Barlinek (flooring): features and reviews

Synthetics are increasingly found in an assortment of finishing materials.It would seem that on this background of traditional natural remedies decoration of walls and floors must retreat into the past.The wood in this respect is an indispensable tool that ensures its preservation demand.At the same time, if the most popular floor covering in the form of wood flooring is still not available to many consumers, it is designed for such purpose by the board of the Polish producer Barlinek less demanding to install and more attractive its price.

sizes and parameters

Let Barlinek flooring is oriented at a point positional styling elements together.As a result, it recreates the classic look of a parquet.To this end, the material to fit the specific parameters.The standard size is considered, where the length is 220 cm, width - 20.7 cm, board thickness - 1.4 cm.

Depending on the wood flooring will have a different density.Thus, for oak and ash, it will be 700 kg / m3.By the way, this is the most popul

ar brand in the line of "Barlinek" breed.The hardness of the different varieties - according to the system Brinell oak assigned a factor of 3.8 on a scale, and parquet Barlinek "Ash" has a hardness with an index of 4.1.

Operational advantages

For any tree cover special requirements for durability.This criterion is the main factor of competition between natural material and artificial analogues.With this in mind, the brand Barlinek (flooring has several hard layers) use all available means to improve the mechanical durability.The Plank bottom layer is low, but strong and rigid plywood formation.This is followed by dense coniferous basis, then - the decorative layer and final coating with protective and aesthetic functions.

Fine quality

Parquet love of the people for its unique aesthetic characteristics.For that he forgive moodiness care and restoration.Polish designers decided to preserve the beauty of the coating and reduce the burden of maintenance effort.Therefore Barlinek floorboard a refined, natural texture, reflecting the patterns of a particular tree.Enhance the aesthetic effect of special coatings and means of processing: laminating, brushing, lacquer finish or preserving the natural matte texture - a wide range of design parquet surface makes limitless selection board for a particular style of interior.

model range

factory produces several varieties of wood flooring.This low cost series, and unique vintage models, and technological advanced coating luxury.In particular, the flooring Barlinek "oak" is represented in the collections of Senses, and in a series of Tastes of life.In the first case, it offers major elements of the original painting, with which you can create a luxurious parquet floor in the style of the Baroque.The second option is closer to modernity - board Tastes of life recommended to lay in technological areas with a hint of the avant-garde.Many fans and collection of Vintage line, the creators of which sought as much as possible to convey the aesthetics of wood that can organically enter into any interior compositions.

Features mounting

to fundamental differences between the classical parquet and its variations in the form of boards and laminated boards is a way of fixing.Special lock connection and provides the company Barlinek.Parquet Plank placed so that the spike Locksmith 5G oriented to the wall.Direct connection is made at the ends - the usual method of "thorn-groove", in which the Master inserts profiled elements, maintaining a parallel configuration.

The substrate recommended for corrugated cardboard, molded slats of chips or cork mats.Provided a reliable and smooth base, which require developers Barlinek, parquet will last years without losing the original look.Of course, it is recommended to maintain flooring special facilities for the care of parquet.


With a price tag on the goods Barlinek many potential buyers a lot of questions about the quality of the board.Can, in principle, the elements of quality modern parquet cost 1800-2300 rubles?This gives rise to images of defects characteristic of wood coatings of low quality - an abundance of knots, gouges, chips, poor lock systems, and so on.. However, in practice, as noted by users, Barlinek floorboard behaves with dignity.

Consumers are pleased that many of the properties of the company originally mentioned in the descriptions of the models.On this basis, it is possible to pick up the series, which is suitable to the specific conditions of use, the main thing - to take into account the recommendations of engineers Barlinek.Parquet, in the opinion of those who took advantage of it, to cope with the rapid changes in temperature, and allows the possibility of installation on underfloor heating.It should be noted that the manufacturer has organized the work of the supervisory department, which excludes the passage of the marriage market.

In consumer reviews, put such coverage rarely mentioned flaws in the panels themselves.No obvious shortcomings in the performance of the external layers, whether or lacquer matte surface treatment - in each case the expression to convey not only the drawings certain wood, and especially texture.