How to make an incubator for the eggs with their hands

Make an incubator for the eggs with their hands is quite simple.You do not need to have some extraordinary abilities.It is only necessary to learn the basic features of the hatching of the eggs.

incubator for the eggs with their hands from an old refrigerator or freezer

This is the easiest option output device chickens.Fridges and freezers are different tightness, so it makes no sense to build lining for the incubator.Besides thus made device will look in the interior more aesthetically pleasing than the hammered together boxes or glued Styrofoam box.And the capacity of the original capacity will be much higher, because the cold stores have shelves, while boxes and boxes require only a single layer of eggs laying open.If the incubator for the eggs with their hands made out of the refrigerator, its bottom (the place where housewives usually stored vegetables and fruit) are extremely useful as "a nursery for newborns" chicks.After the early days they need to warm up to 28 degrees.But it is lower t

han the core temperature in the incubator.In the lower portion of the refrigerator is formed just a place where the contents of chickens can be performed simultaneously with other incubating eggs.

How to make your own hands incubator

To do this, the master will need heaters, thermometers and temperature control - a special relay.It's best to buy a thermostat is ready.Although many craftsmen manage to make it at home by yourself.Relays are connected in series conventional lamps, which serve to illuminate the room.Experienced poultry farmers are advised to use 25 watt bulbs - the easiest way to adjust the temperature inside the device.If the volume is large, to make the incubator for the eggs with their hands, it is recommended to take two relays with lamps: one sensor is placed on the middle shelf of the incubator and the sensor of the second - on the bottom.Do not forget about the humidity!Containers should always be filled with clean water.The same can be done for quail incubator hands - only difference between them is that the egg cells have the dimensions of the starting material.The period of incubation, the chick is 21 days, but some breeds perepelyata afoot within 16-18 days.Here it is necessary to specify a particular time for each type of quail, he is different and ranges up to 23 days.

eggs during incubation is necessary to turn

know this all poultry farmers.But the process of turning should be performed up to three times in one day - the procedure is quite tedious and boring.Therefore, some prefer to do an automatic device, whereby the trays of eggs can be deployed with a slope of 45 degrees in one direction and then the other.Then from manual intervention in the process can be dispensed with.It should only take into account that the eggs must be installed with the blunt end up, or the fetus can turn his head to the narrow end, and there are no air pockets.As a result, the chick suffocate in the egg, or at the time of birth.

advice from experienced fanciers

  1. Basically all allowances specified optimum temperature for incubation of quail eggs, and at the level of 37.6 degrees.Practice shows that the best hatching occurs if the temperature is a little higher: 38 to 38.3 degrees.The first two or three days and you can do it to raise up to 39 degrees - for a better warm-up eggs.
  2. Humidity in the incubator is very hard to do best.So good to spray the eggs from a spray clean water at room temperature.
  3. can not wipe the egg - it violates the protective foil eggs!
  4. helpful to dip the eggs in about a day in warm water to which is added a drop of iodine.It disinfects the shell membrane, improves the immune system of the future chick.
  5. before hatching in three days the temperature should be lowered to 37.2 degrees.It is recommended at this time to "give rest" embryos, leaving the trays outdoors somewhere hour.