How to make a sticker at home: 5 Ways

In the house where there are children, a lot of money embezzlement.What kids need a new toy, the book, then something else.In this article I want to talk about how to make the label home to at least a little, but to save money and to make sure the original sticker.

Method 1 is easier, of course, is to simply buy a sticker in the store or order it in the printing of your own layouts.However, it is not so interesting.So, how to make a sticker at home?In this case, you will need a color printer (laser or inkjet), and the adhesive film (it should conform printer).Now we have selected picture to print, cut along the contour of the film and glue it on the desired surface - the car, the laptop's lid, and so on. D.

Method 2

next way how to make the sticker in the home, will be somewhat similar to the previous.You will also need adhesive film, but a drawing or photograph selected separately and simply glued on top.In this embodiment, cut along the contour of the product beautifully fail.The ends of t

he film will have to keep drawing on a selected surface.However, it is also a good way to create labels with your own hands.

Method 3

next way how to make the sticker at home.To do this, select an appropriate pattern, cut, or print it out, and then glued to the desired surface (certainly previously degreased) using a conventional adhesive (PVA silicate or - depending on the surface to which is adhered the figure).The method is fairly simple, but such stickers are short-lived, because they are not protected from moisture, can quickly fade in the sun.The same principle can be planted in the pictures are not the glue, and double sided tape, it is also a good option, but its disadvantages are all the same.

Method 4

sticker may be prepared at home with the help of ordinary parchment paper.Interestingly, this pattern will stick it to clothing.To do this, cut out the selected image from a package attached to the tee shirt or pants, cover with parchment paper (baking paper can be of any color) and properly ironed with a hot iron.If at first you do not stuck drawing, must be repeated.It is worth noting that it is better to stick drawings are small, because the iron on them can easily go at a time.

Method 5

now want to talk about how to make vinyl stickers, but this will need help printing.You must first prepare the layout.To do this, the selected image should be represented in vector form (you can do it yourself using "Corel").If you do not have these skills, to help employees with pleasure will come typography.Next picture is transferred onto the film.This can also be done in the printing house, but you can try to do it yourself.It needs to acquire and apply a special film on its surface with the reverse side of the drawing.Do it will not be too difficult, t. To. The material is divided into squares.Now you need to attach the sticker to the desired surface.That is quite a difficult and time-consuming step.Also, it needs to be reserved by the mounting film.Figure superimposed on clean, dry and flat surface glued on top of the mounting film is smoothed squeegee.Thereafter, the film is removed neatly.If any part become detached, it must be put into place, and then again a good squeegee stroke.All the product is ready and is already in place!