Cashing doors with their hands.

Cashing door no different to any particular difficulty.However, the approach to such work should be taken seriously, because it is on the correct installation of high-quality casings depends largely on the attractiveness of the installed door.

Types casings

Cashing doors with their hands can be performed with the help of molded products from natural wood, MDF or plastic.Experts strongly recommend primarily resort to the use of veneered or laminated casings made of MDF or PVC.So architraves are not afraid of moisture, exposure to vapor and severe temperature changes.Of course, the most attractive in terms of the aesthetic look of natural wood trim.At the same time, this option is the most expensive.

materials manufacture casings and features mounting

As mentioned above, there are several common materials manufacturing casings: wood, MDF and plastic.If we talk about the installation of wooden products, the cashing of doors in this case, can be performed with landing casings for liquid nails or

fastening of the most delicate nails without hats.If desired, the cap can be neatly cut yourself.Fixing casings to the metal nails look more carefully at camouflage hats acrylic sealant or corrective wax pencil.

Cashing door trims MDF is done in a special way.To look brackets remained the most attractive and close to the natural wood, all the pilot holes for fastening nails are drilled in advance.Alternatively, the frames can be glued MDF is similar to wood products.

As for the plastic casings, in order to avoid the appearance of defects, they are recommended to be glued.This plastic products perfectly overlap impressive uneven walls.


Cashing door requires a whole arsenal of tools.For quick and quality execution of work will require the following:

  • end panel saws;
  • roulette;
  • jigsaw;
  • pliers;
  • small hammer;
  • small stud;
  • pencil;
  • building area.

Getting Started

How to cashing the door?Before proceeding to action, it is necessary to take care of the lining of the surface of the adjacent walls.Availability perfectly flat smooth walls is a prerequisite for installing the casings.Otherwise, there is a high probability of significant gaps between the barge and the wall.Among other things, it should be possible accurately treat themselves aprons, because even the appearance of small scratches can ruin the attractive appearance of the product, which would entail unnecessary waste.

basic nuances of the performance of work

to mount trims nails turned invisible, to hide the hats is to use acrylic sealant, which corresponds to the color shade surfaces.Cashing doors in the presence of flat walls permits the use of liquid nails.This is the main difficulty preventing the emergence noticeable gaps between the individual slats.

avoid errors during the cutting edge of the upper casing of the vertical slats give birth details.This approach to assembling trims enables to achieve a complete coincidence of all elements of design.

Cashing door - installation

Installation on the door casings is performed according to a number of consecutive stages:

  1. should first dismantle the old cashing, if any.To cope with these works is quite simple.It is enough to have a small screwdriver to mount or with which to hook the old casing.The main thing - not to cause damage to the doorjamb.Also, at the end of the dismantling of the nails must be removed using pliers.
  2. How to install cashing at the door?After dismantling the old casings need to proceed with the installation of new dobornyh bars.It is recommended to give preference to products with factory facing edge.
  3. primarily assigned for final assembly of the left and right rails, which are cut according to the length of the desired height.After performing work according to the same principle, set upper limit.To enhance the design side and the upper transoms can fasten with screws.
  4. Grips trim around the perimeter of the door frame, starting with the installation of the right or left casing.
  5. Using building area and a panel saw, rasp cashing edge at an angle of 45 °.The angle is marked in pencil, and executed a neat gash.This should be avoided when the distortion and chipping on the front surface.Preference in the performance of such work is better to give saws with less teeth.
  6. After drank angles, measured the distance from the floor to cover the lower part of the upper transoms, and then to get the value added in the form of 5 mm allowance.Get long delayed by the previously eclipsing angle cashing.Unnecessary upper part is cut a jigsaw or a fine saw.If there are cashing mount into the groove, in which case the required length should be determined by its inner edge.
  7. cashing in profit on the door?Using a hammer and small nails cashing is attached to a door bar or block.Remove the nail heads is most convenient with the help of pliers.Nails is recommended to score at intervals of no more than every 50 cm.

If as a result of the above work on a consistent observance of all stages have achieved a perfect joining of all the constituent elements of cashing available small gap can be carefully hide with a special sealant, shadewhich is selected in the color of the door.Mounting casings from the back side of the door frame is carried out on the same principle.