House shifters: photos, addresses, user

Architects - people are certainly creative.And when their fantasy on the verge of reality and fiction, born of the structure most unpredictable structures.So, on the streets of many cities in the world surprise and delight the eyes of passers-home-shifters.This structure, in which the floor and the roof reversed.It is surprising that such Architectural "bezuminki" play the role of not only art installations.Many of them are used for their intended purpose.


initially impossible to believe that the unusual structure in Orlando now.However, practically all homes shifters made several exaggerated style.Wonder structure, located on the street International drive, is very popular with the children.The house is called Wonder Works - now the seat of all the surprising.So, it does have an attraction that simulates earthquake in five points.And that's not all.The shifter has more than a hundred of entertainment: games, laser show, game rooms, souvenir shops and cafes.

Matsumoto, Japan

in Matsumoto house was built at an angle of 135 degrees.The roof of this building is painted bright pink.This unusual structure is difficult not to notice, so almost no one asks where is the house-shifter - it can be seen from afar.Inside everything is not so simple, for example, turn all the tablets with inscriptions.Within the walls of this changeling is a cafe.Fear for their clothing is not: a cup of coffee does not turn over, they are served in the traditional way.Tourists and residents of such places just delighted.

Szymbark, Poland

Not all home-shifters correspond idea one hundred percent.However, this can not be said about the structure in the village Szymbark: it is all upside down, both outside and inside.The imposing building resting on the roof, the foundation is looking to the sky, and the role played by the entrance attic window.The whole situation is guileless wonder the house is upside down, too.Tourists say that to be in this building for a long time is very difficult.The tour turns into a serious test of the vestibular apparatus of strength: dizzy, there are signs of seasickness.From the outside it may seem funny, but most tourists are moving very slowly, holding hands.Even the builders could not stay in this house for a long time.That's why shifter built not for a few weeks, as originally planned, and for four months.

Vienna, Austria

most famous modern sculptor Erwin Wurm country presented his project called "House attack".To create unusual structures inspired his desire to criticize existing policy of building low cost houses typical.Such conventional structures, he even compared with oncologic tumor spreading in the country.

installation was placed directly on the roof of the Vienna Museum from October 2006 to February of 2007.

Sunrise Golf Village, Florida

first impression of tourists is: a tornado swept across the state, with the result that there was a house-shifter.Photos show a structure in which everything is reversed, even grass and trees.Its creator - Norman Johnson, a resident of the village.Local authorities responsible task entrusted to it by the drafting of an unusual structure in order to attract tourists.Like most of these instances, the building is not used for permanent residence.

Repino, Russian

Wonder House was erected Left Iervandovichem Madotyanom.In the past he was a jeweler, but twenty years ago, the man decided to radically change the scope of activities - now he is a carpenter.Loew is confident that the cause of human misery has become an unfortunate mistake that someone made at the very beginning of the beginning of civilization.House symbolizes the upside-down world in which we have since we live.

fifteen years Madodyanu not give sleep the idea of ​​creating an inverted staircase descending from the sky.Not long ago, a self-taught carpenter realized the idea.Now staircase serves as the visor protecting the porch of precipitation.

Kouvola, Finland

Entertainment Center "Tykkimäki" known fact that its territory is inverted house.Tourists of all ages looked around the room unusual structure, trying to cope with unusual oshuschenie.

Hamburg, Germany

Many home-shifters were created by special order."Crazy House" in Hamburg - is no exception.This project is a proactive investor Dirk Oster.The work was entrusted to the carpenters Manfred KOLAKS Gisela Shlettstoberu and Gerhard Mordostu.According to the artists, this is the most unusual project that they've ever had to implement.

Wonder building is located on the territory of the local zoo.Everything in it is reversed - and the kitchen and living room, and bedroom, and bathroom.To secure the furniture used steel screws and plates.Especially a lot of time was required in order to accommodate all sorts of household stuff upside down.For example, underwear sewn to the bed so that it does not fall on the heads of visitors.

Dirk Oster planned construction of the house with an ulterior motive - he wanted to challenge the banalities and allow people to look at familiar things from a different perspective.

Tyrol, Austria

-minded architects have realized his idea of ​​unusual home for eight months.Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozhhanski independently and designed and built the shifter.Tourists are very interested in unusual structure because it provides an excellent opportunity to look at the world differently.

house like crashes into the ground and held by one of the edges of the roof.All there is upside down, even for motor vehicles in the garage.The area of ​​the building is surprising as many as 140 m2, however, the architects decided not to stop there: they are currently engaged in the development of landscape design adjacent to the house territory.Tourists watching with interest how the growing home-shifter.

Kiev, Ukraine

amazing house opened to the public in January 2013.Covering an area of ​​80 m2 located kitchen, nursery, bedroom and bathroom.In addition, there was a place even for a small attic.The creators of the unusual buildings tried to glory: even the sewing machine, dishes, furniture and toilet bolted to the ceiling!Chandelier can easily touch it, but for the toys have to pull up.The main highlight of the changeling that its interior things make the 80-ies of XX century.Even a wall calendar was printed in 1983!Operated the camera or the camera is completely free.

House-shifter in Moscow

popular among the capital's residents and visitors an interactive attraction is a house turned upside down.The unusual building catches the eye from afar.This unique multimedia exhibit is located at ENEA.

House-shifter is not unusual outside.This is quite a standard wooden construction, only the roof rests on the ground, and the foundation respectively, point upwards.Present car parked nearby.Naturally, upside down.Many visitors are surprised how it was possible to fix the way the present vehicle.It does not go unnoticed by the fact that the structure is located at a slight slope about ten degrees.For this reason, most people have when approaching the construction becomes a bit dizzy.

House Changeling at the Exhibition Center (address it has been assigned, so you need to focus on the pavilion № 57 "Ukraine") was built taking into account the world experience in the field of unusual architecture.In addition, the creators did not fail to implement the project Architectural and design innovation.All visitors to note that home-shifter in Moscow - a wonderful place, there even time flows differently.All is due to an unusual format space.

two floors, a kitchen, living room, bedroom and nursery.Interior paid attention.It is made in the European style, all carefully chosen items.Many point out that during the tour you can feel about the same as in the extreme roller coaster.This is not only because of the unusual placement of items, but also because of the tapering structure.

attraction opens its doors every day at 10 am.On weekdays, guided tours are up to seven in the evening and on weekends - to eight.And do not forget to take three hundred rubles - that is how much is the entrance to the house-shifter at the Exhibition Centre.Reviews are unanimous: this place is worth a visit.

Antalya, Turkey

Attractions tourist center of the country house occupies a special place-shifter.This structure was built in order to maintain interest in the local construction industry.It also attracts tourists.Many interesting to see the unusual house both outside and inside.

Batumi, Georgia

In the upside-Georgian restaurant you can not only get a new experience, but also enjoy the national cuisine.Initially conceived as a young architect is not taken seriously.Even in 2011, discussions were held regarding the feasibility of building such a facility, and within twelve months of Batumi residents and guests were able to admire the unusual building.The restaurant is located on the avenue Khimshiashvili.The structure is similar to the famous White House in the United States, but it is slightly smaller and upside down.All customers of the restaurant delighted with the unusual design ideas.

As you can see, there are many home-shifters, and they do not lack attention.Many people are very interested to see familiar things in a different perspective.