Construction tools with his hands: for cutting shovel

The correct tool that will not let you down at the crucial moment - it is half the work of a good result!In this article we will talk about what to stalk shovels, how to choose a ready-made product or make it their own hands.

It would seem that such a simple tool, but it is absolutely indispensable in everyday life.Especially during the construction work.When the stalks for shovel durable, easy to work with the tool, and its "leading" role of the little people pay attention.And if suddenly it is too short or long, loose parts, the work becomes much harder.

main mistake many masters is that they are in a hurry to buy a cutting shovel (in this case, the price is the deciding factor) and want to connect to an existing bayonet.The result is poor.Therefore, it should be noted that the spades are divided into three types: U, V and W. Accordingly, each different type of lining and different metal blade, they have a certain thickness and size.Knowing the type of tool you will be able to choose the right sh

ovel for the stalk.

So, to clarify what is unacceptable damage to normal operation.

  1. notch.
  2. cracks and splits.
  3. Wormholes.
  4. presence of rot.
  5. Raw knots.
  6. Scola.

Normal stalks for shovel must be smooth uniform color and smooth surface.In general, for each instrument, there are special guests that are designed with ergonomics in mind, the possible load and operating conditions.For example, the spade with handle, the price of which varies depending on the manufacturer, produced in accordance with GOST 19586-87.

As for the supporting tools for the construction, it is better to take the shovel.It copes with a variety of bulk materials: crushed stone, expanded clay, coal, sand, gravel and so on.For this type of tool is most often used for cutting aluminum shovel.For snow removal is more suitable durable, but lightweight plastic.

Now let's try to make a cutting spade hands.Take the finished wooden rail section 3 x 4 cm, or cut it from the appropriate board.If you need to perform the work that the hand does not slip, so you can leave and not to round.In the event that this is not an option, with a hand planer rounded corners.End cutting gradually sharpen periodically to the example of his bayonet.To do so as long as it starts to go in about half of the groove.If you did everything correctly, the stalks for shovel must enter without problems in the bayonet.With strong impacts on a hard surface driving him to the end of the groove.

to stalk for shovel held steady, it is recommended to fix it with screws.If they hand you did not have, you can take the usual nails.It remains the final touch!Sandpaper go through the entire length, treating all minor irregularities, and cover with varnish.Your personal assistant in the economy is ready!