Embedded working surfaces: features selection

Embedded working surfaces - is the technique of the present and the future.From any, even the smallest, the kitchen is much easier to place the hob than standard gas or electric stove.Moreover, the choice is very rich.Often this can be a problem: it is difficult to determine.To facilitate the task, we will investigate some of the technical aspects.

by connection type recessed work surfaces are:

  • combined;
  • power;
  • gas.

By this criterion to determine the easiest way: what type suits you the most, wins.The most convenient, of course, combined recessed work surfaces.You can always cook something, even if suddenly shut off gas / electricity.The disadvantages of this choice include the price: this type of technology, and so very cheap, and the combined variants - the most expensive of all the range.

By appointment Embedded working surfaces are of the following types:

  • Hob (set of burners of different shape and diameter) can vsraivatsya in the oven or countertop.Unlike conventional cookers number o
    f burners can be from two to six, so choose an option for any of the family is not a problem.
  • fryer, grill, steamer - auxiliary surface with limited functions.To save space, can be installed as a modular series.

Here, too, with a choice of more or less simple.Cooktop is installed in 99% of cases, but additional surface if desired choose to your taste.

Burners are:

  • Express - for quick heating.Most often, there is a rapid heating element to a certain temperature (specified by the regulator), and then a slow decline in temperature.
  • oval.All burners are circular in shape, but some have an additional area that is activated when necessary (for example, if you use an oval dishes).
  • Multiloop: have two or three concentric circles of different diameters.Including the contours of different diameters, select the size of the burners under the dishes.
  • gas burner has three multi-row or two rows of flames.This allows much more to accelerate the process of preparation.

By the principle of installing recessed work surfaces are dependent and independent.Dependent surface can be placed only with the oven: control panel they have one for two devices.Differ recessed work surfaces and coated stainless steel, glass, enamel, glass (there is even a mirror surface).

Besides all these technical and aesthetic aspects, you have to choose once and manufacturer.The situation is, as with all appliances: is proven and well-known brands, and there is a cost, but almost unknown.What to choose - you decide.But judging by the reviews, most preference is given to the promoted brands.Thus, many become recessed worktops Bosch, Samsung, Hotpoint-Ariston, Zanussi, Whirpool and some other companies.But this is only the choice of the majority.

selecting Finally, model, do not forget about lighting the working surface: it is necessary to improve the comfort of use.However, with good lighting you have frequently wipe the surface - even minor contamination visible and spoil the appearance.