Housing from the company BOSCH: Bulgarian

angle grinders, or, in common, a Bulgarian - is building tool, which is the main specialization - polishing surfaces with the possibility of cutting.Perfect quality of processing a variety of different surfaces such as stone, concrete or metal products you are guaranteed to provide the Bulgarian BOSCH.Its price is thus quite acceptable.Angle grinders are divided into professional and consumer.Home will be enough low-power tool, which is much cheaper than its professional counterpart.To help you choose, we present to your attention a brief overview of two outstanding representatives of their class.

manufacturer: BOSCH, Bulgarian GWS 7-125 Professional.

Main specifications:

Power: 720 Watts.

disc 125 millimeters.

Weight: 1 kg 900 grams.

professional and practical tool of the famous manufacturer BOSCH - Bulgarian GWS 7-125.Its main advantages - it is easy to use and power.The engine is 720 watts and the total weight of about two kilograms make this machine is optimally suited for the extensive effo

rt.Use it very easy thanks to many innovative technical solutions.Flat gear housing enables easy operation even in confined spaces.Girth handle is 176 millimeters.This is a record figure among the instruments of this class.Such volumes can comfortably handle working to keep the tool and inserts grooved rubber grip make the tool is incredibly reliable.

manufacturer: BOSCH, Bulgarian GWS 11-125.

tool is intended for grinding, sanding and cutting of materials of metal and stone, without the use of water.

Main specifications:

Power 1100 Watts.

disc 125 millimeters.

weight: two kilos.

Before us another masterpiece from the company BOSCH.The Bulgarian GWS 11-125 has built-in protection system, which is able to detect the lock disk and immediately turn off the machine.The protective cover is equipped with a brake that does not allow him to rotate;when you unlock it easily and quickly adjustable, ensuring the safety of the work.Additional handle is equipped with a special retention system Vibration damping with the coefficient of efficiency of 40%.This system makes the work with the tool is far less tedious.Also in case the machine has additional vents particularly heated zones.Because of this Bulgarian BOSCH GWS 125 has extreme resistance to corrosion.Its lifetime increases significantly.The constant electronic maintains constant speed, even under heavy loads.Overload protection, smooth start and starting current limitation is realized also thanks to electronics.Well, how not to mention the business card of the company BOSCH (Bulgarian is counted to the last detail!) - Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort in use.The handle can be mounted to keep both sides of the body, which makes use of the car is very comfortable.Also, the tool is equipped with a six-step speed regulator, which helps to fine tune it to work with different materials.