"Rehau" (radiant floor): reviews

All of us are addicted to comfort.This is especially true at home, where we are happy to spend their free time after a hard everyday life, relax surrounded by the most loved ones, relatives and loved ones.Will your home comfortable, depends on you, because today to create the most pleasant atmosphere There are many methods, techniques and solutions, which differ from each other in many ways.

Comfortable house - it is primarily a warm home.Modern insulation systems are so developed that pays the price in the first few years of use, because the savings from their use is really very serious.One of the most popular approaches to heating system is underfloor heating, which can be called the best solution for both home and commercial premises.Most often they are installed, of course, in houses and apartments, especially where there are small children.

One of the best are considered warm floors "Rehau".Comments about these systems, we learned today that all doubts about the decision to purchase such und

erfloor dispelled and every customer was convinced of the correctness of his choice.

What is a "warm floor" and whether it is necessary?

«warm floor" or "heated floor" - a kind of heating systems.Such a system must be mounted between the ground floor (roughing), and flooring.As a result, you get air heating from below, which adds a sense of comfort.This is one of the most economical way of heating, as the warm air does not go to the wall, do not go through the window, besides, it's the only way to achieve uniform heating of the room.The heat from this floor is able to uniformly heat the air two meters above the floor.As closer to the floor temperature is slightly higher than one and a half or two meters above him, you will feel in this room is very comfortable, because this is the optimal distribution of temperature indicators for humans.

Why warm floors "Rehau" are considered the best?

world famous firm "Rehau" warm floor as the system has perfected.It is a heating section which consists of a heating cable which is uniformly and securely in a special net basis.

underfloor heating system "Rehau" can be located throughout the house and in separate rooms (eg bathroom or kitchen).You are free to choose which system you like - water or electric, because they are both very good and surpass all expectations.Due to the fact that "Rehau" values ​​its reputation and its customer offering only high quality products, customer feedback from around the world confirm this.Mounted in his home a warm floor, you can be sure we made the right choice.

little detail of water underfloor heating of the 'Rehau "

Warm water floor - it is an optimal solution for small apartments, and for a great country house, if you do it is important that in the room there was always an exceptional feeling of comfort.

has long been the myth that this heating system can serve only as an extra.If you put a floor heating throughout your home, for additional heating do not worry.However, as an additional system is used most often it is when a floor does not lay around the home.

Feature pipes, of which mounted underfloor

pipe for warm water floor "Rehau" crosslinked polyethylene under very high pressure.This technique allows the production to create pipes that:

- no problem can withstand the temperature of the water that fills them (over 90 degrees Celsius);

- heated floor surface is very uniformly, without differences;

- characterized by high strength and resistance to external factors;

- very flexible, allowing you to put them under the most acute angle, if required by the conditions of the room;

- very easy to install without the use of any additional equipment;

- meet all quality standards.

Warm floors "do not steal" space

One of the biggest advantages of underfloor heating is their invisibility.That is, the interior will not spoil absurd batteries or convectors.As for the "Eating" height of this floor, here you hardly notice the difference after installation.For example, if you mount the floor heating to the normal floor of your home or even on the tile, in total, he will move up only by 3.5 cm.

This heating system totally takes your storage space.

Water floor heating can be installed in the wall

Who really cares about our consumers, so it is "Rehau".Heated floor, or rather the piping system, can be mounted if necessary also in the walls, and even ceilings.The interior is still beautiful.No unnecessary objects and large boxes with regulators in the apartment.In addition, few of us know, but, as confirmed by comments in the hot summer time, such a system can be used to cool the premises, that is in your home you will always be very comfortable with the "Rehau".Warm water floor - the perfect solution, which you will not regret it, because the system will serve many, many years.

Electric underfloor heating are just as good?

Warm floor "Rehau" electric - a specialized system that is capable of processing electrical energy into heat energy.

Unlike water underfloor systems, mounted cable will not be heated by passing it in hot water, and electricity by itself, since it is made of materials with high resistivity.

This floor is perfectly compatible with all versions of the flooring thanks to the introduction of new technologies, which is so concerned "Rehau".Warm floor, which will be heated by electricity, and can be put under the tile, flooring and under, and under the laminate.Restriction - only your imagination and style of the interior.

According to the opinion of those who have already managed to establish itself like a heating system, the main thing - to get a warm floor from a good producer who is ready to be responsible for the quality of its products.That such is the German company "Rehau".Warm floor - electrical or water - is the right solution for those who wish to save on the insulation of your house and does not want to wrap up in a blanket, even in the coldest winter day.

Depending on whether you are going to do a warm floor as the main heating system, or it will only serve as an additional, you should choose a system with a higher or lower capacity.

With underfloor heating you forget about the missed first trimester feet and uneven air temperature in any room.Furthermore, it will help to maintain an optimum humidity level.