Bring a scarecrow with his hands - present themselves and their children a holiday!

familiar picture, is not it: a house in the village, next to the house - the garden, which grows every vkusnyatinka.And over the garden sticks humanoid monster, seeing that, you can not help but smile.Yes, you are right - it is the same as a scarecrow.

little unclear why it is now necessary: ​​say, the birds, our loyal friends at the same time eager for vegetable garden "freebies", learned to distinguish between where people live, and where he made a scarecrow with his hands.Other authoritatively declare: nothing, and can only bird that recognize the silhouette of a man, and therefore still prefers to fly around the side of the scarecrows protected gardens.Others shrug: so what what scares "does not work", but it looks as beautiful as the landscape is decorated!

Let's try to do two things simultaneously - and a vegetable garden to protect and beautify the area.Only if you are ready to make a scarecrow with his hands, be sure to take in the children's hands and helpers.Firstly, the children will be

overjoyed by the creative process.Secondly, they do not allow to treat him in an adult seriously and create instead a nightmare bogey.We just want to scare the birds, not casually glancing to bring a neighbor over the fence to a heart attack, right?

Do not think that the hardest part scarecrow - the creation of the head.Conversely.It is enough to make a small bag of white cotton cloth, fill it with straw and tie tightly - ready.On prettification will face oil or acrylic paints;most importantly, that they are not washed away by rain.But the most important thing - on the face should not be frightened wry grin and a kind smile - never forget.

In general, the design of a scarecrow is extremely simple.Base - a long pole, sharpened on one side, and nailed to the upper third of the crossbar, which is proportional to the hands.That's on top of the pole and is fitted to the head of "The Frighteners."

scarecrow clothes fit any, previously used.For it to be more fun, you can further decorate it, tabbing colored "patches."To create a volume, after the wear shirt and pants on the crossbar, tamp them inside a good straw.The edges of the clothes should be tight pull twine and tie.Well, if you will be found unnecessary gloves - scarecrow with his hands from the gloves will whisk the wind.The same can be done with pants, if you do not fix them tightly and sew a shirt.

process described above is, of course, the basis for creativity, which is based solely on fantasy "parents" bogey.Perhaps you will want to make it more "humane" - with a scarf on the "neck" with funny clown striped socks, a vest over his shirt.Perhaps, instead of rigidly fixed pole will rotate hinge-like weather vanes.It may be possible to build a scarecrow in the wind rattle - it is guaranteed to scare away the sound of the garden birds ...

In any case, make sure that the day, when you create a scarecrow with his hands, was lit up creativity, children's laughter and goodyour smile, "The Frighteners."