Technoelast EPC: technical specifications and features of Use

Technoelast EPC, the technical characteristics of which are described in the article is a roofing material used for waterproofing works.It is used in the regeneration of the upper layer of the roof.According to the rules it should be used in tandem with the lining, if we talk about the material of the same brand, it Technoelast EPG.But if there is a need to repair the roof, which had already been in use for several years, described waterproofing can be laid in a single layer.

Features Technoelast EPC

Technoelast EPC, the technical characteristics of which today attract many consumers, can be used on systems with a certain bias.

not ruled out the installation and in the case where the surface has not yet passed the stage of total shrinkage and may be subject to change in the original size.The material is not terrible effect of the temperature, which is why it can be used even at -30 0C, while it does not lose its qualities and dimensions.Among its features excellent heat resistance can be identifi

ed, he copes with the pressure of sunlight and rainfall.It is used as waterproofing for the reason that it shows as a perfect moisture barrier, and it is able to serve for 25 years or more.

Description Technoelast EPC

Technoelast EPC, the technical characteristics of which are presented in this article is based on a robust polyester.It also acts as a plus that he is not subject to decay.On both sides of the material applied modified bitumen.On the outside is a covering made of krupnofraktsionnoy spreading.At the heart of the latest slate chippings, which in some cases replace granulate red, green, or gray.Here below the material comprises a protective film that lends itself melting.This allows for simple installation by means of an initial heating propane torch and then leveling.


Technoelast EPC, the technical characteristics which will help you make the right choice, has a weight of 5.2 kg / m2.This waterproofing has a thickness of 4.2 mm, whereas its length and width is capped at 10 and 1 respectively.The material does not lose its characteristics at a temperature of 100 ° C.

In appearance, this waterproofing like a white polyethylene foam.The material is characterized by a high level of flexibility.If it is stretched, it will increase in size by 60% from the original dimensions, this causes the possibility of its use on structures that are subject to movement.Features


Technoelast EPC, the technical characteristics, the weight of which have been mentioned above, should be laid on pre-leveled surface.Thus it is possible to use grout.This will significantly increase the effectiveness of waterproofing, because after stacking irregularities will not collect water.

After pouring the solution should stand that will allow it to gain strength.The surface to be treated bitumen primer.This will help get rid of the existing small cracks and will ensure quality adhesion to the base material of the roof at home or any other building.If there is on the surface after leveling large cracks on them can be eliminated by applying mastic at the base.Once all layers have dried preparation, you can make fitting the roll in place the way it is applying.In those places where the surface finishes, it is necessary to perform cutting.The remaining material to roll back roll and prepare for the torch, and it makes it easy to produce a deposited layer.

Flammability and density

Technoelast EPC, specifications, flammability group of consumers who are forced to choose this material should be developed at the maximum weld slowly, it will eliminate the appearance of bias during installation.In accordance with GOST 30244, the EC has a group of flammability T4.Before purchasing the material it is important to remember that to keep it until the installation is possible throughout the year.

Technoelast EPC, the technical characteristics, the density of which you need to know before installation, can be used in all climatic zones, without exception.The density of the material is equal to 4 kg / m2, when used in conjunction with the EIT, the efficiency of the material is increased, but it is important to remember that the surface eventually should get completely sealed, must not have bubbles and other installation errors.Only then will you get the expected result.