Install interior and exterior doors is not difficult.

How different new doors!This entrance, swing, doors, folding, sliding, revolving doors of the various raw materials.Sturdy fabric, paper, glass, steel, wood, aluminum - of which just do not make them.As a general rule most often we are faced with the interior and armored doors.What, then, can be considered as the ideal entry exterior doors?They should have thermal insulation, soundproofing, be solid, sturdy, and, obviously, resistant to the environment.Only dangerous throwing the technical side - locking system frames, hinges, locks, seals and other items have an enormous weight.How great would not have looked the door, it is important to focus on the hardware and other technical details.

Doors Kiev More interesting for its diversity.It painted a quarter or a porch, two-field, and neravnopolye ravnopolye, left- and right-handed, paneled, deaf, even without massive pretend odnopolnye, polumassivnye, veneer and laminated.Hence, the range of significant.The most expensive are veneered doors.They are made

from natural wood and are much longer than any other door.

Hardware - this is also the area in which the fit to turn around.The variety of design colors, sizes, materials very impressive.Very often, manufacturers have produced doors with built-in furniture, but sometimes it makes sense to change it.Yet, once delivered supplies complies, then update it usually is not necessary.The work of designers, artists, sculptors and grafitchikov not leave anyone indifferent!At this time, to the extent it made wonderful doors that claim to be a work of art and the creation of the genius of engineering and design ideas.As a result, in each hole, you can select a specific offbeat door, whether it be living room, bedroom, office room, kitchen, or children.Buy a door that perfectly fit into the situation especially difficult because of the tremendous choice.In all other cases, it is the full fine - the time has passed when all chose the same type of door and the selection was small.Now say good door of a rather delicate taste than the desire to show off intentionally.Of course, the doors that are split or disintegrate increasingly rare, and intention to buy a trendy element of the interior is growing every day.Mighty doors are guaranteed by the manufacturer, the necessary standards and are manufactured by plants, great proven in sales.Let your door will last a long time, and pleasing to the eye, and household and buddies.