asof the molecule is smaller than the osmotic membrane.The system osmosis water purification is done in several stages, let's look at them in more detail.

first stage - pre-treatment

This step is very important.The most expensive element of its replacement - a reverse osmosis membrane.For the duration of its service affects the quality of the supplied liquid.At this stage, 3 elements are used with interchangeable water filters reverse osmosis systems that prepare water before feeding to the membrane.

The first element has pyatimikronny polypropylene cartridge mechanical treatment that performs an important function, it produces water filtration of undissolved particles having a particle size greater than 5 microns (helps get rid of the rust, sand and other impurities).

second filter element is a cartridge containing granular activated carbon, it allows you to clear the water from the chlorine, organochlorine compounds, pesticides and herbicides, unpleasant taste and smell.

The third filter element has a cartridge, which contains a molded briquetted coal.He should remove from the water organic compounds, volatile organic compounds (tetrachloride, benzene, carbon) and fine particles of coal dust that adversely affect the membrane, they are washed in the second stage of filtration.

second stage

At this stage, the water having passed the pre-treatment is directed at the membrane, which is a major element of osmosis filter, cleaning fluid thus produced at a deep level, allowing you to get the drinking water of the highest quality.In other words, it is a kind of grid, and the size of its cells can be compared with the size of water molecules.

course, through the "grid" may extend or liquid particles, or a substance having smaller molecules - dissolved in water, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.

Disadvantages purification system

As for the correct functioning of the (system osmosis) water purification should be performed under some pressure, but it may not always be provided to our water supply, it will probably need a special pump (pump), which will increase the pressure.Besides the pump will also need to connect the system to electricity - is also its weakness.

Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis has advantages over other filter systems, which is the ability to remove 99% of pollution.But that does not mean the possibility of the membrane system to hold all the minerals and salts contained in water.So it obtained after such treatment will be demineralised water and therefore can not be considered useful for human health.Rather, on the contrary, the water in which the salt is completely absent and minerals eluted from the human body desired it useful elements that can provoke serious diseases.Therefore, the best option is osmosis - water treatment.Reviews consumers also speak in favor of this treatment system, but there are those who prefer to buy bottled water.

Filtered or bottled?

the choice between bottled water and reverse osmosis system, the second option is better.Bottled water is typically just filtered using osmotic method, but on the bottles are not always refers to the source or method of treatment.Even with detailed testing is that the manufacturer does not provide any reasonable explanation about the quality of the liquid contained in the bottle.

Besides recommendations frequently pass water through osmosis water purification system is made above, this allows to improve palatability and to increase the useful properties of fluids.It gets more mineralization, and hence better control of nutritional diet, enabling minerals and nutrients in the body makes up for in full.

It is believed that the human body can not independently adjust the levels of salt and water purification using the method of reverse osmosis does not have this much influence the process.

Next we will talk about the user feedback about the negative aspects of the system and to make the analysis, which will help us to see whether it was true water filters osmosis has shown shortcomings, or they occur during improper use.

stagnant water

Some people talked about the bad taste of water that appear after having been replaced with additional cartridges BIOCERAMIC upper primary or mineralizer.But this is not due to the filters themselves and their potential to spoil the water and the fact that people misused the filter.Water treatment cartridges contain up to 3 cups of liquid.This water, as well as one that is in the tank, can not stagnate.To get rid of foreign smell and taste you need or use mineralizer (bioceramic cartridge) daily, or pour a few glasses of liquid.

If all the water after filtration has a strange smell or taste, the liquid does not stagnate in the cartridges and in the storage tank of water.Here, as a rule, causing the problem is that the time has not been replaced postugolny cartridge (as it should be done once a year 1), or it is due to the incomplete use of the resource of the tank (gidroakumulyatora).If you are unable to use the entire volume of the filter (tanks have a capacity of 15-12l., 11-8l., 8-6l.) Needed to carry out the artificial renewal of water in the tank once a month.

You can turn off the tap before the filter and gradually wasting excess purified water, or you can dial it in a large container or drained from the tank to the drain.If the filter is used 3-4 people., It is best to select the smallest tank (8 l.).

purified water tend to stagnate, because using osmosis water purification system is made up of quality distilled.It can breed bacteria, and in the absence of flow may appear strange smell or taste.Liquid can be stored for a long time, only if it will be added to antibiotics, such as added to the pool.They are harmful, and it is a major disadvantage of bottled water, which also was purified by reverse osmosis, but it can be stored longer.

Lack of minerals

We are often told that the liquid had been purified reverse osmosis filtration system is slabomineralizirovannoy.And so, leaving the reverse osmosis water is 1/3 the minerals in comparison with the input, tap, but it does not mean that it can be harmful to human health.

If you want to saturate the purified water with minerals, it is recommended to use a mineralizer.

Slow purify water

water purification system reverse osmosis system has a low speed, it accumulates already purified water - is a minus reverse osmosis filter.Here and silver does not help, as a disinfecting effect exerted by the ions of the metal is not sufficiently effective and there is a risk of penetration of silver in purified water.Generally, the particles are very harmful to humans.For example, in the United States it is prohibited to mention the disinfectant properties of food advertising children's products, in our country there is no such prohibition.

weigh the "pros" and "cons", you just need to choose, perhaps, it will be balancing between different methods of filtering.One thing is certain - purification of water is necessary and vital today.