Glue "Titan": technical specifications

Clay "Titan" is indispensable for carrying out repair and construction work.The brand has established itself solely on the positive side.

Features glue

Said adhesive can be applied at any temperature, thus it will not lose its quality characteristics.It has excellent resistance to sunlight.Do adhesive good elasticity, and after curing it does not separate and does not acquire fragility.It has no harmful components, making it environmentally friendly.

Clay "Titan", the technical characteristics of which are described in the article has several varieties, each with different purpose.Thus, if you choose all-purpose adhesive, it will demonstrate the quality of heat and moisture resistance.Describes the composition of a polymer, it can be able to get a clear seam.The period of its drying is 40 minutes.

Another type - a mastic adhesive.The composition for bonding foamed polystyrene and polyurethane.Excellent glued to the plaster, concrete, cement-lime plaster surfaces, as well as bricks and wood.It

can be used for surfacing and fixing a ceiling tile.Drying takes place for 12 hours.

characteristics of liquid nails "Titan»

available for sale and glue "Titan", which operates on the principle of liquid nails.This composition is widely used in bonding steel elements, polyurethane, ceramic surfaces, PVC and wood.White paste provides high-speed setting.The mixture can be purchased in cans.

composition acceptable to use both indoors and outdoors, in the temperature range from -30 to +60 0C.We glue excellent elasticity.

Features wallpaper paste

Clay "Titan", the technical characteristics of which make consumers persuade his choice in his direction, represented in the sale and varieties intended for gluing wallpaper.With it, you can paste any wallpapers.It is produced in the form of a powder which before use requires dilution.In the adhesive blend contains antiseptic additives, which prevent the appearance and the further development of mold and mildew.


If there is a need to make working outside or indoors, you can use the described glue.It is presented for sale in different versions for different materials.Use it to carry out work on strengthening the facade and fixation on the surface of the insulation, including foam.

Clay "Titan" is easy to use, it easily applied to the surface, which reduces labor costs in the course of work.

Because "Titan" acts as a tool that copes with the effects of water and temperature, it is universal, demonstrates excellent adhesion to almost all materials, whether expanded polystyrene, plastic, ceramics, flooring, linoleum, wood, cork, paper, glass, MDF, synthetic leather or fabric.These materials can be bonded to each other and to fix on concrete, gypsum, plaster and other grounds.

Clay "Titan" can be used as the adhesive ceiling.Thus, in order to stick the polystyrene tiles, use transparent resin composition which has no fillers.It can be used for bonding floor coverings.It speaks about his qualities of resistance to high loads.Wall coverings also perfectly fixed at such formulations.

Features PVA glue "Titan»

PVA adhesives brands include "Titan" there are several types of it.The first of these is the building and is designed for fixing the paper tissue and paperboard.It can also be used as a binder to the dry mixtures, plaster and putty compositions.Before you apply PVA glue "Titan", the surface must be cleaned.Composition applied in a thin layer, but only one of the fastened surfaces.Period setting is 1 minute.The application should be done by brush or roller.As a result, to obtain a transparent adhesive joint which is flexible and high strength.

Another type of PVA - superstrong glue.It is used during the joinery, which involves obtaining an extremely strong seam.This applies, for example, the manufacture of furniture.Glue "Titan", the characteristics of which are described in this article can be applied to increase the water-repellent qualities as well as to improve the strength characteristics of putty, concrete and plaster formulations.

most popular, compared to all the others, multi-purpose adhesive.It can be glued wood, cloth, paper, cardboard, porcelain skin and ceramics.Actively used during repair work, in private construction, when there is a need to glue the floor covering, tile or serpyanku.It can be used as the binder component in tandem with the dry construction compositions, putty and plaster mixtures.

independent manufacturing of glue "Titan»

If you are thinking on the question of how to make glue "Titan", it is necessary to prepare some of the ingredients, including:

  • distilled water (1 liter);
  • photographic gelatin (5 g);
  • glycerin (4 g);
  • wheat flour (100 g);
  • ethyl alcohol (20 ml).

in a glass of water initially for 24 hours, soak the gelatin obtained.After the container filled with the necessary amount of distilled water, set in a water bath.It should be added to the swollen gelatin and water Stir in flour.The mixture will bring to a boil.The next step is added glycerin and alcohol, all is well mixed.Readiness glue reached after cool completely.This option is considered the most budget, but it is preferable to buy the glue in the store, then you will get high quality and strong grip, guaranteed by the manufacturer.