Jigsaw "Makita": a review of the two models

Jigsaw should be in every home.With it, you can not only cut wood, metal or plastic, but to create the best works of art.Manual jigsaws can cut out delicate lace details on any wood, but the work is long and tedious.In 1946 came the first electric jigsaw.A certain Albert Kaufmann, an engineer by training, the blade attached to the sewing machine.Now work has become much faster.Modern hybrid grandchildren sewing machine and blade on the technical characteristics far ahead.But the principle of operation remains the same: the blade is secured on one side only, and because of this is somewhat more coarse.Make Vitushka so small as a hand jigsaw now does not work, but the work of such a tool is much faster, and the effort is much smaller.Today we tell about a jigsaw "Makita", or rather about two models of this brand.Professional and the one that is suitable for the home handyman.

Jigsaw "Makita 4329K»

It is a compact and reliable instrument.It is very easy to use.On skobovidnoy handle positioned rubbe

r inserts that make the tool grip is very reliable and confident.On the side face of the handle is a big trigger button lock on position.Its capacity is 450 watts with a range from 500 to 3100 strokes per minute.It adapts to any material thanks to a six-speed.Jigsaw "Makita 4329K" has an adjustable angle with an amplitude of 45 degrees in both directions.The maximum cutting depth in a tree is 65 millimeters, and in steel - 8 millimeters.For a more precise and accurate work with wood has three built-in blade pendulum action mode.Jigsaw "Makita 4329K" designed with the balancing system with a counterweight.This makes it boasts 40% reduced coefficient of vibration.Shavings ejected through the injector which is located at the rear of the housing.The box can be connected to a vacuum cleaner emissions, then the workroom will remain clean.

Jigsaw "Makita 4350FCT»

One of the most important features of the present instrument is a high power, speed and comfort in use.Jigsaw "Makita 4350FCT" - an excellent tool for carpenters, joiners and builders.Stroke length of it - 25 mm, with the maximum depth of cut wood is 135 millimeters, and metal - ten millimeters.The model is equipped with an electronic speed control with adjustment range from 800 to 2800 strokes per minute.The tool is mounted on a sturdy cast-platform, which does not break or bend permanently ensures a smooth and high-quality cut, which is especially important when working with precious woods.Patented by the manufacturer of quick-change system allows you to replace the demolition saws blades without the key and without loss of time.

The jigsaw integrated fan, so no dust or other construction waste is not deposited on the marking and diode lights will help you to work in low light conditions.In general, the jigsaw "Makita 4350FCT» - is the embodiment of professional standard.Small weight, good balance, excellent ergonomics - all this makes him a perfect helper.