Grease for formwork: Features

Grease for formwork is often used when working with concrete.It reduces the adhesion of concrete formwork when the need arises to produce stripping.Such compositions has another appointment.It is the extension of life of formwork elements.After all, if they take off with some effort, when the materials are firmly bonded to each other, the boards may be damaged, and their deterioration will happen ahead of time.

Qualitative characteristics of lubricants

Grease for formwork quality is not considered in all cases.In addition to performing its primary function composition still should not be left on the concrete surface of oily stains.As an exception serves the creation of designs that have to fall asleep after soil.The same applies to cases where the concrete surface is required to cover the cladding or waterproofing layer.Additionally, lubrication should not reduce the strength of the contact layer structure.The composition of compulsorily made refractory.Among the requirements for the oils for the

formwork can be identified lack of substance which is harmful to health.Important and ease of application.Thus, the facility should hold well on a vertical surface for days at a temperature of + 30 ° C.


If you need a lubricant for formwork, before starting work, it is important to determine what should be the composition of the appointment.All media used for the formwork, can be divided into four groups, namely water slurry;Combined lubrication;hydrophobic compounds;as well as lubricants, which slow the beginning of hardening solution.

Aqueous suspensions are inert to concrete compositions that are inexpensive but are not always effective.If in the process of vibration compaction work is used, the lubricant described erased solution and contaminate the surface of future construction.This explains the fact that the monolithic construction of their use rarely.

Grease for formwork hydrophobizing action is fairly common in monolithic construction, but it has a number of disadvantages.The first of these is expressed in a significant cost, the second - in the ability to contaminate the surface of the structure, and the third - in the flammability under direct fire.

retarder and the combined products

If you decide to use as a lubricant retarder, it is worth considering that such formulations have the disadvantage that is the difficulty in adjusting the thickness of the solution layer.The most common today combined compositions is due to the high efficiency of the mixtures.Among their ingredients are not only retarding but also plasticizers as well as other substances.Plasticizers excels at technology that involves the use of a vibrator for compacting concrete.They affect the concrete in pristykovyh layers and reduce porosity.

Grease for formwork "Emulsol" demonstrates its stability, it does not separate for a week or even more.Its application fully warrants the stick structure to the elements of the formwork.Among other things, the composition of said combined type well kept on the surface after application and does not stain the concrete.

positive features lubrication

If you decide in the process of construction of his house to use a lubricant for formwork, you can be sure that it:

  • prolong formwork elements of life;
  • leave intact the concrete after curing;
  • easier stripping;
  • the presence in the composition of special additives make the concrete less porous.

greases and their cost

as greases applied emulsions which may be represented by an aqueous solution of soap and kerosene, as well as aqueous oil.The composition of such products can be found, and suspensions, which are a mixture of clay and water with oil or chalk.Mold release agents and formwork of panel type used in the construction of underground w / concrete structures, is composed of bitumen and kerosene.These lubricants can be used for steel molds and boards for casting or plastic.Plank formwork easily removed after application to the inner surface petrolatum-solyarovoe compositions.

Grease for formwork, the price of which can be different depending on the manufacturer and specifications, necessary if elements of the partition you want to use several times in the course of construction works.Such compositions can be purchased from 75 rubles per kilogram.Using the grease will allow more quickly produce stripping, which significantly reduces labor costs and brings completion.