Isolation for sex: tips on packing.

floor insulation is relevant today for the premises for any purpose.If you do not put a layer of waterproofing on the floor, even a solid concrete may eventually lose its performance due to moisture.

Okleechnaya waterproofing

Sex can be isolated back-lining materials.To do this, you can apply Stekloruberoid, waterproofing, roofing material, or steklovoylok gidrobutil.Work on the installation of these materials require compliance with complex rules.Thus, the base will initially align, after this stage of irregularities must not be greater than 2 mm.The next step is to be primed with the base emulsion, made on the basis of bitumen.As a final main stage acts and conduct of pasting.It is important to ensure that the coating was not damaged.If the insulation to the floor will be based on roofing material, the coating will sound, but it is a disadvantage that is toxic smell.

Capillary insulation

Capillary floor protection requires the use of a mixture, which includes portland cement, chemically a

ctive ingredients, as well as quartz sand or lime.The composition should be applied to slightly damp surface.The level of strength of concrete are increased by 20%.As an important characteristic feature of the acts alone, which is expressed in self-healing fractures.

insulation film materials

floor insulation can be represented and all kinds of film materials, the thickness of which is equal to 0.2-2 mm.The composition of such material may be PVC, cellulose acetate, synthetic rubber, and polypropylene.As a result, possible to obtain a coating with high elasticity and excellent durability.But if you use the additional reinforcement of glass fiber, it is possible to provide an even more formidable strength of the insulation.

described insulation floor, which will give a preliminary appropriate size should be laid around the perimeter of the room.It should thus ensure the continuity of the coating and its approach to the surface of the walls.If you want to seal the floor cost-effective way, it is possible to use a film of PVC.

waterproofing mastic

wooden floor insulation is necessary because wood is the most affected by moisture, you can apply for this paste.It is an adhesive composition which is able to conjugate the different materials with each other, moreover, it protects the surface from damaging influences.Previously, the most commonly used technology in which the plate was applied on asphalt mastic.Stacked roofing felt had seams that were treated with the same bitumen.Such bitumen coating has significant disadvantages, one of which is expressed in the occurrence of cracking, which makes the waterproofing is not so effective.

If the insulation floor apartment is made lubricative materials, you will be able to complete the work in a short time without a lot of effort will be spent.Lubricative materials easy to apply, but you must remember that after drying they do not have special mechanical strength.

Waterproofing floor wooden house

Floor insulation of the ground floor in a wooden house - a particularly important procedure for the safety of materials of construction.Initially, you need to pay attention to insulation work in the basement.As a material for this purpose, you can use the same roofing material.Then, after the sub-floor deck stowage should ensure Gidrobarer, a role which is acceptable to apply a thick polyethylene film.A prerequisite for this appears to provide a ventilated gap between the surface rough and finish flooring.The floorboards can be isolated from moisture by coating the surface of a polymeric lacquer which after drying may be applied to the decorative coating.

Waterproofing floor on the ground

In private homes, the floor of the lower floor which is on the ground, there is a need for waterproofing work.Insulation from the ground floor to the first stage involves the compaction of the soil at the bottom of the pit.At the bottom of the pit to be put gravel, grain size is equal to 30-50 mm, equip layer should be equal to 7-10 cm. Crushed too must be sealed.Following is sand, the thickness of which must be the same.Recommended for this use any sand.You can then mount the wooden floor, equipped on joists, or obscure the concrete floor.

insulation wooden floor

Floor insulation from the ground suggests in the case of the need for a system of wooden supports under mounting lugs.They can be made of brick or concrete.After the pick up strength concrete, the surface must be treated lubricative material.On top lay a roll insulation is recommended.This will protect the lags in the interface points with supports.After installation, you can begin to lag sub-floor construction, which can be made of waterproof plywood, it will serve as insulation.As an additional insulating layer may be used polyethylene, which blanketed the veneer.

Floor insulation of the ground floor in this case, requires laying the material with an overlap of 15 cm. The joints have to glue using construction adhesive tape.Additionally, you can use polyethylene foam.

insulation of concrete floor

In order to isolate the concrete floor on the ground, after the installation of the "cushion" should equip blister tie.After the concrete attains the strength on its surface can be covered roll waterproofing, which is laid in 2 layers.To do this, you can apply roofing material or roofing felt.The insulation is placed on the floor by the burner.Then you can lay a heater and perform another tie, which will be the finishing.There is another alternative, which is laying on the polyethylene grit 200 micron.Material carefully glued joints in the area.According to the film surface rough settling screed layer which is 5-7 cm. In order to protect the concrete floor, you can apply the same roll materials.On top of the above-described technology blanketed insulation, and after finishing screed is laid.

insulation wooden floor, like any other, must be carried out necessarily, otherwise you will after some time come across a lot of problems, for example, with high humidity in the rooms, as well as the formation of mildew on the surface of the walls, and so on. D.