Installation of plastic windows and their environmental

use of windows, framed profile of plastic, has a short history.Well, what are these more than twenty years for a person?Only a couple of generations!Some properties, such as impact on health (the environment), and sometimes begin to appear much later.Do not forget that installation of plastic windows consumers of our country was carried out at the peak of their popularity - the last two decades.Therefore, many people who have already ordered the double glazing or even going interested in the impact on the environment (and, most importantly, health) has the use of this type of glazing.

Let's start with the fact that the production of plastic to create the foundations of glass is governed by strict standards prescribed by the manufacturer now.Profile of plastic glazing "ready" using special material - polivinilohlorida, it is often called in abbreviated PVC.Good quality of this type of plastic - resistant to chemical and mechanical exposure.Composition - natural and synthetic polymers.According to the

classification of the plastic material used to create window designs, it belongs to the so-called thermoplastics.Surprisingly, the resulting product is largely similar to those chemical compounds that can be found in nature.Thermoplastics - same polymers capable of forming fibers resistant to damage.A framework and results of the processes occurring in nature - biopolymers.The overall quality of the polymers and biopolymers - hydrocarbon composition.If we talk about chemical component polivinilohlorida, it is connected chlorine (which is released from salt) and ethylene (petrochemical product).Flexible molecular structure of the thermoplastic allows multiple (up to 5 times) to produce its welding and smelting.

Technology of plastic profiles comprises adding a powdery mass of the various ingredients to obtain the necessary consumer qualities.It should be noted that the installation of windows making from well-known brand, you further reduce the risk that the manufacturer podsypet something "wrong".After all, just imagine - in a mass added several dozen components, which determine the performance characteristics of the window construction in the future.Here are just a few of them - fillers, modifiers, stabilizers.Different variations of the components improved resistance to thermal effects (both cold and heat), prevent "fading" plastic, providing durability, resistance to intense ultraviolet rays.As has been the aforementioned above, the major manufacturers stratify all products according to international quality standards.Qualitative mixture of different fully harmless to the body due to the fact that all the components are in a connected state, so no reaction ability.

To illustrate this point, let us turn to the next comparison.Most readers will likely not cause doubt about the fact that the wooden windows are completely harmless!Is not it?But no!Modern technology of production of glass on a wooden base engages in the production process laminated board, which is characterized by the use of flame retardants (harmful).Also, to ensure the longevity of the tree, it is treated with other compounds may have a negative effect on the body.So the best and most environmentally friendly solution is to installation of plastic windows.Prices today are at such a level that you can afford the installation of large plastic structures without compromising your budget.